yuppie psycho endings wiki
Be sure to save Ms. Sosa and pick up video 10 from the underwater section.

coming from the pool in the second floor.

The first three floors are somewhat normal. 2nd visit: After completely filling out the library form. The overall game design also takes notes from such titles as "Silent Hill," "Deadly Premonition," and the recent "Yomawari: Night Alone.". Decides to ditch Domori in favor of her other friends while her dad is asleep, which leads to the start the Witch's curse. Achievement Unlocked.

Original location: http://yuppiepsycho.caignart.fr/

Only available after birthday party and before end game sequence.

Kate, if she's rescued at the end, decides to keep working at Sintracorp. Then at the endgame, everything goes wrong and he's given the opportunity to escape. Be sure to choose eyes as last sense to lose.. On October 29th 2020, the game recieved a free content update called the "Executive Edition". Cardboard Box 3: Within the Dot Matrix Arena area. Conversation: Investigate your co-workers and discover their secrets. Floor four is the Hive, the basic work area for normal employees, but the place has completely deteriorated and is rotting. Destroy the Witch who made Sintracorp's success possible.

Motivational Meeting Passed Colonel Dumont’s test without making any mistakes.During motivational meeting. At the very end talk to Ms. Sosa in the lobby. It all depends on how he performs on his first assignment… and whether he survives it.

Achievement Unlocked.

Photocopied Soul Saved your game with the photocopier.It’s a mandatory achievement to progress the storyline. But as time goes on, he seems to be the main person if not the only one willing or able to try to continue to deal with the Witch. In addition, while it's difficult to tell due to the red filter, the body swap is hinted at as Domori's eyes are shown to change to green in AM's flashback. Once you put Sintra back together and have her lead you to the witch.

Achievement Unlocked. Then in the next images when it shows "Domori" being hysterical (actually due to the body swap rather than "Rei" going missing) and later being killed. Yuppie Psycho is a retro game adventure developed by Baroque Decay. In the far right lower corner, search the knocked over TV stand with VHS tapes spilling out. Brian admits he's a Witch Hunter to her fairly quickly, to which she immediately nominates herself as his assistant (partially because he needs the help, partially because she's interested in the paranormal).

After acquiring the new camera, a new previously corrupted camera will now show Hugo hiding a key in a plant on the fifth floor. The only problem with this method is you’ll have to sneak around some tough robot enemies. Do the puzzles. Ink Thirst Used an ink cartridge on the Dot Matrix.Optional.

Brian doesn't have an animal motif, notably. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Place the boxes at the vent in office E on floor 5. Floor 8. Brian can interact with many objects and NPCs throughout the game's varied environments, ranging from mundane office workspaces to far more disturbing vistas. Mr. Hugo

https://yuppiepsycho.gamepedia.com/Yuppie_Psycho_Wiki?oldid=1698. To activate the achievement, find a semi-transparent Sintra robot roaming around the outer map and talk to her.

1.1 Missable Trophy/Achievement; 2 Mappy's Shop; 3 The Hive. He also has attempted to reassemble the original Sintra, though he never found the head. 1 Motivational Meeting.

Do not delay getting back to the Sintranet or YOU WILL LOSE THE OPPORTUNITY. This wiki walkthrough is written to help you achieve 100% completion of Yuppie Psycho, including . This achievement happens during Mr. Hugo’s birthday party. If it isn’t on the desk put the batteries in the remote and quickly hide under a table. Containing an atmosphere of mystery and surrealism similar to those previously devised by infamous artists such as David Lynch, David Cronenberg, J.G. After completing the game you will be treated to Mr. Hugo’s origin story. Hugo makes whenever he appears wearing the Frog mask. Played straight if you discover the secret room behind the vanity in the alternate story path, where he'll grant Brian the chance to become the new CEO before succumbing to his wounds.

After Party.

Mrs. Sosa, Characters Dodging mutant monsters, dangerous obstacles, and his incompetent coworkers, Brian must find and kill the Witch to fulfill his contract work all before home time. Due to Domori's familiar switching Domori and Rei's bodies and then placing Domori in Rei's body in a crystal, Rei's body never died.

Left the company with Rei Sintra as the new CEO. Promotion Passed the Initiation test on the second floor.Optional.

Once you exit and end up on the lobby of the fifth floor. This is the character sheet from Yuppie Psycho. Set in a dystopian 90’s with shades of cyberpunk, the player will have to break into and investigate the secrets hidden deep within the heart of Sintracorp. At the start of the game, you can refuse to sign the contract and simply walk away without even accepting the job. Now you will only have to reload that save and either confront Mr. Hugo (get termination papers and leave) or steal Athame from his desk to get the other endings. Ending: Goodbye Say goodbye to Sintra.Achievement Unlocked!

Run to the knife, grab it and run under the left table keep moving down as fast as you can with the sprint button held.

Once the events of the birthday party take place.

Once you reach this square platform you will see corrupt bridge 3 steps (squares) left of the bridge you took to reach this platform. If you decide to finish Brian's job, it'll end with a revived Rei Sintra as the CEO of Sintracorp despite being only 11 years old.


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