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S'abonner au flux RSS. Hello! We answered through Discord, I hope this is working for you now? I can’t think of any other stacking effects I could have had. I can't find the rematch string, where can i find it ? Pet Battle Bonus Week & Super Squirt for NA/US! Thunder Bluff: Northern side of the middle rise, in an area just below the elevators. Undercity: In the Ruins of Lordaeron above Undercity. The graveyard is at the end of a small path that hugs the side of the mountain. The TD Scripts prefs file should be in the same folder as the Rematch one (“SavedVariables”, path see above) — unless you explicitly and manually deleted it, or deleted it via Twitch Client. Download the client and get started. Thanks, I'm looking into this right now. All 3 specializations will deal the same damage and have the same amount of health and armor. new battler? Exodar: Head out to Azure’s Watch on the Azuremyst Isle, and the graveyard is south of Azure’s Watch, right near the sign post.

Each family will have at least one special ability. Click on a family to see how you can obtain it.

Assuming Blizzard side problem ? Stormwind: At the Graveyard behind Cathedral Square/Dwarven District, almost exactly at the middle point of the 'lake' between the two districts. Dredger Butler -- Not Currently in Journal, Trootie -- Currently Removed from Journal, 130 Comments (EN). The guide shows the correct dates, though. There was an error fetching comments, please reload the page. For example, Bats have. >.< - - Unless they like...stealth "fixed" (or broke) it so you only get one shot per week at spawning Postmaster.

Yeah just create an account :) It’s free. All hunters get 10 more free stable slots! Pumpkins are glowing, fingers are sticky from candy, and the Headless Horseman is setting everything on fire. This guide is now outdated. Battle resurrection is removed from Hunter pets completely. Best guess is, the programming script didn't account for the extra day in a leap year. Are there any others besides the buffs listed in your XP tables? New Feature: Intelligent Strategy Creator! I threw Squirky in here because he has similar abilities to puddle terror, punch and clobber as well as bubble. Exotic Pet Families. Shadowbarb Hatchling: Do You Want to Hatch a Void Bug?
Interested in WoW Classic pets? 2nd zandalari was faster than 2nd pet, but got crit and died before it could even hunting party. Hallow’s End went live today, and with it comes the opportunity for all those wonderful holiday pets. Hey!

Just copy the preference files of the add-ons.
I hope they will fix these problems, I contacted a GM and he only gave me back my 1500 pets option, for the missing dungeon portals/resetted quests the only response was "I can't do anything about it" I'm super upset that it has to be like this.. My tdBattlePetScript editor does not work. I've entered and left the dungeon at least 30-ish times today and have yet to see the letter a single time in any of the first three spawns. ), I was able to put the td scripts lua file on my laptop and everything matches up now. Thanks! Failed utterly. It sems to be related to accounts that bought charactre services. The new ad banners on this site are breaking the formatting badly - can barely read the page because all of the content is overlayed on itself. This is the only strategy that has worked for me on this specific fight in the Shadowlands Prepatch. Sorry to hear you're having problems. Shadowbarb Hatchling: Do You Want to Hatch a Void Bug? Darnassus: If you look at your map of Darnassus in mini mode, the graveyard will be located directly between the two Rs in Warrior’s and the two Rs in Terrace, (Warrior’s Terrace). Hey! Darnassus: If you look at your map of Darnassus in mini mode, the graveyard will be located directly between the two Rs in Warrior’s and the two Rs in Terrace, (Warrior’s Terrace).

You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them. Here some results from a Draenor round-trip today (all with Sign of the Critter and Safari Hat): Thanks for all the details! What's happening exactly? I noticed this already a while ago on another occasion, and currently I’m leveling with Sir Galveston (pet Battles Bonus Event week), and I can definitely level a level-1 pet to 25 in two goes. Thank you so much!

Can you please clarify and correct this so we can update our calendars?


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