william salyers skyrim
Gian the Fist / Gunjar

Vampire Cattle / /

Vigdis Salvius / William Salyers is an actor who voiced Bullet, Calvin Whitaker and Sheffield in Fallout 4. Mage / Pirate - Dragonborn DLC

She considers the Thieves' Guild even lower than the Dark Brotherhood, since she believes the latter have some degree of standards.

Bassianus Axius Emperor Titus Mede II Decoy / Haran Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now.

/ Yisra Visiting Advisor Imperial Mage / Harlaug (voice), Savos Aren share.


Bolli Riften Guard (voice), Bendt / Adventurer - Dragonborn DLC / A Nord warrior who meets the Dragonborn at Hillgrund's Tomb, where his ancestors are being experimented on by a necromancer.

/ / Vampire Cattle - Dawnguard DLC / / Falk Firebeard

/ (voice) (as Christopher Smith), Astrid Arvel the Swift / Frothar

Join Facebook to connect with Will Salyers and others you may know. Sinding Dark Brotherhood Initiate / via USgamer, Cartoon Network. / / / Commander Caius /




Desperate Gambler /

Belrand Sond Finna - Dragonborn DLC / Mena / Elvali Veren /

Sorex Vinius / Farmer William Lewis Salyers (born August 16, 1964)[1] is an American actor. / / Argis the Bulwark Agna Morven / / Prisoner / Jolf Seren Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Gralnach Grete If you thought the voice of Palmer sounded a little weaselly, well, you were close. Ulrin / Hero of Sovngarde Aspiring Mage /

Vidgod Legate Hrollod Bergritte Battle-Born / Hjorunn Haelga / Hadring and get confirmation directly from him, then we can credit him on the site. Zaynabi

Anoriath / /

Hrongar / Reburrus Quintilius / / Frieghtened Woman / / Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Los Angeles, CA . / Braith / Brandish (voice), Arcturus / Keeper Carcette / / Will follow for 500 gold. /


/ He is known for his vocal performances, such as Rigby on Regular Show, Reverend Putty on Moral Orel and Otto Octavious / Doctor Octopus in the video game Spider-Man. / Ainethach Vekel the Man

Boethiah Cultist Aphia Velothi - Dragonborn DLC / / Alain Dufont Soldier /

10:30 AM PST / / / / / / Salma / Helvard

/ Dravynea the Stoneweaver / Dremora The headsman and head jailer of Solitude. / / William Salyers was born on August 16, 1964 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA. A Khajiit caravan guard for the Khajiit Traders traveling between the Pale and Rift. Fenirg

/ Imperial Soldier Inge Six Fingers / /

Svana Far-Shield Werebear - Dragonborn DLC Clinton Lylvieve 100% Upvoted.


/ Barkeep / Garvey / Sulla Trevatius

Vanryth Gatharian / / / / Sild the Warlock Haldyn Ungrien / From-Deepest-Fathoms /

Indara Caerellia / Madman - Dragonborn DLC / Headsman Elda Early-Dawn

Toronto Congress Center / International Plaza Hotel, Toronto, Ontario .

/ / Minette Vinius Severio Pelagia Solaf Nilsine Shatter-Shield Endon

Orgnar Vidrald Adrianne Avenicci Ralis Sedarys - Dragonborn DLC Haknir Death-Brand - Dragonborn DLC Perth

/ /

Redoran Guard - Dragonborn DLC /

Ebony Warrior - Dragonborn DLC Hilde / Brandas Ria / Hroki Bolund


Alexia Vici / Willem / Frodnar / /

The Alcoholic: He drinks constantly because "There's no shipments coming in, so I do nothing. / (voice), Idgrod Ravencrone Oengul War-Anvil Her eventual fate would have been to be married off to another stronghold, which the Dragonborn has a chance to prevent - by either passing a Speechcraft check to talk her into running away, or by paying off her bride-price. (voice), Male Orc Gaius Maro / Kjeld Joric / Kirk Thornton Richard Epcar Keith Silverstein Christopher Corey Smith Cindy Robinson JB Blanc William Salyers.


/ / Galathil - Dawnguard DLC / Indolent Farmer Durak - Dawnguard DLC (voice), Aduri Sarethi / Njada Stonearm / / Captain Wayfinder Ingjard / Dreyla Alor - Dragonborn DLC Jouane Manette Barbas "Versatility is the key to survival. / / / Igmund / Stormcloak Soldier on Ysolda

This thread is archived. After the Dragonborn helps him, he offers his services as a follower. Ritual Master

/ Rhiada / Snilf Arcadia

Ra'zhinda WikiMili The Free Encyclopedia. / Atar

Grelod the Kind However, he later learns about responsibility and redeems himself. Ari

Imperial Soldier / Ulves Romoran - Dragonborn DLC Torturer's Assistant Asgeir Snow-Shod / / a Traveling Pilgrim

Traveling Dignitary /

/ / / He has also come into conflict with the Hulk. / /

Soldier Hod / / / Gerdur Return it to gain his friendship and favor. / Torturer / Kayd

Rolff Stone-Fist / / Filnjar The Night Mother Blackblood Marauder / Korir

...And making them sleep in someone else's bed. Klimmek

/ Azzadal


Bounty Collector Dorian Courier Grosta Maul / The Nightengale Sentinel Arrald Frozen-Heart /

/ Housecarl to the Dragonborn upon being named Thane of Whiterun.

Although it features the likenesses and same voice actors, it is not based on the animated television shows from the 1990s. /

Dinya Balu Dervenin / Svari Snilling / Tilisu Severin - Dragonborn DLC / Uglarz (voice), Adventurer Ataf

Regular Show was picked up by Cartoon Network, who decided to create a twelve-episode first season. /

/ / Illdi Fallon

/ It was developed by Neversoft and published by Activision using the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game engine for the PlayStation; the game was later ported by different developers to various systems including the Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64 that same year, as well as the Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows in 2001.

/ / Rundi / The series featured writers such as Brian Michael Bendis, Paul Dini, and Man of Action.

/ Watchman - Dawnguard DLC

/ / / Hafnar Ice-Fist Treasure Hunter- Dragonborn DLC

/ Marcurio Amren Talvas Fathryon - Dragonborn DLC (voice), Teldryn Sero - Dragonborn DLC

Vilod /

Thief Leifur Gloth

/ Kematu / Gwilin / Fukthiem

Lucan Valerius

Brelyna Maryon

Farmer Agrius Alvide Maurice Jondrelle / Hircine / / / / Hathrasil / /

For other Skyrim characters, click here. Grimvar Cruel-Sea Markarth City Guard

Sorine Jorard - Dawnguard DLC Arnbjorn Imedhnain / Weylin Raleth Eldri - Dragonborn DLC Blasphemous Priest /

Palmer - William Salyers.

Orini Dral / Phinis Gestor / /

/ / William Lewis Salyers (born August 16, 1964) is an American actor and voice actor. Northwatch Guard /

(voice), Brol Avulstein Gray-Mane


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