who is the puppet guy in blue exorcist
Yukio tells him to give her some time as a lot has happened and that she is probably in a state of shock.

Rin's younger twin brother, teacher, and a Middle First-Class Exorcist. The Puppet and Freddy tried and failed to save these new victims. [75] Renzo exclaims that its not fair and that he wants a hug as well, but Shura seems to be more content with pinching him.

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[15] Eventually, everyone is released from their duties for the evening. [6] He later seemingly confirms this to her and they battle with their familiars.

[61], On the way into the bathhouse, Ryuji asks Renzo if he had talked to Konekomaru properly yet. [45] Konekomaru calls out to Renzo, who continues to observe silently. He then says truthfully he wants to see Shiemi naked. It must refer to the millions of lousts coming out of the portal.

Upon arrival, many inside recognize Ryuji, which brings great confusion to Rin, Izumo and Shiemi.

Ao no Exorcist Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Screw the Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers! Has proven on various occasions (the confrontation with Ryuji in the fourth chapter for example) to be surprisingly level headed and sensible at times.

In the Anime, rescues a young girl from a tower of falling cans while on the job in the first episode... only to reveal he got fired for it. Takara Nemu is not one, but two interesting characters. He then fully broke down, pushing Shiemi and running away before aiming his gun at his head and pulling the trigger. nothings impossible? So thanks for the list. In the anime, he will only predict fortunes for girls. Ryuji says he is acting strange and asks him what is wrong.

the power to summon objects and animate them out of thin air? When Renzo and Ryuji were younger, Renzo's eldest brother, Takezo Shima, died protecting them during the Blue Night. As Nemu stirs, Izumo goes to find help and Renzo knocks her out with a careful attack and then reveals himself to be the Illuminati spy. He was actually thrilled when the Illuminati confirmed he was as human as he'd always been told he was. In order to properly act as a hidden moderator for the cram school, he would rarely partake in group activities and would often avoid speaking.

[39] Later, Renzo is seen with the team escorting Izumo so that she may undergo an examination. Takara (that puppet guy) ? He apologizes to Izumo just as she is recaptured and also to Lund and Strom, before falling unconscious. Find out which boy of Ao no exorcist loves you! Took a level in snark since defecting, best seen in how he challenges Lucifer to kill him and promptly goes "I knew it, you can't do it, too bad" after Lucifer fails. [16], The next day, Renzo asks Rin if he got back to his room ok, before getting attacked by his older brother, Kinzo Shima.

Saburota Todo (藤堂 三郎太Tōdō Saburōta) is a Demon Eater and a member of the Illuminati. [30], Nemu is seen sitting quietly at his desk as Rin Okumura enters the classroom disguised as Renzo Shima[31] Even when Renzo himself returns to the classroom not long after, Nemu seemingly ignores him. [51], After Michael's defeat, Renzo comments about the others being amazing as he collects Michael in his unconscious state. However, Yukio ultimately rejected the Illuminati. For example he never informed Rin that Mephisto is a demon despite it being common knowledge among exorcists. [50] After Rin enrages and breaks into the lab where the experiment is taking place to save Izumo, Gedōin frantically calls for Renzo to contact Homare to send guards to stop Rin.

When trying to catch a baby ghost in Mepphy Land, Renzo was teamed up with Izumo. Many chapters later he finally manages to bring out the power in his eye and has another one of these in the form of tracking down Mephisto, demanding answers, and aiming his gun at him when he didn't get them. http://magnoliaarch.tumblr.com/post/114432705046/for-those-unaware-the-miraculous-ladybug-fanpage, https://twitter.com/pabaylosis/status/683744842099236864, https://twitter.com/BrycePapenbrook/status/1195085876562255872, https://miraculousladybug.fandom.com/wiki/Bryce_Papenbrook?oldid=675854. Renzo tells him he is horrible, before admitting his trying to avoid Rin at all costs has not worked and that he gives up trying to avoid him. [65] Later, when Lewin makes his entrance, Renzo seems less than thrilled.

To Ryuji: Both high-achieving students on scholarship at True Cross Academy. An early example that drives this hope is when during one of their many arguments, Ryuji dares Rin to walk up to a nearby demon that is chained up for class and touch it without making it attack him to prove that he's serious about being an exorcist.

What he buys most often in convenience stores are. He refers to everyone, even his teachers, casually, and even teases them. Renzo has natural black hair, which he dyed pink.


Renzo stands by with the others, as Tatsuma tells them how to defeat the Impure King.

He finds out his adopted dad's history and reacts violently by chucking the computer at a tree. Miraculous Ladybug Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Is it Rin?

The three of them are shocked to see him in his current state, but Torako assures them everything will be alright.

[11] Renzo laughs as Torako Suguro grills her son over dying his hair.

February 24, 1986 (34 years old) Papenbrook's name on the English credits of, Miraculous Ladybug 2017 Panel SDCC Part 1, Miraculous Ladybug 2017 SDCC Panel Part 2, Miraculous Ladybug San Diego Comic Con Ladybug and Cat Noir Animation, Miraculous Ladybug Cast Interviews Ladybug and Cat Noir Animation, Miraculous Ladybug - Season 2 Behind the scenes - Bryce Papenbrook (Adrien VA), MIRACULOUS SDCC 2018 w Lindalee Pt II Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, MIRACULOUS SDCC 2018 w Lindalee pt III Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Summons a forest to protect herself and the Exwires from getting incinerated by Rin's demon side.

Alternatively, Renzo can change the potency of the flames to merely knock a person unconscious. [60], Later, Renzo is shown getting up early and going for what seems to be a run. With this sight, he announces that he is about to wet himself. Renzo then begins to tease Yukio about him declaring that he would get Shura pregnant, saying that he nearly cracked up and gave away that he was observing the exchange.

But on season 1 of blue exorcist takura took of the puppet and started reciting a bible verse when the launch the messiah. As soon as Lucifer says that Yukio is merely a window for Satan, Yukio intentionally triggers the Morinas Contract he was forced to sign fifty chapters before.


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