warzone weapons tier list

Astronaut Chompski meldet sich zum Dienst! S Tier: FiNN, SP-R 208, Grau 5.56, HDR, MP7, FAL, PKM, Oden, A Tier: M4A1, AK-47, MP5, AS VAL, AUG, AX-50, CR-56 AMAX, Fennec, Kilo 141, M13, Kar98k, B Tier: AN-94, Crossbow, ISO, JAK-12, Origin 12, P90, PP19 Bizon, RAM-7, R9-0, SKS, SA87, C Tier: Bruen, FR 5.56, Holger-26, MG34, Model 680, Uzi, VLK Rogue, D Tier: 725, Dragunov, EBR-14, FN Scar 17, M91, MK2 Carbine, Striker 45. As an avid gamer with interests in FPS titles like Call of Duty and CS:GO, my passion for esports began a few years back with the induction of the former Call of Duty World League. Sie gehören aber trotzdem zu den besten Waffen. Zielt auf den Kopf und gut ist. function() { Kein Teil dieser Seite oder ihr Inhalt darf ohne Erlaubnis der Rechteinhaber vervielfältigt werden.

The weapon is hard to use - the projectiles fly slowly, and it suffers from long reload times. To experience this #content, you will need to enable targeting cookies.

Last updated 7 days ago (Patch 29.3) Warzone's assault rifle tier list for October 2020 has some slight changes since September. Ins S-Tier schiebt sie sich, weil sie nicht nur auf kurze, sondern auch auf mittlere Entfernung eure Feinde zuverlässig und schnell zerlegt. New PC games 2020 P90's statistics and average damage per bullet are as follows: AUG is another example of an SMG that is sure to win a direct clash against other SMGs in this category, such as P90 and PP Bizon. Das ändert nichts daran, dass sie aufgrund ihrer genannten Vorzüge immer noch viele Fans hat und ins S-Tier der Waffen in Warzone gehört. M13's stats and average damage per bullet are as follows: The FR 5.56 is an interesting weapon because it has two shooting modes - burst and single fire. The AK - 47 is highly lethal - the damage caused by this weapon is horrendous. Im Detail sind HDR bzw. Grau 5.56, FAL, M4A1, Oden

Unbelievable damage and range stats couple with fantastic handling and clean ironsights to become one of the clear strongest weapons in Warzone at the moment. The M4A1 is probably one of the most popular and best assault rifles you can find in Call of Duty Warzone. S-Tier Warzone Weapons The very best Warzone weapons are mobile LMGs and ARs with high ammo capacity and good range. The PP19 Bizon, Kar98k, and X16 pistol are all solidly B-Tier weapons. The MP5 is also one of the best weapons for beginners. Some of them lie in the open, while others are hidden inside crates that make a distinctive buzzing sound that makes them easier to locate. Here is a Warzone weapon tier list for all guns, primary and secondary, for the month of May. The.

For this reason, we have prepared a glossary that will make it easier to read gun statistics. They run mechanically similar to a Sniper Rifle with the movement of an AR. Shotguns have one of the slowest fire rates in Modern Warfare. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. The MP7 comes in several variants - Ordinary and Rare, and the best versions are real killing machines, especially in the early stages of gameplay when opponents lack armor. This allows the weapon to have additional sights or other gadgets that enhance its capabilities. Und hier unsere Erläuterungen, warum die einzelnen Waffen stehen, wo sie stehen. You can find several versions of this weapon around Verdansk and the best ones have an additional optical sight. To experience this #content, you will need to enable targeting cookies. The SP-R 208, one of two new weapons added in Season 6 of Warzone, is a powerful Marksman Rifle that has quickly cemented itself as a top-tier gun.

In-depth stats on the new AS VAL and SP-R 208!

Irrwitzige Geschossgeschwindigkeit, kaum Kugelabfall auf Distanz - es fühlt sich auf Distanzen bis 200 Meter fast nach Hitscan an, was hier passiert.

This group includes weapons such as M4A1, FAL, MP7 and MP5.

The FN Scar 17 does a lot of damage, and the firing rate and the easy-to-control recoil are definitely its advantages. aug (alpha) p90 (bravo) mp5 (charlie) uzi (delta) bizon (echo) mp7 (foxtrot) striker (golf) fennec (hotel) shotgun. The Oden is an absolute powerhouse Assault Rifle, with the highest damage-per-shot of any automatic weapon in Warzone. Trotzdem eine starke Wahl für Kills auf kurze bis mittlere Distanz. Each weapon can, of course, be customized in custom loadouts menu and you can have it delivered through supply drops, but before that happens, you need to make use of weapons that you find across Verdansk. Kleinigkeiten machen den Unterschied. Das macht allerdings nichts, wenn man den exzellenten Basisschaden berücksichtigt, legt man seine Gegner immer noch irrsinnig schnell aufs Kreuz. What's more, the MP7 does enormous damage. In Call of Duty Warzone you can find .357 Magnum in many variants, including Epic or Legendary quality. Welche Waffe ist für euch die beste der Warzone, Auch im Multiplayer von Modern Warfare eine der besten Waffen, den Strategie-Guide des erfolgreichsten Warzone-Spielers, YouTube - BennyCentral (AS VAL & SP-R 208), CoD Mobile: Battle Royale spielt sich wie der Vorgänger von Warzone – So gut ist es. Dragunov can eliminate its target with a single shot, provided it hits the head. The P90 has the weakest single-projectile damage, but its recoil is easy to control and the weapon has one of the best firing rates of all SMGs. LMGs are fully automatic weapons with high accuracy and reliable damage.

Season 4 saw an enormous damage buff to the FAL, which previously had always seemed great in theory but lacking in reality. Some say he used to be quite good at Rocket League. The MG34 is another representative of the light machine gun family after the PKM. Also, the .357 doesn't have a large weapon magazine, because you only store 6 bullets in the weapon's chamber. But if you’re looking to give yourself the best chance of victory with an M4A1, you should definitely check out the loadout linked above. Unfortunately, using this weapon is quite difficult and not everyone is comfortable with the ability to fire only 3 rounds in a row. With the perk Overkill, users will be allowed to equip two primary weapons to their custom class, but with all the loot boxes and loadout drops available in Warzone, it is best to stick with one of the many secondary options. Follow The Game Haus for more sports and esports coverage. These weapons work best at longer ranges and deal substantial damage to killstreaks.

Dennoch haben wir uns daran gemacht, eine Tier-Liste über alle Waffen in Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 zu erstellen und sie in eine lose Rangliste zu packen. S-class weapons are the best tier of weapons that you can encounter in Verdansk while playing Call of Duty Warzone.

Hier ist also unsere Übersicht der besten Waffen nach Tiers von D bis A.

Mit einem Kauf über einen dieser Links unterstützt ihr Eurogamer.de. On the plus side, the Crossbow's projectiles don't make a sound when fired, and the weapon deals a lot of damage when the target receives a headshot. With a high mag size, great ironsights, fast handling, extremely controllable recoil, and an astonishingly high DPS, in its current state the FiNN might be the very best gun in Warzone, full stop. The damage done by this weapon is identical, but the M19 wins in terms of speed and magazine capacity, which in some cases can save your life. Is the AS VAL the new best Assault Rifle in Warzone? Follow us on Social Media for updates! drei If you choose another main weapon, such as a sniper rifle or an assault rifle, the MP5 will work well as an auxiliary weapon.


Here is our Warzone weapon tier list for Season 6, which contains all 43 primary weapons in Modern Warfare. Avoid using these three assault rifles in favor of the ones previously mentioned. This group includes weapons such as M4A1, FAL, MP7 and MP5. Please reload CAPTCHA. Crossbow's stats and average damage per projectile are as follows: The X16 is a basic gun every operator receives at the beginning of a Warzone match. Dafür bekommt man jetzt ein präzises und auf so gut wie jede Distanz sehr duschschlagkräftiges Gewehr, das schnell im ADS ist und aus seinen 20 Schuss mehr macht als die meisten anderen Schießeisen mit 30 oder mehr. Auch im Multiplayer von Modern Warfare eine der besten Waffen. Despite its poor damage and low bullet velocity, the M13 is still one of the most accurate weapons around.


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