vega one sick

I’m surprised people are still getting so sick with this product. That drink has all sorts of nutrients in it.”. If you’re trying to lose weight, consult your health care practitioner to know what’s right for you. Our experts reviewed many meal replacements and found that 18Shake suppressed appetite, improved digestion, and had other great benefits. Love it!

I would like to report this to the appropriate authority. (And a big WTH Whole Foods for selling this crap?). I also hear they quietly changed the formulation. The Complan Original nutritional drink (featured above) contains 26 vitamins and minerals and is gluten-free. Change ). I had to get up and sit by an open window to make the nausea go away. I love this product, but am bummed out that the nutritional/vitamins value has decreased.

It is quite bad that i will chug it with my nose plugged and when im done i gag a bit after i unplug my nose.

How many where people don’t know why they are sick and blame it on food poisoning.

I drank this shake twice. No one could figure out why I became so sick and had multiple seizures. BIG MISTAKE… short of landing in ER….eat real food.. skip this chemical concoction.. crap. I know that caffeine makes my brain feel “itchy” and then I go to sleep…so I’m wondering if there is some sort of stimulant in this product that I am not recognizing. There has been no scientific testing to substantiate these claims. These include participation with food banks and time donated by employees of the company. Bam within a hr. I still feel awfully nauseous and I couldn’t go to work. The only thing I did differently today to cause such an allergic reaction was drink this protein powder (process of elimination), which made me google search to see if any other people have had similar reactions. I’m glad I found this board to see that so many other people are getting sick too. It’s a complete meal and doesn’t taste bad at all. I slept 10 hours that night and my fever broke overnight. Any ideas to why this would happen? This is supposed to be Vegan. I never put this vile reaction together with Vega One. “I have trouble eating anything solid, and even a piece of bread sometimes results in days of horrible pain,” explained Jackie Strickland. I can usually get one of these in per day, along with other light foods such as applesauce, crackers, bone broth and flavored sparkling water.”. I sent the container back to Vega for testing since I felt it was dangerous to others. Kate Farms meal replacement shakes are made with organic plant-based protein and contain no dairy, lactose, corn, soy, nuts or gluten. First tub was fine 2nd tub. I just finished a 21 day cleanse through my chiropractor.

Three days into taking Vega my milk dried up and I never had any issues with production. Diarrhea and feverish. One of the best products we’ve seen so far is called Noom. Reviews of the Vega One Meal Replacement Plan state that there is insufficient variety, as a 5-day plan is listed, but this quickly becomes repetitive.


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