using context clues with literature answer key

This is not usually true, however, for works of fiction, for which inference is the key to comprehension. Besides clues to help you determine the pattern or genre of a reading selection, there are clues to help you figure out the meaning of specific words that are unfamiliar to you. Chapter 25: Context Clues and Close Reading for Literature by Phyllis Nissila is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

Pedagogical institutions, including high schools, kindergartens, and colleges, require community support to function efficiently. Type of Context Clue -synonym definition of pertinacity -mulish; stubborn, 5. Type of Context Clue -example definition pedagogical -having to do with teaching, 3. Read the following sentences and define the bolded word based on the context clue.

Worksheets > Vocabulary > Grade 3 > Context clues. I then discuss, briefly, each element of a work starting with the title as a place to begin comprehension, while slowly moving my arms toward one another, a few inches per element.

Open Oregon Educational Resources, 2016. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Context Clues offer fluent readers a tried-and-true strategy as they read and interact with more difficult informational a Context Clues. // ]]> Context Clues are hints that the author gives to help define a difficult or unusual word. This level one context clues worksheet covers 12 words that may be challenging for beginning readers.

Type of Context Clue - contrast definition of clandestine - secret; hidden, 6. The clue may appear within the same sentence as the word to which it refers, or it may follow in a preceding sentence. Type of Context Clue - synonymdefinition of sullen -rude, 8. Since this kind of comprehension starts with knowing nothing about the elements of a story, novel, poem, or essay, I stand with my arms spread wide.

The girl was churlish – rude, sullen and absolutely ill-mannered. I next add the author, as this might aid comprehension.

Chapter 8: Words of Wisdom: Why So Many Questions? Fill in the circle for the correct answer. His pertinacity, or stubbornness, is the cause of most of his trouble. CONTROLS

Context Clues. © 2008–2018 | | All Rights Reserved. Chapter 3: Words of Wisdom: The Student Experience, Chapter 5: Words of Wisdom: Practice, Practice, Practice, Chapter 6: Evolution To College: Becoming A College Student, Chapter 7: Speaking The Language of College. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona All Rights Reserved, Outreach, Recruitment, & Educational Partnerships, Reading, Advising, & Mentoring Program (RAMP). Type of Context Clue -explanation definition of parsimonious - stingy; tightfisted, 4. A synonym, or word with the same meaning, is used in the sentence. //

Read the sentence and choose the meaning of the underlined word. Titles, for starters, particularly of non-fiction works, usually tell you precisely what the main idea, or thesis, is.


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