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It happens in the underground where the character you control needs to eliminate the bugs by either dropping a stone/rock onto them or pumping them up with his machine until they explode. Their mission is to search for the Dragon Blue Eyes, which promose to put the land of Alurea in her first peaceful state. Street Hop is a street basket challenge presenting a match of 3 versus 3 players. King Of Fighters is by many considered as the best fighting game for MAME and it made it to the 9th position or in top 10 in our list of best MAME games. Collect more points to be able to upgrade your character physics and make the whole battle look easier. This is the sequel of the first Super Street Fighter game that presents a new fighting mechanism, more characters to choose from and additional combos and attacks. Punisher, the Marvel hero and Nick Fury go on a mission to take the criminal organization leaded by Kingpin the gang head. The characters in Rampage are George, Lizzie and Ralph, giant monsters that can destroy buildings and houses. The game has three selectable fighting styles and numerous home releases that brought new features to fans of the arcade version. The mighty warrior Madmartigan joins Willow on his mission on stopping Bamorda. Donkey Kong (US set 2) MAME: Control Jumpman and save his girlfriend, Pauline, from the evil barrel-tossing gorilla known as Donkey Kong. The game is based around the sudden assassination of the president of US and his wife. Defeat the enemies and bosses by shooting them with fireballs or stunning them by simply jumping onto their heads.

Toki is a humanoid gorilla-ape, who was transformed into his current form by a magic spell cast by the evil witch doctor Vookimedlo who turned the whole island of people into animals. On the map there are different kind of bugs, blocks and other obstacles that make your mission harder, but also there are items that can help you out, like extra time or speed up. Not knowing how to reflect to this all citizens lose their lives except the two survivors Mega Twins or also known as Chiki Chiki Boys in Japan. Through the six stage of the game, Peter Pan has to fight against various of enemies and creatures and defeat Hook in the last and final battle. Their citizens lived good and never thought of fighting or hurting anyone. In the 26th century (2513), the Black Marketeers gang attacks the dinosaur forms in order to serve their unknown purposes.

On the grand there are various attack items that can be found which deal increased damage than the basic player attacks. Black Tiger features a barbarian hero with a weapon and shield that goes on an exciting mission in the cave. If all enemies are taken from the first ball then the level will grant you with extra points and bonuses. When Power Gauge is full player can cast special spells and do super attacks. The vacuum cleaners are used as a source of weapon by sucking different kind of monsters and then popping them outside as a source of attack. To get to her they need to pass through 100 sections of the cave and eliminate all the enemies on their way by blowing them into bubbles and popping the bubbles by jumping on top of them. In Pang, there are huge bouncing balloons or balls that are treating to destroy some of the biggest metropolis in the world. The story of the game rotates around Lou and Siva who go on an adventurous journey to save their friend Sena who was turned into a statue by the Gaia. It is the first fighting and dueling game on our best MAME games reviews. The player can select his team country out of the 10 countries presented each having his own advantages and disadvantages. Top 100 Video Games As selected by the team. After the great popularity of the previous year tournament, the rumors spread across the globe to make the King of Fighters tournament the most important fighting event in the world. The game can be played by up to 4 players simultaneously with each player being able to select between 4 different characters: Captain Commando(the leader), Mack The Knife, Ginzu The Ninja and Baby Head. It includes two versions (2-player and 4-player game), 3 different stage types and many moves and maneuvers. When it comes to gameplay your job is to help Kayus repel all the deadly darkness enemies using his crossbow, Bahamoot's invincible body or his fire attacks. They all use unique weapons and have their own type of attacks they perform. Rastan as the most powerful soldier in his homeland is chosen and sent on a mission to slain the fire dragon. To facilitate the emulation of the recreational machines, Nicola Salmona created MAME …


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