titan x3 review

Now — between Titan and Rep Fitness, I would go with Rep Fitness. There are several factors you need to consider when buying a power rack, which I will cover in this review and why I chose the Titan X-3. You might be the type of users looking to stack weight plates to have them off the floor at all times. Hole spacing refers to the distance between the holes on the power rack uprights.

My son's birth is what started my home gym process.

You can do just about any exercise perfectly in power rack with 2 inch hole spacing. You really don't need them though. As mentioned throughout this review, I barely had enough room to fit the short version of the X-3 Flat Foot rack. This is largely thanks to it's robust frame consisting of robust 3" x 3", 11 gauge steel tubing. Build – Warped SteelAttaching the cross beams to my posts proved to be a real pain and was cause of much of my frustration. In this article, I'll give you a comprehensive Titan X-3 power rack review. You could also stack weight plates or heavy dumbbells on the feet of power rack. It's impossible to say, since there's subjective elements to that question. This should be low enough so you can put the pin/pipe safeties above them in the proper spot if you need them to perform the lift safely. If your ceiling is exactly the height of the power rack or just a few inches taller, then you'll need to install the pull up bar up to 4 notches lower than the default position at the top of the rack.

As time goes on, I'll try to update this page with any new X-3 accessories that come out. While they are not pretty, they do not disrupt the purpose, or use of the power rack. The pair of shackles comes with a pair of carabiners, which are meant to go in the holes so you can easily attach other equipment. Will that fit in the available floor space along with the power rack? And I wanted to point that out so you understand the limitations and the different use cases before you decide whether or not to buy it. However, I'll give you a very quick rundown of the basic features and specs: Here are the main negatives of the X-2 power Pack: Many lifters will find the Force USA MyRack to be a solid alternative to the X-3. Or, you'll be trapped temporarily if you fail at the bottom (you'll be fine, but you'll have to really struggle, squirm and roll the bar forward to get out, and you may get a nasty pinch in the process). Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. My whole set up came without the safety arms and no T (as in the picture) or any branding on the actual pieces, so I initially thought that I was sent the wrong unit. ​Landmines are an excellent attachment to have for the following purposes: The X-3 landmine attachment only comes as a double landmine unit. However, in practice, that would reduce the weight capacity of the rack without a major positive trade-off. (This is in contrast to the X-3, where bolting is not necessary, but if you want to do it, you have to buy the optional bolt-down gusset plates separately first.). I personally don't see the value in having 2 skinny bars for myself--or most other lifters for that matter. It attaches to a fixed position near the floor (e.g. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. However, there’s a new R-4 power rack out from Rogue featuring strap safety systems. They're very strong. I assembled it by myself in about 2 hours. 3"x3", 11 gauge) are more expensive. Drawbacks to expect when using the T-series power racks. After all, you're just trying to do one thing: stop a barbell from falling beyond a certain point. Now, it has become my mini sanctuary. Only complaint was was access to a manual to put together. I can only assume that this is also the case with the X-3 stands and racks.

You want a power rack with an internal depth greater than 30" (in which case you'd get either the 36" deep full-height T-3 power rack or the 36" deep short T-3 power rack). Thank you for the in depth information. You’re right, it’s a tough choice. You can simply attach one bar on the uprights to create a very good makeshift pull up bar. I’m torn between the Titan line and Rep Fitness.

It turns out that these cross beams are actually warped.

They'll stop the bar whether you lower the weight slowly onto them, or if you have to bail from a lift and dump the bar completely.

You can use the savings you’d make on the Rogue R-3 to purchase weights and at least 1 barbell, which is never too cheap either. But, I’m considering spending the little extra to get the X3 instead. Titan will be cheaper, but somewhat lower quality — still beefy and good enough. I do wish it came with instructions to assemble but it’s not difficult.

LOVING my squat rack!!!

The connecting brackets are over a foot long. Titan quickly responded back that the arms come separately and I received them 2 days later, didn't say anything about the branding not being there, but doesn't matter. It's also worth mentioning that even if Titan doesn't make certain X-3 accessories you'd thought would be available, then chances are Rogue Fitness makes them for their RML-390F. sumo deadlifts, sumo squats). This page works best with JavaScript.

Shop Now Only At BodyBoss.com.

One type of base is not inherently better than the other. The second scenario isn't the end of the world, but it's still kind of a hassle.

It is "good enough" for most lifters and it's extremely cost efficient at $300. This is a pet peeve of mine and one that was undoubtedly disappointing.

Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2017. Having to wait so long to set up my home gym sucked. You don't want to buy it and end up realizing your rack will only fit if you create a giant hole in your ceiling.​.

It is compact version of the monolift that attaches to the X-3 power rack.

You put these spotter bars in the rack by first holding the pipe between the two uprights at the desired height. Plus, it prevents the metal spheres from scratching up the rack. I was going to get a T3 because of how much people talk it up. Go to your basement, garage or wherever you're planning on building your home gym. It can also allow you to safely use more weight on the attachments, You can't do sumo stance exercises inside the rack, unless your sumo stance width is less than 42" (the X-3's internal width). Thanks, Sam! With Westside hole spacing, you can add in a lot of aftermarket add-ons from other companies and get a fit (for the most part, though not exclusive).

If you're doing the exercises where you may want to dump the bar as part of the movement (e.g. That doesn't mean these aren't a quality power rack accessory. This support is provided by the triangular gusset welded on the underside. Plus, they got dirty as hell from being on the floor, which often rubbed off onto me.

You may want to do exercises where the spotters act as a convenient place to rack/unrack the weight so you can easily add/remove weight between sets.


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