the love by hypnotic

Ming Yue tells Yun Si that she will kill him if he harms her brother. The drama ends with a kiss as Li Qian tries to hypnotize Ming Yue into loving and kissing him. She is heartbroken as Li Xun tries to show his concern. So, it is indeed a sweet ending to a love that begins with hypnosis as Ming Yue tries to help out the man she marries. Ming Yue travels all the way to Xiyue to see Yun Si.

Using her Zhunxin Bell, Ming Yue hypnotizes Li Qian after touching his earlobe. Ming Yue tells Li Qian that she will give him one day to decide on the marriage if he doesn’t want her to leak out his secrets. Li Qian reports to the Emperor about the rebels but leaves out the guilt of Minister Qiao to protect Hui Xin.

Li Qian tells her that he will uphold his promise to his brother to spare her life. When Li Qian reaches Yun Si’s army camp, he goes in alone. Alen Fang also did well as the prince.

Yun Si is keen to spend time alone with Ming Yue but his plan is constantly thwarted by Li Qian who feels jealous. After the punishment, Li Qian locks himself in his room and drinks. Li Ming Yue has the ability of hypnosis, and after using it on Li Qian, he discovers that he is able to recover lost memories from his childhood. Ming Yue feels annoyed for being taken for a ride and goes to bake in the kitchen to let off steam. Yun Si leans forward to kiss Ming Yue but she avoids it. Li Qian goes back to the city to save Ming Yue. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. He is disciplined and needs things to be clean, tidy, and organized. Eventually, Ming Yue relents and as they kiss, her hair turns back to black. Si Kong Zhen questions his decision to let Ming Yue go.

Li Xun has defeated the rebels in Mo City but he has also killed the civilians in the process which causes anger among the people. Li Qian tells Yun Si that he will repay Ming Yue’s debt to him to make things even. This results in both resorting to devious ways to best each other.

So, while Ming Yue expects them to be intimate, Li Qian tries to avoid going further than kisses. At the same time, Li Xun is patiently waiting for Hui Xin to accept reality and forget Li Qian. However, sitting in the carriage is not Ming Yue but her servant, Tan Li. Yun Si insists on Ming Yue’s love. He is killed by Li Xun’s men. But even after regaining her memory of her past love with Yun Si, Ming Yue still chooses Li Qian. Li Qian comes to protect her. He is brought back again to the same scene of a huge fire. Anyhow, she can’t get out of the marriage because it’s not possible to just return to Xiyue. She is a free-spirited and adventurous lady who loves to explore and eat. The sword pierces his heart. Ming Yue is tied up. One of my favourites of 2019. He doesn’t want to kill Hui Xin as he thinks she doesn’t deserve death and that it would bring disrepute to his son’s name. Just as they set off for the hunt, Hui Xin stops Li Qian for a talk. Ming Yue drops her bracelet and walks closer to the sword. Ming Yue tells Yun Si that she will forgive him only if they escape together. Chinese, Korean & Hong Kong Drama Reviews, November 17, 2019 by Drama Addict Leave a Comment. He will marry her on the condition that she could only hypnotize him with his permission. For a historical drama, the plot so far has been very focused on their romance. She starts by making Li Qian his favorite dessert but he doesn’t seem interested. She accuses Ming Yue of being a demon and that the soup is poisoned. Ming Yue is playful and spirited, in opposition to Li Qian’s calm and serious demeanor and their interactions are so fun to watch. He reminds her of what she did in the carriage when she was drunk by kissing her. Li Qian has never shown any romantic feelings for Hui Xin and treats her coldly. Li Xun and his soldiers arrive near Yun Si’s camp. Li Qian warns her not to badmouth Ming Yue. Li Qian appears and saves Ming Yue. Chinese, Korean & Hong Kong Drama Reviews, November 18, 2019 by Drama Addict 2 Comments.

But Hui Xin remains determined to snatch Li Qian from Ming Yue. Ming Yue receives a note from Princess Kang Le to meet her at Baiyun Mountains for an outing to a temple. Although he tries to stop himself and Ming Yue also sets traps in her room, somehow Li Qian still manages to get onto Ming Yue’s bed as he sleepwalks. However, there is still no answer as to who robbed the grains in the first place. Her father is linked to the previous dynasty and planning to topple the current Emperor. A note from Li Xun requests for a meeting. She confronts him. But Li Qian is still determined to dig up the case and Ming Yue promises to help him and share the burden. Hui Xin goes to Li Qian’s residence hoping to comfort him. Before he dies, he tells Li Xun that he has killed both Li Qian and Ming Yue. As Li Qian is traveling in the other direction, they miss each other on the road. He says that all that he has done is for Hui Xin. On the other hand, Li Xun has feelings for Hui Xin. When Ming Yue reaches out to touch Li Qian’s face, he notices the bracelet and realizes he has been hypnotized to do what he did. She knows Li Xun has met Li Qian.

Ming Yue’s decision is to stay at Beixuan. Li Xun struggles to write a note before he leaves his room. Li Qian frequently consults him for advice and they share a special bond. Kiss scenes are genuine and natural. She sees Li Qian and Yun Si at the musician’s house and becomes curious as to Ming Yue’s relationship with Yun Si. Tan Li informs Li Qian that Ming Yue has been duped. However, he is suspicious that she can’t recall the moments that she spent with him.

Li Qian confronts Kai Er Bi and demands for a cure to Ming Yue’s amnesia. Hui Xin has to sell the house to pay off the servants after the death of her father. But the ruse is exposed when Ming Yue is unwilling to sleep with Yun Si.

So, patience is needed to sit through this drama completely. Will Li Xun be able to convince Hui Xin? Li Qian wants to regain his memory of his childhood and he knows only Ming Yue can help him. He can read the undercurrents between his 2 princes but he may not always be aware of the details that go on behind the scenes. Li Qian goes home and tries the same thing on Ming Yue. He sleepwalks again at night after hurting Ming Yue’s feelings during the day due to his anger.


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