the dirty abbotsford
THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nikki aka Nicole Carlson. You got so much to say. THE DIRTY ARMY: So disgusted with this company. – “ Worst time of my life ever spent “ K – “ Nice girl, thought I was gonna die after we did it “ Oh, don’t try to help her, she hates that sh1t and will probably call the cops on you ( for sure will call the cops on you ). She will sponsor anything on her Instagram page as long as it gets her a few bucks, and she has said she doesn’t give af if Popeyes or gorilla jack sponsor her as long as she doesn’t have to buy any more competition gear out of pocket. Don’t let this gremlin looking retard with fat ankles coach you or advertise Popeyes crap. Nik, her name is Hope Lundberg. When people confronted her about it she would say they were on a break but on Facebook it still said they were in a relationship and she talked about him like he was the love of her life. Preys on week addicted women. Look at the huge fivehead on this dirty cow. The dirtiest white trash goof bitch Abbotsford has ever seen. I bet that your some skid bitch. THE DIRTY ARMY: John Tsirlis, the former Vice President-Sales at the popular Cineplex has been fired after his colleagues accused him of indulging in sexual harassment and reporting inappropriate behavior. HANG IN THERE GIRLFRIEND U ARE THE STRONG ONE KEEP UR HEAD UP! Nik, this kid not only lies about having cancer but also about his grandma passing away. THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these two needle sharing chrystal meth heads are Dianne Hodgson and her f-buddy GERRY KATERELOS. I’ve never met a more pathetic person than she is in my entire life. this time for assault. sure shes 36 and had a hard life but remember none of us ask for the cards we are dealt . All she cares about is money she will do anything for money. 50/50 lotto players buck up for Metro Vancouver musicians hit hard by COVID. Addicted and a drain on society, this so-called “mother” has been busted again. The Dirty. Like Father Like Daughter — Richelle Rowlands. Disgusting and worthless trash!!! Nik, Crystal Eden, carried on a two week affair with my husband knowing full well he was married, she was on vacation with her family when she met my husband at his hotel where he was staying while working out of town, she approached him while he was drunk struck up a conversation with him and moved in for the kill, she took advantage of the fact that my husband was lonely and going through some pretty traumatic life challenges and being away from his family causing him to be depressed.

– Egle please remember your in Leamington , and your a immigrant from Eastern Europe , a former Soviet bloc (understatement coming up) rac1st country called Lithuania , you know that country beside Poland. All in all the more you stay away from this tramp the better off you are. Dirty Blinds? Her poor kid has to deal with the two of those idiots (trust me my kid is friends with him at school .. we know more then we need to know about them.) Classy eh? But to much of a pussy bitch to say who you are. he will just accuse you of cheating while he actually cheats. Apparently her and syph are no longer together and pdollaz has kids all over that he doesn’t ever see or take care of…Ftoront.

She’s so fake and dirty. She was dating this one guy named Valdi for quite some time and pretty much the entire relationship she was cheating on him, she would spend her days lurking on dating sites and hooking up with randoms every day, her boyfriend ended up going into rehab and instead of supporting him and being by his side she decided to slut it up and have sex with any guy who looked her way. Staci Doll — Who is Staci dolls Baby Daddy? Say something sweet to her on the way out and make sure you call her when you get in ( because she really cares about that sorta thing if she just gave you a DRD you stupid idiot ) …Now just prepare yourself mentally for a DRD, go get your meds and don’t call her, because she’s busy fuking your dad! I love Nicki. That’s right..her choices are drugs and goof loser friends over her kid. She slept with him the first night they met leaving her three young children alone in another room while having sex with my husband. Begging him to leave his wife, oh I almost forgot the boyfriend she cheated on while she was with my husband as well. Look into it. Home wrecker is a big one with this douche. Abbotsford Arts Council presents online Anonymous Art Show. Maybe she realizes she’s a worthless mother and decided she was doing them a favor. Claims to be a changed god fearing man lol, I’ve seen him steal from there I’ve …

Not only is he a liar he’s also a cheater. She has multiple sugar daddies and even get her friends to do this with her. THE DIRTY ARMY: Can’t dance anymore because of a lopsided, capsized boob. Answer: No, too old, multicolored hair and an overly defined face. To drugs comes weeping to the next sucker and drains there accounts real at.the spotted owl downtown and yuk yuks a real home wrecker and diseased.

Her whole life is so laughable and deep down she knows it too. You can let go now . Even after many years of selling and using, this stupid cow hasn’t had full custody of her kid in years. What kind of fitness brand does this?????

The Dirty Apron Welcome & Be Safe! The former Vice President has been fired following an internal investigation performed against him. THE DIRTY ARMY: Looks sweet and innocent, She will rope you in, give you a DRD and brush you off by Monday, cheated on her husband, had a 3some within the year, had sex a week prior to meeting her. Nik, this chick is terrible, Shelly Cox is her name, and giving your ole man drd is her game including mine!!!! I give it to her in the ass, not to bad at all. people need to get their own life in check 100% true. Their mom and dad act like they are delusional and have no idea what a crackhead she is. states she’s from Leamington and an expert of the cultivation of marijuana , lmfao , Did you quit those jobs , or did you get fired and pushed out from them. The peachfuzz on the chops is worst than Elvis. What has society come too. I would love for the GOOF that posted this to own her shit. Cheating on his now ex 3 times and then taking it farther and saying it was her fault he cheated. Let’s not forget all her abortions. Then when she left to return home they carried on a face time relationship with no holds barred she got undressed for him while on face time as well. THE DIRTY ARMY: She moved to San Diego when she was 18. Be very careful.

Dirty Blinds? THE DIRTY ARMY: Ugly sloot has sex with everyone cheats on her boyfriend uses people for their money drugs and alcohol such a gross emo b1tch she’s a clout chaser. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth are lies. That’s not even the worse part she slept with him a second time and spent the night with my husband while leaving her childeren alone. She’s currently cheating on her boyfriend Tyler with some older man LOL. Hello social services we have a winner! She has hooked up with over 20 guys for sure and she’s only 19… She moved out because she didn’t want to follow the rules her parents had for her, she has no job and the only friends she has are ones that hate her. Abbotsford on The Dirty – Gossip. Dirty Blinds? She came to town got knocked upped very rapidly and then cut baby daddy out! and her son sees this. Testimonials “Very good service. he’s a bipolar lowlife. real safe for your child.

Her night job is waitressing at the Rendezvous, and after she is done serving her men and eating her food that’s left over she does her side jobs and sneaks men into her home when her old man is out of town lets kick the dog out side the house and bring them on in, I know this cause my mans buddy went into their new place and they hooked up upstairs in her bedroom (bedroom just past the kitchen to the left hey Shelly? We truly can't express how grateful we feel to be able to welcome you to our cooking school and deli, whilst of course working hard at implementing additional safety and sanitation procedures to make The Dirty Apron a safe and … That whale’s ass has been primed daily by the scum of BC. Dirty Blinds? pretty sure u all would ask for a new hand, oh no i forgot ur all a bunch of perrrfect bitches an goofs especially if u are entertained by others misery. Is her old pimp syph her baby daddy or is it the 40 year old club promoter/ drug dealer pdollazz that she’s been floozing up with for years?

Survey Says – Leaves the kid with her [email protected]**drous mother every weekend to go party with one of her Pespi FWB’s. She sounds like a man due to all the steroids. Like Father Like Daughter — Richelle Rowlands. She thinks shes hardcore but so many people laugh at her because she’s stupid and fails at life. this time for assault. And now Popeyes is letting her put her “coaching” in as a prize in their latest contest when she isn’t qualified!!!! She will use and abuse with every chance she can get, biggest moocher i’ve ever met. Fuck I live Nikki tooo, Katelend you shouldn’t be talking, you ain’t seen ur kids in ages…. She literally thinks she is this hot piece of work but in reality guys only hook up with her because she’s so easy. To nasty down junkies.

Nik, so her dad Keith Rowlands does the drug overdose a year ago, most of Abbotsfords Christian community was praying for this loser junkie (ie Marvin Declaire .. aka Psalm 23 BS) so this kid Richelle Rowlands — big junkie — she’s hot, has a kid btw… is going down her father’s road. She even has said Popeyes is a shit company when she found out they were sponsoring another athlete she was jealous of. It’s very sad to watch. She is as nasty inside and she is outside. The dirtiest white trash goof bitch Abbotsford has ever seen.

She is currently enrolled in the Westminister house for women that have AA/NA issue.

These two druggy thiefs where ran out of Abbotsford and its better here with them gone. Actor Sean Connery, the ‘original’ James Bond, dies at 90. Even after many years of selling and using, this stupid cow hasn’t had full custody of her kid in years. She has lied to clients about her certifications (none), has injured clients and told them “too bad” when they reach out to her after specifically telling her about previous injuries and limitations, lies about coaching herself for competitions when she had TONS of people coaching her (and only to second place), and so much more.


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