the conqueror trophy ac odyssey

In this, you meet up with a man called Darius, who is the first one to wield the hidden blade.

Story related, cannot be missed. Navigate back to the Walkthrough Story-related; cannot be missed. The link below is a handy guide of every member and how to find them if you wish to not do it on your own:

The four Keeper’s Insights are found inside Perception of Hermes locations. Here you can tell if they are just Epic or Legendary status.

The broken version of the Sword of Kings is obtained as a part of the storyline after killing the Ancient known as The Tusk of Persia. Go to one of them and decide whether you want to fight for Sparta or the Athenians.

Gergis the Herald can be killed in either the Last Magi quest or the Smoke and Fury quest (if you let him live in the former, he will appear in the latter). Recover the Cyclops's eye from a goat on Kephallonia. The Conqueror Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest. This of course only works, if you have finished the previous episode. Keeping your distance is key; if he grabs you, you will lose a lot of health.

Hephaistos's Apprentice Complete 20 Quests on Pephka, Obsidian and Abantis islands. View the ability and it will show you what you have to do to acquire your next upgrade. This is a purple icon of man. This will unlock upon the completion of the main mission "Protector of Persia". Here is the list of quests you will need to complete: You will need to complete all the side quests in the Boeotia region and be at least on Episode 7. The starting quest "Prodigal Son's Return" is available in the Korinthia region. Animals & civilians count as well. This unlocks upon the completion of the main quest “Athens's Last Hope”.

You can easily tell as they the icon will look like a ship. You will need to upgrade your Hull to the 4th tier in order to unlock all of the slots for Lieutenants. You do not need to fully upgrade the ability.

A new tab will open up to show you all the cult people you must eliminate. They can be completed whenever you are capable of taking them on, as the recommended quest level around 40 or above, so it is suggested to leave them until you are close to the end or have already finished the game. You will acquire the ability once you interact with the Keeper's Insight there. So if you go through the whole game denying everyone you come across, you can miss out on this trophy as not everyone has this option. This unlocks upon the completion of the main quest “The Wolf of Sparta”. From there you can pick what piece of equipment or weapon you would like to engrave and how much it will cost. It'll appear as a light blue quest marker. Nothing should pose a challenge for you besides the final boss fight, which is pretty tough this go around. Once you have your ship, in the ship tab on the main menu, you can assign lieutenants.


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