the changes and improvements in people's lives that began by 1770

The theater remained popular. The adoption of the typewriter, at just the same time that women began to work in offices, reflected changes in women's roles, new ideas about the organization of work, and the rapidly growing corporations of the day. Until then most people lived in the countryside and made their living from farming. Afterwards people began to deposit money with goldsmiths instead.

They subsisted on food like bread, cheese and onions. This began to change in the late 16th century and the early 17th century. At the end of the 1700s a group of Evangelical Christians called the Clapham Sect were formed.

From the middle of the 17th century stagecoaches ran regularly between the major English towns.

They allow us opportunities to consider how and why society and culture change over time. The first cricket club was formed at Hambledon in Hampshire about 1750. He created a style called neo-classical and he designed many 18th-century country houses. They owned beautiful furniture, some of it veneered or inlaid. William Herschel (1738-1822) discovered Uranus. Reading was also a popular pastime in the 18th century and the first novels were published at this time. Gentlemen did not do manual work! Furthermore in 1600 glass windows were a luxury. (He was known as 'Capability' Brown from his habit of looking at land and saying it had 'great capabilities'). Meanwhile, working-class houses were built east of the city. In Wales there was a great revival in the years 1738-1742. Below them were the gentry.

The growth and expansion of the United States in the decades before the Civil War were closely tied to improvements in the nation's transportation system.

Men were now clean shaven and they wore wigs. They thought by using their reason they could work out why the natural world behaves as it does. Other Georgian towns were much smaller. Each time it killed a significant part of the population but each time London recovered. In 1784 a man named Henry Cort (1740-1800) invented a much better way of making wrought iron. In 1663 the first Turnpike roads opened. Merchants and professional men met there to read newspapers and talk shop. In the 18th century a tiny minority of the population lived in luxury. develop a mild case of the disease and be immune in the future. It allowed a system of communications that shaped the business world. The arts also flourished in late 17th century England. (Thin pieces of expensive wood were laid over cheaper wood). Even if it did not kill you it could leave you scarred with pox marks. In the 1880s, when the typewriter was first adopted in many offices, America was a country in the throes of rapid change. The typewriter, by reducing the time and expense involved in creating documents, encouraged the spread of systematic management. Many inventors devised improvements for the typewriter, from the shift key in 1878 to the electric typewriter in 1920. Below them were a class of nearly rich landowners called the gentry. Many more canals were dug in the late 18th century and the early 19th century. Furthermore new types of furniture were introduced in Stuart England.

In the Middle Ages ordinary people's homes were usually made of wood. That does not mean that people dropped dead when they reached that age! In the early 17th century goldsmiths lent and changed money. Howell Harris (1714-1773) was a key figure.

So did games like tennis and shuttlecock. In the grammar schools conditions were hard. Grandfather clocks also became popular. It was cheap and it was sold everywhere as you did not need a license to sell it. However, there were some improvements in poor people's houses in the 17th century. An artifact, or a collection of artifacts, can reflect change over time. The first daily newspaper in England was printed in 1702. POOR PEOPLE'S HOMES IN 17TH CENTURY ENGLAND. Normally the teacher hit naughty boys on the bare buttocks with birch twigs. GAMES AND PASTIMES IN 17TH CENTURY ENGLAND. In the later 17th-century sash windows were introduced. Although analogue tools still have their place in some sectors, new technologies are continuing to gain ground every day, transforming our communication practices and possibilities—particularly among younger people. In towns wealthy people were carried in sedan chairs.

The dress was in two parts the bodice and the skirt. (Incidentally witches were hanged in England not burned). Boxing without gloves was also popular (although some boxers began to wear leather gloves in the 18th century). Towns like Buxton, Bath, and Tunbridge prospered. In the late 17th century they became popular with the wealthy in England.

Office work was a step up in the class structure, a cleaner, higher-paying job. The wealthy also played a game called pale-maille (Pall Mall in London gets its name from an area where the game was played).

Though it took a while for the typewriter to catch on, it quickly changed the lives of those who used it. In the 17th century men wore knee length, trouser like garments called breeches. They believed that bathing in and/or drinking spa water could cure illness. The poet John Milton 1608-1674 wrote his masterpiece Paradise Lost. Remington and others soon developed ways to apply existing technology and techniques, including the "interchangeable parts" system, to the manufacture of the typewriter. Scotland was united with England and Wales. At the beginning of the 17th century men wore starched collars called ruffs. With a bayonet fixed a musket could be used as a weapon even if it had been fired and was not reloaded. Among the poor cruel 'sports' like cock fighting and bull and bear baiting were popular. Population growth changed Britain’s life style immensely.

However, during the century this class became less and less numerous.

Seaside resorts like Brighton and Bognor boomed. In 1769 James Watt (1736-1819) patented a more efficient steam engine. Each year 2 fields were sown with crops while the third was left fallow (unused). In the late 17th century it took on its modern form. Times change; history is the story of those changes.

So it was safe to issue notes for more gold than they actually had. In Colonial America, agriculture was the primary livelihood for 90% of the population, and most towns were shipping points for the export of agricultural products.Most farms were geared toward subsistence production for family use. The first women's magazine was The Ladies Mercury in 1693. In 1600 Westminster was separate from London. The Internet has removed all communication barriers. From 1712 Thomas Newcomen made steam engines to pump water from mines. In the early 17th century firearms were either matchlocks or wheel locks. However, you had to pay to be connected to the supply. Think about some of the changes reflected by this typewriter, manufactured by E. Remington & Sons around 1875. While the typewriter wasn't responsible for opening the office world to women—the shortage of men during the Civil War and the increasing division of labor and specialization of office work played a bigger role—it did encourage the feminization of office work. POOR PEOPLE'S HOMES IN 17TH CENTURY ENGLAND. However political power and influence was held by rich landowners. Britain also took Dominica, Grenada, St Vincent and Tobago in the West Indies. Boys started work at 6 or 7 in the morning and worked to 5 or 5.30 pm, with breaks for meals. The famous 18th-century surgeon John Hunter (1728-1793) is sometimes called the Father of Modern Surgery. In the 18th century drinking tea became common even among ordinary people. For the well off card games and gambling were popular. However, the plague of 1665, which affected London and other towns, was the last. Bristol had a population of about 68,000. In the south Portsmouth had a population of about 32,000 in 1800 while Exeter had about 20,000 people.

The result was a vast increase in iron production. During the 18th century land was enclosed.

As England grew more commercial so lending money became more important. Some people realized that milkmaids who caught cowpox were immune to smallpox. The average lifespan in the 17th century was shorter than today. A musket took a long time to reload and the soldiers were very vulnerable while they did so. In the early 18th century goods were often transported by packhorse. They allow us opportunities to consider how and why society and culture change over time. However medicine was still handicapped by wrong ideas about the human body. For them, meat was a luxury. In turn, the typewriter brought about and helped to accelerate social change, opening up new jobs for women in the office. The typewriter has numerous small precision parts. They were protected by backplates, breastplates, and helmets. During the 18th century towns in Britain grew larger. You cut the patient then introduced matter from a smallpox pustule into the wound. (Scrofula was called the kings evil).

The adoption of the typewriter, at just the same time that women began to work in offices, reflected changes in women's roles, new ideas about the organization of work, and the rapidly growing corporations of the day. The above suggest that the Revolution had pros and cons. In the early 18th century charity schools were founded in many towns in England. The oil lamps did not give much light but they were better than nothing at all. In 1600 people in London walked from one street to another or if they could afford it they traveled by boat along the Thames. During the 18th century agriculture was gradually transformed by an agricultural revolution.

The money was used to maintain the roads. Artifacts change as our society and culture change; artifacts nudge these changes along; and artifacts themselves change over time. Furthermore, in the late 18th century the circus became a popular form of entertainment. In the mid 17th century chests of drawers became common. Upper class girls (and sometimes boys) were taught by tutors. Puppet shows like Punch and Judy also drew the crowds. At the end of the 17th century it was estimated the population of England and Wales was about 5 1/2 million. These included games such as chess, draughts, and backgammon. In turn, the typewriter opened up many new jobs for women in the office. John Wesley traveled all over the country, often preaching in open spaces. Enclosure allowed farmers to use their land more efficiently.


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