should minors need parental consent for birth control essay

Teens should be well educated about sex and their options for birth control should they make the decision to have sex. If adolescents were able to be placed on birth control with parental permission, I believe the teen pregnancy rate would drop drastically. She said she was going to talk to her mom about possibly getting on birth control. Since she is a minor, the clinic doctor who writes the prescription for her notifies her parents of the action. Therefore, birth control pills or other methods such as the depo shot, Teenagers And Birth Control Without Parental Consent, Teenagers and Birth Control Regardless, it is going to occur when the adolescent feels that the moment is right. However, this does not necessarily mean they can decide when their child should be ready to be sexually active. Parental involvement in minors' abortions.

Taking that freedom of choice away from them simply would not help matters in the slightest. But what's even more frightening is the fact that over 500,000 of these teenaged pregnancies are expected to occur to American teenagers. Birth control is a contraceptive that contain estrogen and progestin to balance out a female’s hormones.

Many parents feel that teens should be, of all teenage pregnancies end in abortion. Teenage girls are hesitant when asking parents to be put on birth control because most parents assume it is an excuse to be sexually active. Religious Beliefs: You want to do the right thing and get on birth control to be safe, but you know your mom will say no. Religious Beliefs: Some states require comprehensive sexual education and for teens to be able to access contraceptives. Teenagers and Birth Control There are many different opinions on whether teenage girls should be allowed to access birth control without parental consent. It's not the sort of thing MOST teens ask thier parents. Although some teens are on birth control already many are not because they are afraid to tell their parents which may lead to their parents thinking they are sexually active. The average parent associates being on birth control with being sexually active, which is not always the case. On the other hand, there are others that believe that it is up to the mom to make the decision regarding the fetus, whether it is death or the continuation of life. It will increase it This could be true, but is it more right to kill for a specific reason than to just do it because you made an irresponsible decision? For some young adults asking for their parents permission to get birth control sn't an option. These teen girls are unable to be prescribed birth control without parental consent before the age of eighteen. In the United States, the government and Congress have significantly affected the rights of women with regard to abortions through laws that either restrict or guarantee their legality and availability, while the government’s capacity to do so is affected by the principle of federalism along with that of the separation of powers. If teens could put themselves on birth control then I believe teen pregnancy would go down. Girls in the 21st century should have the right to protect themselves with any sort of birth control they choose without parents’ consent. Some lean more towards abstinence only education in the hopes that teens will steer away from sexual activities. I believe teens, especially teens near the age of adult, should be responsible for their own bodies. Abortion is a sensitive topic because there are many individuals who believe that abortion is murder. Those in support of the program argued that it allowed children, who are not ready for parenthood, to make adult decisions about such. Though the First Amendment clearly states that all Americans have the right to freedom of speech, the topic of abortions continues to be challenged. When they make a choice to use birth control and have safe sex, they are, as someone else gladly pointed out, making a choice to be responsible and mature about their decisions. I am sorry, but we cannot allow you to buy this without consent from your parents”. We have too many teens getting pregnant because they are too scared to talk to their parents about sex. As we see in the world today many teens are becoming mothers before they finish high school or before they turn 18. Essay about Should Teens Have Parental Consent to Receive Birth Control? Divine Caroline. More than 77% of women experience sex for the first time by the, Birth Control: Who Controls? (2014, April 1).

(Net 3) Requiring parental involvement in a minor’s decision to abort is unacceptable due to; personal choice, birth control, and health risk, issues. It would just mean that any sex they do end up having would be unsafe, and would carry a *much* higher risk of pregnancy and STD transmission than it would otherwise have. Pence, M. (n.d.). Strictly physiologically the best time to have a baby is mid teens to early twenties. Girls in the 21st century should have the right to protect themselves with any sort of birth control they choose without parents’ consent.


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