secret drawer mechanisms

This also allowed me to place the locking mechanism facing the side wood. measure where the metal rod from the locking system will exit and mark it on the side of the table. With the lower drawer removed, access is gained to the spring-loaded floor. Once they are attached you can wipe the extra wood glue with a cloth and leave it to dry. Might I suggest one other step in your planning and execution? Ay ideas?

These wouldn’t be the first secret drawers I’d ever made, but this was my chance to show off how far my skills had progressed. You will need 2 side boards; 1 base board; 1 backboard and 1 front board. Now it's time to add the sliders. A furniture maker might use a few metal locks for the lower drawers of a chest and a couple Quaker locks on the smaller, upper drawers. Make sure to keep the sides of the oak key parallel as you work. Ha Ha I did this at work four years ago using six inch nails across two doors as I knew other workmen were stealing my things. Its as important in my shop as my Sugri... Great idea and presentation. It’s the little bit of mystery, the puzzle to be solved to achieve the goal.

Keep it away from magnetic materials that could effect its motion or devices that could get damaged.- Where do you want your railings or sliding mechanism? I also added a spring to make it automatically lock.Firstly, cut the tube so that the magnet has enough room to slide back and forth while preventing the rod from exiting the side wood. I had amateur and professional woodworkers alike tell me they just couldn’t deal with him, but I just kept going back. One would need to open the drawer below in order to access the spring on the upper drawer. The sliding dovetailed key can be used to stop a drawer or an entire interior case from moving. Cool! Antique Dressing Case in Calamander with Silver-Gilt / Gold Fittings by Walter Thornhill. I hope it was easy to understand and that it was useful.

Hi everybody! The idea is to create a dovetailed channel that slopes upward from its back and reaches a vanishing point about half the length of the key. Spring-loaded walls and floors, hidden push buttons, slide-out floor and wall panels, false spring-loaded screw heads are just a few of the innovative methods that were used to reveal these compartments. Often if you buy a keyed entry lock that is the same brand as the existing door handle, it fairly easy to change it yourself. Now that we have marked the wood, cut the relevant sizes.

Check the angles to make sure they are planed to similar angles.

Remember to make space for the rails to slide through like in image 3. The Great Exhibition Asprey Dressing Case. However, this does not impact our recommendations.

Removable dividers and spring-loaded push buttons – these are just some of the different secrets that have been incorporated into furniture over the years. Only a very powerful magnet, such as a laboratory degausser, could do any damage to my hard drives or other electronic appliances. Why do they still fascinate us today? Wish I had the tools to make it work at our place!

Once you have the channel sawn, use a chisel to remove the waste. It certainly made me think of several applications for this. Use a handplane to bevel the edges of the oak so it tapers toward the top. Place a cap to prevent the magnet from exiting the back end of the tube. Done that for years and still do. When I left I slid five six inch nails across the doors, They had to wreck the cabinet doors to get inside. I usually start with a piece of oak about 1⁄8" thick (depending on the application) and a few inches long.


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