ridgewood, queens map
Elevation : 46 meters / 150.92 feet, 15. Go figure. I recall there being two farmer’s ovals: Old and New hey Dick, Don’t feel bad about the geographical confusion… seems like no one ,in those days, ever knew the actual Blkyn Queens border. The German-American newspaper that we read was the Stadts-Zeitung und Herold and I believe there was one other German language paper that German speakers in Ridgewood read at the time, though I don’t recall its name. He was a young boxer, and trained running around that block. In late 1978 I left for the USAF. I hung out with Ricky Theiry, Billy Poole, The Dumbar brothers, John Saul, Bobby Robinson Bobby Uhl and His sistem Joaney, I had a major crush on Roseann Arckonold. Hey Jack that was some list of people from our neighborhood. The food was the best. He did, indeed, lose an eye very early in life in a stick fight. Local Map; Event; Reviews; NYC Info. I just recalled having gone with my mother to a live poultry market on Myrtle Ave near the RKO Ridgewood Theater where they would slaughter chickens and turkeys. People must have been saving them for years just waiting fort the big day. I would welcome the opportunity to interview anyone who would be kind enough to indulge me so that I can learn more about your personal recollections about life in Ridgewood. Walter Heckle lived next door. Later I went to grover cleveland. had the fruit and vegetable store across the street and she lived in the back where she raised my mother and

The body of water became known as Ridgewood’s Reservoir, after its eastern source. I attended Ridgewood Methodist Church on Grove St. It’s now a Coptic Christian church. The black-and-white photos are from the Times Newsweekly, except where noted. The # 13 bus stopped right in front of my house. We had ice delivered to our ice box on Woodbine St from a horse-drawn wagon. The ice often melted but the water was cool in the hot summer months. A friend of mine did that also – we were living in Bushwick at the time. Had a sweet tooth so I’d wait for the sale, although didn’t have enough money to buy much without family help. He worked in the Jamica MTA Bus Depot as a Part of their land had been condemned by the city to make way for P.S. I know he has passed on. The Long Island Rail Road tracks east of Fresh Pond Road separate Ridgewood from calm Glendale. There was another movie house down Mrytle near what was called Old Fresh Pond Road, led up to Cooper and the cemeteries. where my grandparents owned a bakery….when I was a little girl. ENJOY. We had a cany store right next to us and our nickle allowance was spent there. He came alone to America in 1866, when he was 16. Anyone remember, Stengers bakery. Just a few on the stores I remember on my block or across the street. Anybody remember a store that sold clothing, including shoes? I somehow found it without using facebook. Mr. and Mrs Stoltz, and crazy George., Koch Pharmacy, Marty’s butcher shop, and.Kaufman’s grocery store, Grover Cleveland park, Cherry Valley, and Bohack market, I lived at 404 Seneca Ave.


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