richard intervention canada update

Do any of you know enough about this stuff to give me some advice or help me work through it? It’s usually because filming stops while the addict is still in rehab and is sober. I know that the fans of the show who read this site feel  these deaths the same way. I do not know if that is the policy. Oh no! God bless. Thanks for letting us know Megan. Don’t yet know the cause. Boo. I feel like in my last update I was a bit too negative toward the Intervention fans that comment here. I never agreed that any of you were being insensitive, you just didn’t know how to help her.

I suffered many years of every type of abuse from age 7 till about 37. They all have home but would rather form street families and not live in conventional society . It was mentioned at the end of the episode.

Update: SUCCESS!!! I saw the man Donald who was a boxer who broke up with his grlfriend because he relapsed. Joe & Amy.

Gina – Wanting power and attention are absolutely symptoms of anorexia. Whilst exploiting a family that feels completely helpless. So if you would kindly let me know as soon as you know whether it’s a Canada episode or not, I can stop refreshing my Google Play page to see if it’s available yet. I need to finish up watching older Intervention Canada episodes. I hope he was able to get help. (And there are a few that are mysteriously missing). Does anyone know if she is still fighting this disease or what became of her ?

It was posted by her friend Holly the one who was at the intervention on facebook. Taylor had a ton of infections in her mouth so her death could have been from those. This is Ben’s brother Aaron. Like you, I also wonder how she & her husband are doing. I live in Europe and our pills or powdered MDMA are tested as pure, whereas in the US, it’s likely been laced with methamphetamine. Interesting stuff. Gotta say, she quiet in treatment, but had a very narcissistic air. I am late on this reply, but I had met Donny at an NA meeting a few years after the episode aired. Just saw her blog… That’s unbelievably tragic.

I doubt anyone will even read this.. Brittany, I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a sister, especially a twin. If you read the recent comments on his page, several different people commented that he was impaired. In my mid-20’s I developed a solid case of functional alcoholism. Hello Interventionites! This comment was two years ago – where are you now? I was really rooting for him.

As sad as it is, I’ve realized too that although the show ended on a high note, it’s odd that their success rate was so much higher than anything else, when we can obviously see some of these ‘successes’ have since racked up into the new full page of people who eventually died from this disease. His story was particularly difficult to watch. I’m the one in this episode with him at the hotel, I watch this episode yesterday august 19 2015, the reason was some shame, i would like to tell troy I been clean and sober for over 6 years, Im executive clean at restaurant in Orange my life is much better thanks to the GOD and 12 step program, please if anybody know where is my dear friend my facebook link is Hopefully she got a liver. You’re right about the pain being increased as your body becomes accustomed to the dosage of each one. I became that productive, smart, creative me that I always wanted to be. i recently spoke with Donny on Facebook (he was season 7 I believe). Addicts, friends and family members Google themselves and their loved ones and end up here. Just curious…. I’m praying for her. . My condolences to her family. This is Brittany, Brooke’s twin. My sincerest condolences to their friends and family. Oh no. I see 2 Facebook pages with his name but don’t see any public comments, I meant his page on this site: Send to [email protected]. Sebastian Ramirez (he was on with his twin, Marcel) died last year. I know it is fairly soon, but it was just heart wrenching to watch her story. New poster to this board. Also, if/when you get confirmation of her death from family/friends, would you mind asking if they know why her episode was removed in all capacities? It showed on camera. From what I’ve read she did a lot in the last 14 years to help other addicts, so good for her for creating something good from her experience. We were all at that tough love stage. my heart goes out to the families. We spoke on the phone and he was high, and I couldn’t understand him. Needless to say, I thought long and hard about what kind of change needs to happen here. Well THAT was odd. Megan Wood has an official obituary and a news article of how she was found which is all made public. Way to go buddy!” But then, just a few seconds later, I learn that he killed himself and it made me cry. Remember when it was ‘cancelled’ and there was that whole final episode with sober addicts talking about how it changed their lives? I pray that she has made some progress…she had a very hard road to travel, it seemed.

I wish she had been able to find a support group of her peers that would have been able to help her and be more understanding of what she is going through (not that you weren’t understanding but you don’t experience pain everyday)I hope her story is able to be put out there on the dangers of trying to self-medicate. Brooke touched me because I too live with chronic pain. NEVER AGAIN. This is sad.

My mother told me she wanted to kick meth. I’m a recovering addict myself (and have bipolar depression too and have attempted suicide) so when I read at the end of the show that Chris had stayed in treatment for 3 months, I said out loud, “Good job Chris! I believe it was season 12 he had that girlfriend named Crystal and they lived in new mexico.

The episode was one of the most touching I’ve seen, and I hope you realize how much it helped others to see Brooke’s story. We ask that you care for the ones you love this season and stay safe. She was a hot mess, but had previously been a substance abuse counselor. John Tyrrell aka Dr Doom committed suicide by overdosing on pills. I would be very interested to hear updates on both of them. I dropped one tab once in the US and sure enough I could not sleep for hours and hours after coming back from the club. If she is ill or received a new liver there is no mention of illness or surgery on her Facebook. I so hoped she would pull through. Unaware that his family is staging an intervention Richard agrees to participate in what he thinks is a documentary about drug addiction. Doesn’t take long to become dependent. What this means is that I can watch old episodes that I never posted about for whatever reason (Olivia, Phillip) and I can watch the current episodes the day after they air. Does anyone know how is she doing?

I was truly worried about him. They have never dealt with the things I’ve seen and dealt with. This is a partial listing of Intervention Canada Season 3 episodes: I’m grateful to be getting episodes and all, but come on, this is nuts.

It’s sad some people take valuable rehab seats if they’re not ready, but getting help even against their will sometimes by family members and bottom lines can be important when someone has truly lost their way and mind. I’ll be praying for your success in staying sober.

Basically, a 45 min show cannot possibly tell the story of her abuse of drugs. C. THEY haven’t given me long, 6 months, and I need a liver. I’m stupid, stuff like that. However on her Facebook she looks healthy & makes regular post so I have to wonder with the personality she displayed on the show if she does have cirrhosis & hep.C as she claimed or if she is seeking pity and/or attention. It’s heartbreaking, but I hope she’s found peace now that she has succeeded in leaving us. At the very least. It’s too long as it is. So I wouldn’t add her to the list, but they did comment back to me publically before the channel went down on the public episode and didn’t ask me for any privacy so I mean sharing it on this forum isn’t the same as their apparent feelings towards the show or the crew providing an update which they also said had been blocked. Not even the people at A&E! I wonder how true that was, that he got sober on his own after refusing treatment. Being a recovering alcoholic I know how hard it is to try to get sober & stay sober! 1. The purpose of this site is to document the episodes and provide other fans with updates about how people are doing.

Please, don’t send me pictures of Gabe. I felt such sadness for her a complete stranger. At least now their at peace.

I’ve followed Corrine for a long time now. The episode just aired tonight?

I’m going to continue on this path until I have an adjusted pain tolerance level I can live with. For she,like many other upstate NY’ers,fought the fight. But I never needed an ‘intervention’. Thank you, you know who you are, you gave me a wonderful gift and I am forever grateful. The cause of death is unknown. I can’t help but feel like if she was actually wanting to get better she’d go to treatment and just get it done with so her parents can help support her?


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