poe arcanist brand + wave of conviction
With this support, you can play a more aggressive Brand playstyle. Seems to do ridiculous damage together, which doesn't make sense given the stats. It periodically activates while attached, triggering linked spells.


As it's the current build I'm playing I'd like to know if it really is or isn't before I invest more into a build just to have it torn apart again.

Mulefactory is a reliable PoE currency website that offers cheap Exalted Orbs, Chaos Orbs, PoE Items, etc. Last edited by davissonlam on Oct 3, 2020, 2:12:23 PM. I have seen some videos showcasing the combo oneshotting everything and doing just weird damage. This is a really badly optimized setup, could more than double the damage with a better one but im actually playing Penance and just swap gems like this for big bosses. After you place Arcanist Brand on the ground, it will attach to an enemy and trigger any spells linked to this skill in a sequence. Thats exactly what i was talking about. It feels like interaction with wave of conviction is bugged though, so it's not really a point when we can say that arcanist brand is good. Posted by davissonlam on Oct 3, 2020, 7:12:49 AM. So is Wave of Conviction + Arcanist Brand bugged? Arcanist BrandSpell, Duration, BrandMana Cost: (18-32)Cast Time: 0.80 secRequires Level 38Creates a magical brand which can attach to a nearby enemy. Gloves: Assassin’s Mark (Blue) (19), Curse On Hit Support (Blue) (20), Culling Strike Support (Green) (19), Orb of Storms (Blue) (20).

And that shotguns the shit of it. Arcanist Brand Fist of War Support Summon Chaos Golem Summon Ice Golem Summon Flame Golem Summon Stone Golem Summon Lightning Golem Summon Carrion Golem Siege Helmet(4L, iL47) Zealot Helmet(4L, iL47) Steel Circlet(4L, iL47) Goliath Greaves(4L, iL53) Soldier Boots(4L, iL53) Conjurer Boots(4L, iL53) Lathi(4L, iL61) Opal Sceptre(3L, iL61) Gavel(3L, iL61) Piledriver(4L, iL61) Imbued … The brand will detach if the enemy dies.

Per 1% Quality: 0.5% increased Activation frequency.

For a brand that is launched only once, it is not as good as other support. Clarissa(The City of Sarn, Act 3). Penance for packs, arcanist brand with wave of conviction - single boss.

cospri triggered frosbolts, hit skills linked with arcanist brand, etc.

More posts from the pathofexile community, Press J to jump to the feed. Projectiles hit the branded enemy, but each activation targets another nearby enemy, so they often use Pierce, Chain, and Fork effects.

This gem can be bought at the listed NPC vendors, after completing the following quests: For Witch, Templar players, after completing A Fixture of Fate(Act 3) quest, this gem is given as a quest reward.

Buy wow gold safe? I am not a GGG employee. Staff: 33%; Wand / Shield: 28%; Wand / Wand: 22%; Dagger / Dagger: 11%; Mace / Shield: 6%; Buy PoE Currency Cheap.

This one is basically a “build your own brand” thing. - Erasmus, Imperial Gemcutter. It periodically activates while attached, triggering linked spells.

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Each enemy hit is inflicted with Exposure matching the damage type of which they took the highest damage. Will the year major supporter pack drop in December anyway? Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. You basically put any other skill gems wherever you want, and it will use these spells. The following helmet enchantments affect Arcanist Brand.

Quote this Post. It works in a similar fashion to a few popular existing mechanisms like Poet’s Pen and other trigger skills.

Is Arcanist Brand + Wave of Conviction buged? AVERAGE HIT: 211k. Question. Triggering a spell deals damage penalty to balance its ability to activate multiple times. It's confirmed as a bug - a fix is on its way. I tried out basically the same setup but with wave of conviction and it didn't work. Arcanist Brand is a new Brand skill and supports all triggerable spells associated with it. Wave of Conviction has been added to the game. Selfcast Wave of Conviction-Hextouch-Conductivity: Enemies hit by waves are cursed. For Witch, Shadow, Templar, Scion players, after completing A Fixture of Fate(Act 3) quest, you can buy this gem. "I swore to use my position to help the people.

It creates a magical brand which can attach to a nearby enemy. For me, it looks like casting it at point blank from the enemy allowed it to shotgun it with multiple applications at once. Arcanist Brand-Wave of Conviction-Hextouch-Conductivity: Enemies hit by waves are not cursed.

Quote this Post " prankmaster wrote: I checked the POE reddid and I count not find an answer, …


Main skill: Wave of Conviction. But with Brands, wave of conviction is literally IN THE ENEMY inside. Turns out its pretty good, i use penance for clear but a simple HoI setup makes most spells able to clear fast with Arcanist too. If it has more than one, it will be disabled. Payments: PayPal, Skrill, BitCoin.

It feels like it is randomly doing obscene amount of damage.

it seem … As with other brands, Cast Speed affects the activation rate, so it benefits from most spellcaster investments. This opens a huge range of options for player’s builds, letting you use almost any spell as if it was a Brand.

It's very inconsistent then. (Again, both worked before rework) Last edited by davissonlam on Oct 3, 2020, 8:12:23 AM. If i slot in elemental weakness it works.

Wave of conviction does damage in Like "little waves" Like Sunder etc. Arcanist Brand + Wave of Conviction; Weapons Build. I’m also doing Arcanist Brand/WoC, for clear I’m using OoS (OoS, Archmage, Ele Focus, and Control D.).

Since Brand mechanics naturally has a strong ability to clear, the supported skills have less area, projectile range, and chain range.

The following video is a Penance Brand build example with Swiftbrand Support: The price of Swiftbrand Support is an Orb of Chance. What good is power when it just accumulates on the already-powerful?"

Tag: Spell, Duration, Brand.

For me, it looks like casting it at point blank from the enemy allowed it to shotgun it with multiple applications at once. Every time the Brand is activated, it triggers a supported spell, allowing you to build your own Brand setup, possibly triggering multiple different spells in succession. Original Post — Direct link Seems to do ridiculous damage together, which doesn't make sense given the stats.

Is there some kind of bug going on? Swiftbrand Support is a brand support skill gem that increases the supported brand spell’s activation frequency but lowers its duration.

I've heard a lot from a few different people that the skill is hitting more than it should vs bosses and that the damage is bugged. Or is it also moved to January?

So is Wave of Conviction + Arcanist Brand bugged? Path of Exile is a free online-only action RPG under development by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand. I checked the POE reddid and I count not find an answer, does anyone know if arcanist brand and Wave Of Conviction is bugged or something. Arcanist Brand’s duration is shorter than that of other Brands, so you won’t use it in any build to passively trigger effects, but it will be very powerful for Brands build. Main Skills Penance Brand: 52% Wave of Conviction: 31% Storm Brand: 13% Arcanist Brand: 12% Armageddon Brand: 3% Ball Lightning: 2% Vortex: 2% Wintertide Brand: 2% Desecrate: 2% Lightning … Wave of Conviction is an active skill gem that creates an expanding wave of energy that surges forward, damaging enemies in a cone-shaped AoE over a duration. Before the hextouch rework, curse on hit works on triggered spells, i.e.

Boots: Penance Brand (Blue) (19 / 20), Physical to Lightning Support (Blue) (19 / 20), Swiftbrand Support (Blue) (19 / 20), Hypothermia Support (Green) (20). Body Armour: Wave of Conviction (Blue) (21 / 20), Controlled Destruction Support (Blue) (19), Hypothermia Support (Green) (20), Concentrated Effect Support (Blue) (20), Increased Critical Strikes Support (Blue) (20), Arcanist Brand (Blue) (19 / 20). Helmet: Herald of Ash (Red) (20), Herald of Ice (Green) (19 / 20), Hatred (Green) (19), Enlighten Support (Blue) (2 / 20). Weapon: Flame Dash (Blue) (19 / 20), Arcane Surge Support (Blue) (7), Second Wind Support (Green) (19).

Now has an added Damage effectiveness of 220% (from 160%).

Offhand: Herald of Purity (Red) (20), Arctic Armour (Green) (20), Enlighten Support (Blue) (2), Weapon: Agony Thirst Profane Wand, Hypnotic Barb Tornado Wand, Helmet: The Devouring Diadem Necromancer Circlet, Ring: Call of the Brotherhood Two-Stone Ring x2. Buy Cheap PoE Currency Instant Delivery with a 5% off coupon: CURRENCY.

An expanding wave of energy surges forward, damaging enemies in a cone-shaped area over a duration. Wintertide Brand PoE Build 3.11 Trickster, Occultist, Brand Recall PoE Build 3.11, Links Gem, Support Gems, Grand Company FFXIV Missions Seals and Gil, Lucent Fossil Crafting Mods – Farming Location, Sibyl’s Lament PoE Build & Price – Coral Ring, Vaal Grace PoE Aura Gem Build, Support Gems, Farming, Abyssal Delirium Orb – PoE Abyss Delirium Currency 3.10, Azure Oil PoE Blight Modifiers Maps, Rings, Amulets – Azure Oil Price, Fragmented Delirium Orb – PoE Fragments Delirium Currency 3.10, PoE Act 1 Map Guide, Waypoints World Map, Walkthrough, Rigwald’s Crest PoE Price & Build – Two-Stone Ring, Kaom’s Way PoE Price & Build – Coral Ring, The Tunnel â€¢ The Quarry â€¢ Crystal Ore, random corrupted superior Support gem (Q23), The Ebony Barracks â€¢ The Lunaris Concourse â€¢ Colonnade Map â€¢ Promenade Map.

Last bumped on Oct 10, 2020, 6:30:16 AM .

I tested both selfcast version and cospri/arcanist brand version.

Only one Wave of Conviction can be active at a time, 1% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage. I have no idea why they work so well together.

However, if you place multiple Brands quickly, it is a huge damage increase. The Primordial Chain Build Guide & Price – PoE Coral Amulet, Level a gathering profession for FFXIV Gil, Kaltensoul PoE Build, Price – Painted Buckler, Strange Sinkhole â€¢ Concealed Cavity â€¢ Sunken Shingle â€¢ Clouded Ridge â€¢ Forgotten Oubliette â€¢ Remote Gulch â€¢ Cremated Archives â€¢ Narrow Ravine• Mystical Clearing â€¢ Covered-up Hollow â€¢ Hidden Patch â€¢ Entombed Alcove â€¢ Secret Laboratory â€¢ Secluded Copse â€¢ Forbidden Chamber â€¢ Quarantined Quarters â€¢ Inner Grounds â€¢ Sealed Corridors â€¢ Restricted Gallery â€¢ Disused Furnace â€¢ Blind Alley â€¢ Entombed Chamber â€¢ Sacred Chambers â€¢ Stagnant Canal â€¢ Walled-off Ducts â€¢ Neglected Cellar â€¢ Arcane Chambers â€¢ Forgotten Conduit â€¢ Ancient Catacomb â€¢ Haunted Mineshaft• Abandoned Dam â€¢ Desolate Track â€¢ Reclaimed Barracks â€¢ Sealed Basement â€¢ Secluded Canal â€¢ Forbidden Archives â€¢ Cremated Archives â€¢ Twisted Inquisitorium â€¢ Deathly Chambers â€¢ Restricted Collection â€¢ Side Chapel â€¢ Radiant Pools â€¢ Clouded Ledge â€¢ Flooded Complex â€¢ Forbidden Shrine â€¢ Sealed Repository â€¢ Evacuated Quarter â€¢ Concealed Caldarium â€¢ Moonlit Chambers â€¢ Shifting Sands â€¢ Forgotten Gulch â€¢ Desolate Isle â€¢ Dusty Bluff, The Ebony Barracks â€¢ The Lunaris Concourse â€¢ Colonnade Map â€¢ Promenade Map, Arcanist Brand has 8% increased Cast Speed, Arcanist Brand has 12% increased Cast Speed, Spells Triggered by Arcanist Brand Unnerve enemies on Hit for 4 seconds.


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