pictish swirl alphabet

She was overcome by her own beauty and decided to create a world as beautiful as she. BC (now THAT is proof of a culture, ha ha). Dear sir,Forfeda and Pictish markstaff-writing also according to K.Forsyth ,has overlap:1.arrow-and-bow The z rod with double disk reminds me of a lightning strike with two thunderclaps. I am working on the theory that the picts were an earlier tribe of vikings or norsemen, the romans described them as merceneries who used ships to spy and invade their enimies much like the early vikings and their artwork with interwoven knotwork animals are almost identical also there is hogsback gravestones in meigle museum only found in viking areas from the time of the picts and the only area not invaded by the vikings was pictland, this would make sense if they were a related tribe. I am not certain how you define cultures ans civilizations but there are defining characterization of both. Many ancient cultures believe ones power is in their hair. First appeared in Bartolozzi's Biblioteca Magna Rabbinica. These images may have originated as tattoos or amulets. They were known to be masters of the Sea long before the Vikings existed this was recorded by the Greeks and Egyptians who called them the Pretanikke or Pretanae and feared their Navy.

The orientation of the double discs and zrod is normally from right to left with the earth on the right and the underworld on the left, just as the sun is born every morning in the east and dies every night in the west, explaining why the discs are often solar in appearance. The women explaining the comb and mirror myth is completely true and 100% correct ;see Ovid and Herodotus for hints, and also the legend of Narcissus and Genesis.If you think the Cross and Sunwheel are Christian symbols I beg to differ, they too refer to astronomical tools akin to a theodolite, and the wise noble Crichton Miller of Scotland has hit the nail firmly on its nut in this regard and well worth reading his insights.If you look at the word Ek-eriler (a rune wizard and the root of Earl) in the ancient Furthark you will see the origin of the word Merlin.And if one correctly decyphers the correct books of the Arthurian Mythos, you will discover the hidden realm of the Alchemists and this note made superfluous and redundant thereby. See more ideas about Alphabet symbols, Symbols, Alphabet code. May 13, 2017 - moonsmuses.com is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. A lot of us who have researched this have known this already and had no doubt that the Picts build the Brochs which were a sign of their genius. Copyright: Freeware fonts by Fuzzypeg http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/2763Style: Regular Version: 1.00. Free Font Download: Pict Swirl Regular TrueType Font East is usually represent ed on the right on any map so your sun rising/setting in relation to the underworld thing is backwards. They are used in creating cryptographic functions such as hashes and ciphers. Take away IE DNA R1b, and R1a, you have Paleolithic and Mesolithic people, I, U, H haplogroups.

We know virtually nothing about human cultures prior to 3,000 BC.

We hope you find what you are searching for! Since Scotland has had its own Parliament again our history is very much on the agenda and we have only scratched the surface. After the fifth century, most Picts converted to Christianity, and most of their carvings reflect this change; many of the so-called “Celtic crosses” dotting England and Scotland are in fact Pictish stones.

click the preview button. Hi Djin, dont you mean the Vikings were later tribes of Picts? He was also a contemporary of Buddah and Lao Tse, so an unimaginable amount of high level wisdom, symbols, and allegory being passed around. To say they were mercenaries is just wrong the Picts or whatever they called themselves are the original inhabitants of Scotland and they go back a hell of a long time. From India? .Pictish was a Celtic language similar to Welsh Note I did not say this, or any other culture was the oldest, and Archaeology does give us some ideas about cultures older than 3,000 BC. Also when did thay decide the “Pictish Beast” was a dragon? MMXX ufonts.com. I have also discovered the origin of some of the pictish symbols in viking artwork for example the half moon sign is a yoke for oxen, meaning they owned a farm, the v rod indicates a furnace for metal working and the linked double disc is the symbol for a cart all can be found in viking artwork. The difficulty with this idea is, there is no reliable “Pictish legend of creation,” or for that matter, any recorded Pictish legends of any sort.

It is devided into two sections, the. Take this into consideration Scotland then was covered in the Caledonian forest which was made up of mostly Scots Pine.

: A script that first appeared in Of Occult Philosophy III by: Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim. Like a seed his essence is planted and is expected to be reborn into the people from which he came. Half Moon – virgin Mother Earth/Diana/ However, as well as deep meanings, remember the Inuit have marker stones for safe ice drinking water. The serpent is a masculine equivalent of the v and crescent symbol. i noticed you posted 2011 regarding your understanding on vikings being related to picts I don’t have monkey in my blood. Feb 26, 2020 - Explore Nay's board "Fonts?!" Black .The Picts pre-Christian religion was Celtic polytheism FB.init("9463b1b92b6be93fd92bbddf89e79928"); Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes. Browse Fonts: this is what i totally believe from my current understanding 3.embelished rectangle.

The Antoine wall has at least 15 areas which show vitrification there is also many parts of Hadrian’s wall with signs of vitrification.

The Picts were about long before the Vikings. So, by combing her hair as she stares into a mirror…she creates her magic.

That is one of the most ridiculous comments ever. the picts were not celtic. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, moonsmuses.com has it all. When I first saw the z with 2 discs my gut said, ” two sides of a black hole with bent time(z arrow) or same concept different vision serpent or worm hole with bent time. Ancient Celtic alphabet associated with trees. 180 is the declination between the two hydrogen molecules in H2O(which fits the well/spring marking theory). My assertion is that people did stay, settled in Pictland, erected stones as part of outdoor temples and placed highly coded symbols on the stones. Yellow

We know that Neanderthals were not completely wiped out. Hello! A script by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim. Also known as Boibel-Loth: an ancient Celtic alphabet. I have been looking into my family history and it has led me here.

Where did you find the information which led to your thoughts? From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, moonsmuses.com has it all.

Some of these differences between the celtic and pict are not the same between the pict and vikings. Some are easily identified as animals or mythical creatures; others are completely mysterious, such as the “crescent and V-rod” and the “double disk” emblems. I thought ya’ll may see similarities.

If so explain how we went from black to fair skin red hair and blue eyes. It is fasinating to compare images of crop circles to Pictish symbols. I researching ancient Celtic roots seventh years.My logic of these signs are clearly explained this symbols going from the Carpathian Basin is a 10,000 annual cultural relics.

Their is Pictish stones were I live south of the Clyde and Forth. Red but the most likely key (and the most difficult) appears to be the “conglomerative” method with a base in Semiotics, Re: Umberto Ecco of University of Bologna or J.R.R. The v and crescent symbol represent the power of the sacred feminine or the womb of the mother goddess and her lunar cycles, appearing in conjunction with the z and double disc as a representation of the ultimate source from which the departed will be reborn. Always a humanoid with outstretched arms holding two of something, axes, corn stalks, snakes. If the Picts as you say were early tribe of vikings, then why is the family “history” of the Munro clan thart of winning their territory by beating back vikings in Ross-shire? they reckoned after st Calumba met with the pictish king the picts gradually changed religion to Christianity. .The Norse only came from there native homelands in Scandinavia where as the Picts were native to Scotland. Jennifer February 6, 2011 at 5:05 am

The Brochs were no doubt built by the Picts this is hardly in keeping with the label mercenaries.

The v being a compass and z being like a spacing rule(ancient tape measure), Many of you were right in recognizing the arrows as common symbols for time, same with the serpent. Royal Arch Cipher: The script appeared in the Freemasonry book Duncan's Masonic Ritual & Monitor by: Malcolm C. Duncan. Their language has been lost, except for fragments, although they left behind a wealth of “picture stones,” large monoliths carved with mysterious symbols whose meanings are mostly unknown. It would have taken a very structured and sophisticated network to have linked up all of Scotland and its islands in their era.


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