photon swipe xenoverse 2
Antony existed in this limbo, feeling the effects of time stretching from hours to eons across him - while otherwise lost in a static and unchanging world. While Iced remained guarded at first, Antony explained that he wished only to make things "right", by un-doing Goma's act and defeating himself before he could assassinate Zen-Oh. Defeat Android 21 with your allies! Full Power Energy Wave (フルパワーエネルギー波[3] or 強力エネルギー波[4], Furu Pawā Enerugī-Ha[3]), also called Super Energy Wave (スーパーエネルギー波, Super Energy Wave)[1] or Super Ki Wave (超気功波, Chō kikō-ha),[2] is a powerful energy wave technique. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 for PCs, PS4 etc. Antony was a cold, cunning, pragmatic person who seems solely concerned with the furthering of his, and Goma's, objectives, over satisfying personal or egotistic goals. The idea of "Antony the Anti-Tony" was first discussed during the final episodes of Xenoverse 1, even going so far as creating the character in-game. Then he showed him the depths of Zen-Ohs instability, as he threatened Universes with erasure out of boredom, and pitted mortals against each other in a "Tournament of Power". save.

During the final battle with Tony and Iced, he unveiled his own platinum coloured variant of "God" form: claiming this as the mastered version. Tony was quicker, more aggressive, and with each strike on his body he felt the power of time and space shifting between the two. The technique is an enhanced version of the signature Kikōha of the original No. Updated Appetizing Rush and all it's recolor variants descriptions. Antony had vague recollection of this Max Stone character, but was not aware of any close friendship between him and Tony. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Join.

Iced, recognizing the hopelessness of their situation, apologized to his friend before hitting him with a paralyzing energy shot and ordering an "Appule" to retrieve the Emperor and evacuate the system. 2.0 Added recolors for Flash Chaser, Brutal Buster, and Total Evasion.


Head comparison between Tony, without shades, (Left) and Antony (Right). He had defeated his enemy, and had now seen a fraction of his own potential. During the conference, reports came in of an attack on Tony planet 319 - a lightly populated tropical world deep within Empire territory.

So before that, I'd like to prepare my character from Xenoverse 1 so I can quickly transfer the data to Xenoverse 2 as soon as I got the game.

Antony had not forgotten his friendship with Iced, truthfully avoiding direct conflict with him and his "friends" previously as an attempt to reconcile at another opportunity, such as now. With a swipe of it's hand, Buu stumbled and vanished into thin air, erased utterly from existence. Endure for 4 minutes Clear with Goku's health over 70% Defeat Android 21 and the others Lose Conditions Edit. Naturally he was selected for the team, and entered the Tournament. DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. This is my first mod, it's SSB Gohan with custom moveset. With Goma and Zen-Oh incapable of physically destroying the other - their very beings and natures being perfectly and diametrically opposed - Goma assured Tony that this power would be needed if he were to strike down Zen-Oh himself, as is his destiny as Godkiller.

Posted by 1 day ago. These years saw reduced tensions with the oppositional Galactic Kingdom, with trade talks set up by Age 761, and while worlds were still being forcibly subjugated - the policy of planetary genocide had been ceased.

At least, as you should be. Even so the death toll continued, with the systematic destruction of every world - inhabited and uninhabited - continuing at a pace which would see the complete extinction of life in the Universe, and the destruction of the last planetoids within a "few decades". Photon Swipe does with Dual Masenko and Darkness Eyebeam does to giant gaint balls of Ki. My level still won't go past 80 even after Gurus boost. Mar 21, 2019 @ 10:28am Photo mode Hey, where can i find the photos on my pc, when i capture a photo in the photomode? An eternal peace, with no hope of change, as time itself becomes set in stone and no longer capable of being twisted or splintered through the powers of Time Travel or manipulation. The attack constructed by Super No. This form, as intended is also more than enough to defeat Zen-Oh's guards, Angels, and the Omni himself - making Antony (or Tony) in this form, indisputably most powerful Mortal being to ever exist. The union between Full Power Energy Waves of a varied number of fighters is called Combined Energy Wave. At first Tony was shook by this act, the elimination of untold trillions when preservation of these same trillions had seemed to be their goal, but Goma explained that stemming the spread of chaos across the Multiverse was their goal, first and foremost, and the erasure of such doomed and broken realities was both merciful, and necessary to advance their ultimate goal. Tony ruled out Beerus as the cause of these attacks, deeming them too "chaotic" to be the God of Destruction. In return he requested just "one thing" to be included in Goma's new world. He began to realise what this power truly was: some manifestation of massive universal energy condensed into a single being, into himself. Buu, being more a force of nature than a strategic planner, continued random attacks in and out of Empire territory. Before Buu could finish him off with a final attack, a small creature appeared between them. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. With dozens of troopers firing onto the small island they were currently engaged on, the land burst open with fire, nearly wiping out Iced and Tony, while merely stalling Buu - who despite being atomized was able to completely regenerate in a matter of moments. He suggested that Iced rethink his request, before vanishing once again. DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 - Ultra Pack Set. He no longer donned any lipstick, removing yet another cultural influence of Frieza's over himself and his reformed civilization. Aware of Iced's recently revealed Golden Form, he was both impressed and hopeful that he would join him in his quest to save reality: the objective being, after all, no different to that which Iced had committed himself to under the Time Patrol. Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Continuing to use his command ship as a mobile base, Tony would order evacuations and "managed retreats" wherever possible, unwilling to throw more lives away needlessly. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! The outcome made no difference anymore. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Knowing exactly what they were intending to do, Antony unleashed a wave of power against them, forcing them apart, and continued his attacks on the weakened Tony until he was once again knocked to the ground. Still salty that XBox/Switch users got conned out for the Broly lite raid. I'm not exactly looking for the overpowered skills, unless they just happen to be a pain to acquire in Xenoverse 2. All power. The exception of this dispassionate approach is in his dealings with Tony. Tony's administration proved to be far more level-headed than the ousted maniacal Royals. Despite their opposing agendas, Antony has repeatedly attempted to push Iced towards abandoning the "false" Tony, and joining him in his crusade to "save" the Multiverse. Using the Tournament of Power as an example of the disorder of Zen-Ohs Multiverse - with each Universe fighting against each other to avoid annihilation from the Omni of Change - Antony attempted to move Iced to his cause. The illusion of Iced's "incognito mode" broken completely, Antony spoke up in turn, chastising Iced for taking so long to finally catch up to him, having felt he'd told Iced "everything [he] needed to know, so long ago". With each participating Universe looking for six team members, Goma assumed the form and identity of Mr.Goa, ingratiating himself within the Time Space Authority of Universe 10, becoming an irreplaceable asset for them and their Kai of Time.


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