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""I knew Kelvin was duplicitous, but to align himself with such a little scoundrel!


After Passepartout stops Inspector Fix from arresting him on the train, the trio travel to Turkey, where the train stops in Istanbul on the tenth day of the journey. They basically merged the real Katherine with Nellie and created this character.

The Buddha is returned to the village temple.

Welcome to the world of the renowned explorer, Phileas J. Fogg, Esq. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.

Steve Coogan Phileas and Passepartout start their journey around the world with a steam-powered carriage of Phileas' invention. Then, Fogg finally reveals himself to be Phileas Fogg. Oct 8, 2012 - Inspiration for props, costume, etc... See more ideas about Around the world in 80 days, Victorian men, Victorian mens fashion. Phileas Fogg is the main character in'Around The World In Eighty Days'.

""Unlike you and your colleagues, money does not inspire me. The next morning, Fogg and Passepartout head out to the Royal Academy of Science where Mr. Fogg announces to all the ministers and lords of science; including his arch-nemesis; Lord Kelvin about the success of his early experiment. They depart in a hot-air balloon, chased by Fang's warriors and other French citizens. She learned that he had sold her arsenal to Fang in exchange for jade mines in China; thanks to one of his aides.

Whilst on the Orient Express of Munich, Monique learns that Passepartout is trying to return the Jade Buddha back to his village and is travelling with Phileas to get there quickly. Phileas Fogg can design exclusively for your college, fun, exciting, and totally interactive events for your potential pupils to participate in. We look forward to reopening our fabled doors to you all in December – the most wondrous time of the year! 1 Personality 2 Role in the film 3 Trivia 4 Gallery Phileas has an ideal personality set for a protagonist; being a kind-hearted individual with a sense of humor. On the twenty-fourth day in Agra, India, in a train, Passepartout is seen telling Indian children stories about the famous "Ten Tigers of Canton"; including the most famous of them all, Wong Fei Hung while Fogg does some calculations. After years of training, dedication and hard work he is now Executive Assistant Bottle Washer. Then, Fogg storms out the house to continue his journey alone. Monique tells Passepartout to go after him because he would be lost but when Passepartout gets out, he finds Fogg captured and surrounded by Black Scorpion army soldiers.

Phileas feels he has lost, but the other two say they may still make it if they catch the next ship. Inventor, scientist, Passepartout's boss, future head minister of the Royal Academy of Science, and Monique's possible future husband

On the final eightieth day, after being launched by the catapult on their invention, they reach London where the machine falls apart and they crash in front of the Royal Academy.

When Monique learns of Phileas' ambition, she convinces them to take her with them.

I learnt of new cultures. Then, the Black Scorpion army general arrives to interrogate them about the whereabouts of the Jade Buddha. Understanding that the journey will take them to China, Passepartout sees this as an opportunity to travel faster and return home to protect it from his enemies. Source Personality

The students learn and become more confident whilst having a great time. They borrow a Police carriage and leave London after a confrontation with Inspector Fix, a corrupt officer hired by the Royal Academy of Science to stop them for "violating the city's new vehicle code.". "In short, no one was less communicative than this gentleman." The Phileas Fogg Theatre Company was started over 15 years ago and since become an integral part of the Dutch education system.

Made a friend. In the process, he insults Queen Victoria, who is nearby listening. Appearance We pride ourselves on providing not only a wonderful performance, but also an unforgettable interactive experience! After a few discussions about opinions of legends between Fogg and the children, the train is stopped by the British military. He was offered the opportunity to become Assistant Bottle Washer. When Lau Xing and Monique pass the alley, they find Phileas but they don't recognize him so they continue on. Occupation ""I'll take your wager!

Until then, you can purchase from our plethora of gift vouchers to have something to look forward when we reopen!

We are proud to have made a well-earned name for ourselves within English departments and the bilingual education system across the Netherlands.

Phileas Fogg: *neat freak, loves repetitive patterns, routine, order and precision* ... She was the inspiration behind Katherine’s character in the first place.


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