ph1 homebody lyrics english
I’m a homebody 뱃속 알람 맞춰 시키는 밥 I’m a homebody ya

Staying home today, bameun wassneunde Staying home today

I’m busy being lonely Thanks for visiting.

but I’ll still school you I’m a homebody ya moreuneun eorinnomiji

In my belly neoege munjareul bonaessji My life’s a party

joyonghi jinaesseo, Living inside 잼난건 집에서 baessok allam majchwo sikineun bap I don’t need to cheat I don’t wanna see

잠은 안 올 때

free as a bird

꼼짝을 안 하는 곰이지 Please support the artists by purchasing their album I meet nobody cuz

do what the loons do

jaemnangeon jibeseo damen naega bap sa, bappi umjigimyeo saneun salm

숙면이 답인 듯 해서 또 잠 누가 부르지 않으면 gwiyeoun sajingwa hamkke Crazy is normal Genre : Rap / Hip-hop

and I called nobody pyeongsoe yeonrak hanbeon an hadeon aega I got too many thoughts and too many problems 숙면이 답인 듯 해서 또 잠 친구가 불러 난 아직 졸려 My life’s a party and I called nobody I’m a homebody I’m a homebody … geunde jamkkan naega kkamppakhan 오늘 보는 건 무리야 oneul boneun geon muriya I’m a homebody ya

Simon Dominic, MUSHVENOM).

too many problems

밤에 자기 심심할 때만, 그래 맞아 난 나밖에

sukmyeoni dabin deut haeseo tto jam Giriboy – Crack On My Screen (Feat. kkomjjageul an haneun gomiji

and I called nobody

busy being home I’m a homebody nan ajik jollyeo 근데 잠깐 내가 깜빡한 I meet nobody, 밤은 왔는데 the best you ever heard

I want you to like me

naneun geoui mwo sikmuringan Paloalto), Jackson Yee – Qin Ai De, Zhe Li Mei You Yi Ge Ren, pH-1 – Okay (Feat. and my room stays smelly Yes I’m a nerd All content in this blog is for educational purposes and personal use only.

생각 안 하고 딱 하루만 I want you to like me

aipon nae danjjak 난 이제 경고 둘이야, I don’t wanna meet saenggak an hago ttak haruman Release Date : 2018-11-24 but always coming first Staying home today Then it’s chicken wing wings

담엔 내가 밥 사, 바삐 움직이며 사는 삶 You keep asking it / Don't take a whole Perc 내일까진 쉬겠어 Home Body Lyrics: DY Krazy / Diamond around / Baby, when I smash you, put your back in it / Get that first nut, then I'm back in it / Can you go deep?

조용히 지냈어, Living inside Then it’s chicken wing wings 평소에 연락 한번 안 하던 애가 But you don’t like me too many problems pH-1 – Homebody Hangul.

pH-1 lyrics - 51 song lyrics sorted by album, including "TELÉFONO", "Malibu", "Homebody".

But you don’t like me bame jagi simsimhal ttaeman, geurae maja nan nabakke Homebody Lyrics: They say that I'm wasted potential / Meant to make my days all eventful / But sometimes I can't help but stay at home / Took on buds to cope with my mental / She says that I'm kind Language : Korean, I got too many thoughts and 늦어 내 답장

and my room stays smelly

ring ring ring ring But you don’t like me donggongeun banjjak I just wanna be neujeo nae dapjang 요즘 걍 숨쉬며

pH-1 – Homebody Lyrics Genre : Rap / Hip-hop Release Date : 2018-11-24 Language : Korean. yojeum gyang sumswimyeo But you don’t like me dijeoteuneun gom jelli 아이폰 내 단짝 My life’s a party

my life is on the line

please never ever call me, I got too many thoughts and KLyrics is a blog that provides you with the latest K-Pop and C-Pop with translations. nan ije gyeonggo duriya. 나는 거의 뭐 식물인간 너에게 문자를 보냈지 nuga bureuji anheumyeon jameun an ol ttae In my belly 귀여운 사진과 함께 선약이 하나 있어 I’m a homebody 동공은 반짝 seonyagi hana isseo Staying home today, I’m a homebody ya

naeilkkajin swigesseo pH-1 – Homebody Lyrics I’m a homebody 모르는 어린놈이지 chinguga bulleo 디저트는 곰 젤리 난 아직 졸려 친구가 불러 Yea I’m prolly


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