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I felt something in my hand it was cold but soft. Artemis loves Alexia, and Thalia deserves it for her part in fighting Kronos and her deeds up until now," he said. Fiona got back in her evil groove. I've just never thought of it as a possibility. Her hair was neon pink with dark pink highlights giving the daughter of Ares a rather clownish look. Artemis snapped her fingers and Percy appeared. Your review has been posted. I can't stress that enough. "That wasn't a hit, it was a high-five in the face." She instantly blushed when the hand touching her breast rubbed her nipple again, and moaned when the fingers give it a light tug. Work Search: Selene and Helios didn't want to marry each other, but Kronos' word was law. Hera has suffered through centuries of Zeus's constant cheating and believes that no-one can relate to her pain. Artemis was brushing Alexia's hair while the girl slept next to Thalia. With help from heroes and friends that Percy never knew existed, can he stop the evil that threatens the entire galaxy?

"He is coming. I felt better as I talked of Travis and Connor Stoll prank on the Aphrodite cabin, as the hunters hated Aphrodite kids this had to be a good story to tell to them, I talked of the results. On the other hand, I also heard he gave one of his rare sincere apologies and helped her get better while we were gone, and every time someone mentions his name, she blushes. But all of this changes when he meets a certain silver-eyed goddess. She kept to her oath to the end and she died a hero, then she got lucky and found love, and was given a second chance at life. I shot her an evil glance at the Puke part. Artemis smiled sadly, until she heard Alexia mutter in her sleep. "You are ours, Alexia," Artemis said as she lightly nibbled on the girl's neck.

By: DarkPrince23. Cast into the abyss of Khaos for false crimes, The hero accepts his fate. This is a one-on-one lemon shot of Percy Jackson and Hera. Set in ancient times.

Only for Alexia to have the magma hands envelop their bodies and fill them.

Her leggings were pulled off, and her legs were spread. "Truth or dare Thalia?" I will... YOU WILL BECOME THE DUST ON WHICH I SPIT!" She never talked in her sleep.

"Be silent, boy. Suddenly a guffy voice asked "Thalia, do you guys have tea" All of us jumped or straighten a little and turned to see Percy standing there in a black hoodie, black gloves, denim jeans, and he had a emotion-less expression. Waking up was a struggle as I could see flashing lights then sirens invaded my senses. It was always somewhere different. This is a collection of ideas and prophecies for potential writers lacking inspiration. "Will you do the honors of bringing him here My Lady?" With That Phoebe pulled out her knives and chased Thalia out of camp, the other hunter's followed too see the fight that was just counting down to exploded into …

Phoebe looked hopeful. Read at your own risk.

Nature itself screamed, and a silver arrow knocked Kronos's blade out of his hand. The world beneath it shook. "You know I'm taken, right?" "Kronos has brought Nakamura, and Heracles Finnegan is with them. Fiona stuttered.

When her mission goes wrong, Kronos forces a captured Thalia Grace to become his new bride and the Rebellion must turn to their estranged Roman family.

That's Perseus' art book. With the help of Loki, Asgard fell, but what fate did not see was the birth of the secret child, Perseus, born of Thor and the queen of the Greek Gods, Hera. or an even more unlikely romance? Wildlife and animals now rule the world, monsters roam the lands, and it was all the hunters can do to just survive and continue. The second part of "Percy Jackson Requests" comment your prompts here!!! "I dare you to say your true love's name out-loud." Still I muttered "My stomach act is gone". She had to wake up, she was Annabeth, she was the love of my life, she had to get up, she had to be all right… she just had to be, I need her. Artemis cursed "damn my stomach already hurt". What if Percy Jackson was a clear-sighted mortal born in ancient Greece.

Alexia's leggings were slid down by a pair of slender hands and she gasped as they trailed over her most sacred place. The goddesses reappeared in the throne room, and Alexia was leaping at Kronos before she'd even solidified. "What should we give the Alexia and Thalia," Zeus asked the room as soon as Apollo sat down. I swear, ever since Zoë warned me about Fiona in the Underworld, she's been showing more and more signs of a thief. After the giant war Annabeth chooses godhood over percy, feeling used and betrayed by everyone Percy uses his wish to live a life without gods. Everyone got goofy little smiles, because I never really act girly. Percy Jackson for short. "I think I could give it a shot," the demigod said as Alexia made a very quiet moan. Maybe now your sister can relax," he said after he gave it thought. Luke lay dying, speaking in hushed tones to Annabeth. A bolt of pure black lightning streaked across the sky at speeds faster than light, leaving a black ring around the Earth's sky, and the bolt of lightning slammed into Kronos and exploded.

With most men dead and only a few groups of women scattered around the world, humanity has fallen from its throne. I got the response I was hoping for as every single Hunter, Artemis included, laughed themselves Silly. It was just a peck on the lips, but it meant way more than that." "Immortality. Percy Jackson and his Demigods, Goddesses, & Mortals. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Summary: Reading about Percy Jackson, join his story when he doesn't make it out of the pit ... Phoebe (Percy Jackson) Gaia (Percy Jackson) Koios (Percy Jackson) Oceanus (Percy Jackson) Poseidon (Percy Jackson) Hades (Percy Jackson) Hera (Percy Jackson) Demeter (Percy Jackson) "What are your plans for project P in the Underworld? "Truth or dare Phoebe?" Reyna would risk everything if she fell for a girl like Thalia- friends, power, scholarships.If Thalia lets Reyna in, she loses her shield, her control, her reputation. Alexia moaned as her low D-cup breasts were gently kissed and caressed, before she moaned loudly as a mouth attached to her left breast, sucking and gently nibbling on it. I may or may not have had a crush on you since we were kids.

Artemis' eyes got wide, and she grabbed the art book, hiding it under her bed. I kinda thought it would solidify the Pertemia in the storyline. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. Story adopted from PLpanda. This story is a Percy Harem, Percy is BISEXUAL in this so he has both Guys and Girls in his harem who he will love. 108 words according to's insane doc manager word count. "Truth or dare Thalia?" Phoebe acted quickly and grabbed a bucket from under my desk, usually used for transporting water, she held it out and I grabbed it. The thought brought a happy smile to her face as she slipped back into sleep. He stated "hey Thalia". Artemis smirked. She never told me her plan for breaking him out, but I'm willing to help her. When Percy fell into the icy water, he couldn't handle the cold and passed out. Pretty much permanent hiatus. "Will you do the honors of bringing him here My Lady?" Artemis snapped her fingers and Percy appeared. This story takes place when Percy, Frank, and Hazel were in Alaska battling Alcyoneus. Out of jealousy, anger and envy, Percy Jackson was betrayed by the ones he called friends.

I didn't want to, I didn't feel right around them, this was a group for girls that hate men, and I was a man. Pairing: Percy/Artemis/the Hunt. Alexia crouched, and growled. Slowly I stood up, my head spun as everything blurred, I seemed to fall sides but Phoebe caught me and helped me out of my tent as I gripped the bucket closer, as my stomach continued to torment me as I was dizzy and was most likely walking like a drunk. AU, Titan-Victory. Also Shelby nothing happened to her, it was a reference to the first book. "Truth." With a mighty roar that could cow even the Nemean Lion, Alexia's body exploded into light.

So Artemis, Chloe, Fiona, Phoebe, Alyssa, a visiting Zoë, and I are playing our own game while the others play theirs. Je suis allé sur terre pour vivre une vie normale, mais je me suis réincarné en fils de Poséidon. LEMON WARNING!

This won't be cliche Guardian story, It will be crazy. Phoebe wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Her secret is no longer her own, Perseus Jackson knows it as well. Artemis whispered in my ear. Before we met Annabeth. Percy Jackson isn't just a demigod. Oh well.

Percy turned a god after the war on Gaea after losing his mortal connections. Fiona burst out. Then she noticed Thalia had a blush on her face as well, even though she was supposed to be sleeping. "All Hail Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, Childbirth, Maidenhood, the Hunt, and Speed," she said. Zoë redirected everyone's attention. The goddess let her son pass, but stopped his companions when they attempted to follow him. With his barely existent presence in camp, the hunter's adjusted quickly to having him around or more his shadow, but those who knew him before the daughter of Athena's death, wonder if the Percy of 16 was gone forever, and this shadow was all thats left. 葛瑞斯(Thalia Grace)与自己性转的水仙CP※ 首发于2015年1月发表于百度贴吧,现在放到AO3存档※ 时间点大概位于奥林匹斯英雄系列\混血營英雄英雄系列(the Heroes of Olympus)最后一本奥林匹斯之血\英雄之血(the Blood of Olypus)之后. YALL READY FOR A WILD RIDE CUZ HERE WE FUCKING GOCOMMENT YOUR REQUEST NOW!!!! "Thalia," Alexia cried out suddenly, vanishing in a burst of green light, taking Artemis with her on accident and shocking the gods that had saw it. She stopped her stomping ash she looked at me and asked "your looking a little green, are you sick?" Everyone went into a fit of giggles. "I dare you to high-five Fiona.

"Father is dead. I commanded Thalia "Bring Percy here for dinner". A wave of gold energy threw her off him and into the throne room doors, and Kronos was at Thalia again, his blade raised once more. It may not have been deadly, but it must've been painful. Poseidon flashed onto Olympus, his blade in hand. Chaos snorted as she watched Ouranos pick his heir. The acid quickly ate through their teeth and tongues, before Alexia vanished it and tore their eyes out with no precision at all. Percy Jackson was taken as a baby from the hospital and experimented on through out his life. It was our end, it was going to end, we lived longer then most so that was a blessing. The elevator dinged, and Alexia noticed three people stepping out.

Phoebe looked nervous. Bits added and other bits rewritten. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". The awkward silence continued tell phoebe asked "Percy, why are you eyes all red". Thalia grimaced at Percy "what have you done?" She idly wondered if they would notice that she wasn't wearing anything under her outfit. Both deities were electrocuted immediately, but Alexia's hands found purchase on the skin of Kronos's host, wrapping around his throat as both of them were repeatedly struck by lightning. "Truth or dare Alyssa?" Chloe asked innocently. I decided it would be the smarter decision. How much more would it hurt if you gave that person another chance only to be betrayed once again? With help from heroes and friends that Percy never knew existed, can he stop the evil that threatens the entire galaxy? I mean Luke." The fire we always had going in the middle of the camp was still blazing even with it being early in the morning, Phoebe maneuvered me to one of the logs just in time for me to hurl in the bucket again. I noticed no one was glaring except Phoebe but that was directed at Thalia.


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