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- Wednesday is too close to Friday to really feel like a brand new episode. But before that, they spend 25 minutes having a convo with an incredible dude and comedian that Todd’s been wanting to talk to for some time. Enjoy. The guys also hand out their stooges and sellaht's of the week, investigate a new dating app that encourages men with small penises to join, and gear up for another round of Digs Debates which include arguments about who is better, Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan, or would you rather be stranded in the ocean or space with 10 days of supplies and rations. MovementSunglasses - Get 15% off with free shipping and free returns by going to Todd also wants to know what faction or group of people the guys would choose to lead from any time period.

Download the app and use the promo code HEARTLAND for $10 off your first SeatGeek purchase. Hear the audio that matters most to you. It's a good time, come join us. On today’s show, the guys have the honor of sitting down with two true American heroes, Scott Neil and Bob Pennington, the real-life Green Berets portrayed in the movie, “12 Strong,” starring Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon. Todd also wants to know which three celebrities, living or dead, the guys would choose to have wings and beer with, they play some fact or fiction, answer some listener questions, and end the show with some vitamin thoughts. If you're not familiar with Dan Cummins, he's an incredibly talented standup comedian who's appeared on Comedy Central, Conan, The Tonight Show and The Late Late Show. On today's show, the guys welcome back our Canadian pal, Gump.

Don't forget to send in your questions to @ThePodPMI on Twitter and Instagram, and if you're not already, make sure you subscribe to for more content. They also go through the PodFod and discuss the perfect way to make a smore, a couple of new Netflix suggestions, what pre 20th century country they'd best survive in, Pat drops in to give an update on the heat wave in Indiana that is going to force a few unforeseen changes to his wedding, Bill comes in and throws out a few wild accusations, and the guys learn that Zito needs to drink A LOT more water and wants everyone to send him health tips. Stay safe, and enjoy.

Come and join us. Go to and get a whole year of access to Babbel for as low as $3.50 a month. Todd wants to know what kind of app the guys would each create if they had an unlimited budget, and what they would call the app. Today's a fun one, come and have a good time with us. Don’t forget that St. Paddy’s day merch is now available on, and we’re opening the search for a new original theme/intro so DM submissions to @ThePodPMI on Twitter and Instagram. If the pod was released Tuesday morning it would have a bit more relevance to what happened over the weekend and give more depth to the episodes, Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, Heartland Radio: Presented by The Pat McAfee Show. Keep sending in questions to @ThePodPMI on twitter and instagram, and have a good weekend. The Pat McAfee Show 2.0 podcast on demand - On The Pat McAfee Show 2.0, Pat McAfee and his friends deliver one of a kind opinions that won't be heard anywhere else. Enjoy. The second half of this episode features an interview with paranormal investigator Dave Schrader and psychic medium Cindy Kaza. The guys also answer video questions from the people of The Pod, rifle through some news stories, and address Tyson Fury vs. Deontae Wilder, poor waitressing, bars eliminating copper mugs for Moscow Mules, the efficacy of using Q-tips, and Zito is currently in the market for a new car. They also discuss The Pub moving into a new home and having to deal with unruly neighbors, Connor is spending his entire  expected stimulus check on purchasing Rock Band, the meat shortage that might be coming, whether Kim Jong-Un is actually dead, and try to decide between Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra in their primes. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 31 octobre 2020 à 21:58. Does he have any chance? Leesa Mattress - Get 15% off a Leesa Hybrid mattress and two free pillows by using the URL and using the promo code HEARTLAND at checkout.

Send in your music submissions to the show @ThePodPMI on Instagram and Twitter, and St. Paddy’s day merch is still 20% off with promo code WINSTPADDYS at Pat gives a rundown about his run-in with the NCAA his rookie year with the Colts and how they continually to be the most short-sighted corporation in the world.

Check out DAZN for video of this podcast, The Pat McAfee Show 2.0, or The Pat McAfee Show radio simulcast. This episode features @toddmccomas, @PatMcAfeeShow, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @HeyGorman, @VivalaZito, @evanfoxy, and @robertkelly. The guys also cover Jock Jams and uncover the truth about Gary Glitter, waiting until the last minute to plan Pat's charity golf outing (which is tomorrow), talk about the release of today's new OCW (Mexican Celebration), talk about the white kid who smashed the amateur 100m dash record, which snowballs into a conversation about Oscar Pistorius, try to decide what is the appropriate amount of time before people can start discussing spoilers from Avengers: End Game without having to worry about someone knocking your teeth out, and Gorms checks in on an Italian man from Pennsylvania who had a rough time accepting a break up.


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