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as his next project, Spielberg couldn’t shake the idea of the small family besieged by otherworldy forces, so he shifted the concept from space to the paranormal and rewrote it as Poltergeist. This movie he was currently working on was full of violence and adventure and an element of horror, so the director began to feel that he had gotten it out of his system. [3], While Baker worked on the aliens, Spielberg was having second thoughts about Night Skies. While Sayles finished putting together a script that was referred to as “Straw Dogs with aliens” and Baker began working on the initial creature designs, Spielberg began to search for a director, knowing that he was contracted with Universal and would not be able to direct it himself. Rick Baker, who had spent several months and $700,000 building the creatures for the film, was furious. This is a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where we will be looking at the best, most interesting, and at times most unbelievable horror movies that never happened. Rick Baker built a working prototype of the lead alien that cost $70,000 and thrilled Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy when they saw a videotape of it while filming Raiders in London. Join the Wicked Horror Staff.

Click Here! One of the visitors to the set of Raiders was Harrison’s girlfriend and future wife, The Black Stallion screenwriter Melissa Mathison. Horror Writers Wanted! "), Although Night Skies as a film would never reach production status, it helped inspire not only E.T., but also Poltergeist (which had a family terrorized by paranormal forces and Spielberg hired Tobe Hooper to direct), Spielberg and Mathison's proposed E.T. In the late 1970s, Steven Spielberg was developing a script called Watch the Skies, which functioned as a sort of sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Written by John Sayles, it was the antithesis of the feel-good CE3K formula - basically, When Aliens Go Bad. Each should be fascinating in its own way, because the stories of movies that never see the light of day can sometimes be even more interesting than the stories of those that do. Throughout [the production of] Raiders, I was in between killing Nazis and blowing up flying wings and having Harrison Ford in all this high serialized adventure, I was sitting there in the middle of Tunisia, scratching my head and saying, 'I've got to get back to the tranquillity, or at least the spirituality, of Close Encounters.'" Instead, he came up with a horror film treatment for a Close Encounters follow-up initially titled Watch the Skies (which had also been a working title for Close Encounters). ), Critters (which had a farm family terrorized by cattle-mutilating aliens), Signs, and Spielberg's War of the Worlds adaptation. While on the set of Raiders, Spielberg read the Night Skies script to Melissa Mathison (who was there to see her then-boyfriend and future husband Harrison Ford) and she cried after hearing it because "the idea of an alien creature who was benevolent, tender, emotional and sweet... and the idea of the creature's striking up a relationship with a child who came from a broken home was very affecting". (y), Spielberg/Cameron/Zemeckis: the Empire interview, War Horse 'to begin shooting in August on Dartmoor'. Night Skies is an unproduced science fiction horror film that was in development in the late 1970s.

II: Nocturnal Fears (which had malicious, animal-mutilating cousins of E.T.

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Spielberg began … 's success with 1984's The Brother from Another Planet, a socio-political take on the story of a benevolent alien stranded on Earth. When Spielberg went on to direct Raiders of the Lost Ark, he began to have second thoughts about Night Skies. Rick Baker, who had spent $700,000 on unused Night Skies designs, models and animatronics, had a huge fight with Spielberg, which led to Carlo Rambaldi (who had previously done alien creature designs for Close Encounters) doing creature designs for E.T.. John P. Veitch (then-president of Columbia's worldwide productions) and Frank Price (then president of Columbia) were also unhappy with the emergence of E.T. In February 1981 (six months after Columbia's desire for a Close Encounters follow-up had been fulfilled by Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Special Edition), Columbia put the Night Skies/E.T. Night Skies script. Would love a chance to read this. "I might have taken leave of my senses. After that movie proved to be a huge success, Columbia wanted a sequel put on the fast track. Much appreciating your response. project in turnaround. Sometimes these will be productions that never came together at all, sometimes they will original incarnations that were completely different from what we wound up with. The link is expired :) My email address is Advertise With Wicked Horror. Kasdan, however, was already knee-deep in writing The Empire Strikes Back, so he could not lend a hand. In mid-1980, Sayles delivered his first (and, in the end, only) draft of the screenplay, which featured five aliens (cut down from the original eleven) including the aforementioned Scar, Squirt, and Buddy, who was kind and befriended the human family's autistic son.

He wanted Night Skies to be a change Spielberg at first wanted Lawrence Kasdan to flesh out his Watch the Skies treatment into a fully-fledged script, but Kasdan was too busy writing The Empire Strikes Back, so Spielberg turned to John Sayles (who had written Joe Dante's Roger Corman-produced Jaws spoof Piranha, which Spielberg had loved). [2] He had no interest in a sequel, but also did not want Columbia to make a sequel without him, as Universal Pictures had done with Jaws. (Veitch later said that "I think that year we made more on that picture than we did on any of our films. project from Columbia, repaying them the $1 million that had been used thus far to develop the project and making a deal in which Columbia would retain 5% of the film's net profits. In Spielberg's original treatment for Watch the Skies, eleven malicious extraterrestrial scientists try to communicate with chickens, cows, and other livestock in an attempt to discover which of Earth's animal species are sentient, before turning their unwelcome attentions on the human family and dissecting their farm animals. He didn’t want to move onto something even scarier, he wanted something that would take him back to the inspirational, spiritual tone of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Sayles even named one of the aliens Scar (a character who was said to be "a real badass") after a Comanche Indian badguy in the John Wayne film The Searchers. Addeddate 2016-10-23 05:04:03 Identifier NightSkies Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t9s22xs86 Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. plus-circle Add Review. Knowing he’d be able to make a more inspirational outing with E.T. [2] Spielberg based the story on the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, where a Kentucky family claimed that they had been terrorized by gremlin-like aliens. A round-up of the latest Steven Spielberg developments. I have been wanting to give it a read. and did not want to make "a wimpy Walt Disney movie". The leader of the extraterrestrials is the malicious Scar, who kills farm animals simply by touching them, his bony finger emitting a strange sort of glow. ET, Spielberg, John Sayles, Rick Baker Collection opensource Language English.

Despite the fact that they were in the middle of production, Baker was fascinated by the concept and agreed to craft the monsters for the picture. I don’t have an actual Spielberg script, but I do have a script he developed with John Sayles titled, “Night Skies.” Genre: Sci-Fi Premise: A rural family must fight off a group of pesky aliens who invade their house. Instead, material developed at the time was used in Poltergeist and E.T. [citation needed], Unproduced science fiction horror film conceived by Steven Spielberg, Learn how and when to remove this template message. Reach 250,000+ A Month on Display, Mobile, OTT VOD Apps and Video, Worst to First: Ranking the Fright Night Franchise, Zoo is a Compelling and Dark Love Story [Review]. Spielberg was hesitant, not really having the desire to do a direct sequel to a project he felt didn’t need one, but he agreed to take part because he didn’t want the sequel to move forward without his involvement as had recently been done with Jaws 2. Spielberg did not have time to write the screenplay himself, so he requested that Lawrence Kasdan do the treatment. Sayles, meanwhile, riffed on E.T. Tobe Hooper agreed to direct it, Spielberg’s original concept became two of the biggest hits of the early ‘80s, and the rest is history. Welcome to Script to Pieces!

Hey, is there any chance this is still something the original blogger still has in his files in 2018? Fueling Hollywood rumors about the film, NASA announced that Spielberg paid to reserve cargo space for the 1980 inaugural Space Shuttle flight, in order to film the Earth and its Moon from orbit for the film's opening sequence. In addition to contributing to Wicked Horror, Nathaniel Brehmer has also written for Horror Bid, HorrorDomain, Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, We Got This Covered, and more. Spielberg stated that he would produce Watch the Skies but not direct it, as he was under contract to direct his next film for Universal.

Most of the other aliens follow his lead, except Buddy. Love Real Life Ghost Hunting Shows? The film was scheduled to begin shooting after Spielberg returned from filming Raiders of the Lost Ark. With Baker gone, it fell on Carlo Rambaldi to create the now iconic friendly alien: E.T. The unmade script for Night Skies. Spielberg at first wanted Lawrence Kasdan to flesh out his Watch the Skies treatment into a fully-fledged script, but Kasdan was too busy writing The Empire Strikes Back, so Spielberg turned to John Sayles (who had written Joe Dante's Roger Corman-produced Jaws spoof Piranha, which Spielberg had loved).

Although they reported the color as grey, press coverage changed it to green, thus resulting in the moniker “little green men” that has persisted ever since. He currently lives in Florida with his wife and his black cat, Poe. Sid Sheinberg (Spielberg's long-time friend and then-president of MCA, the then-parent company of Universal Studios) bought the Night Skies/E.T. He wanted Night Skies to be a change of pace. To create the menacing little aliens for the film, Spielberg went to Rick Baker, who was currently working with John Landis creating the groundbreaking effects for An American Werewolf in London. We Want To Finance Your Film.

Script to Pieces: Steven Spielberg’s Night Skies (The Original Idea That Went on to Become Two of the Biggest Features of the ’80s), Brand-New Don’t Breathe Clip Is Chest-Constrictingly Tense, Producer Of IT Remake Compares Upcoming Movie To Stranger Things. Steven Spielberg came up with the idea for Night Skies in the late 1970s when Columbia Pictures wanted a sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Does Your Horror Feature or Short Need Worldwide Distribution? Watch the Skies was renamed Night Skies because someone owned the rights to the words "watch the skies" (which was the last line in The Thing from Another World). Horror Movie Kids We’d Love to See as Adults, Script to Pieces: Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibals, Seven Gruesome Scenes from Relatively Tame Movies, Script to Pieces: George A. Romero’s Resident Evil, Toolbox Murders (2004) is Significantly Better than the Original [Editorial]. Spielberg suggested that Tobe Hooper, best known for directing and co-writing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, direct the film. He has also had fiction published in Sanitarium Magazine, Hello Horror, Bloodbond and more.

cinefex: Turn on the Heartlight, Inside E.T. You Know You Want It! Instead, he befriends one member of the family: a small boy.

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