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Hear from Microsoft, Zappos, Airbnb, Dropbox and more.

Prospa sets out to serve global diaspora of African entrepreneurs. document.write ("'>"); For our team members, it’s important to be part of something bigger. (604) 328-7093 Your email address will not be published. TELUS International announces plan to acquire Competence Call Center to enhance scale, European presence and digitally-integrated solutions portfolio TI expands into Bulgaria and Romania gaining immediate access to global multilingual CX talent. “Poland is one of the most attractive regions in Europe" for digital payments. Torre Pradera-Xela “Our employee and customer first culture connects our global iLabs team members, empowering them to collaboratively solve customer challenges with a design-thinking approach and a commitment to driving value and return on investment,” said Mike Ringman, CIO of TELUS International. By using a proven design process, we move efficiently from analysis to design to development to implementation to evaluation, all while ensuring a continuous focus on meeting requirements. TELUS International now holds a 100% interest in CCC. Specializing in fast-growing tech brands, Voxpro expands our locations in the U.S. and enables our CX centers in Ireland. We understand how to grow and develop team members to drive positive CX. COVID-19: Learn how we’re supporting communities and helping Canadians stay connected. Benefit from our award-winning learning solutions. More than your average chatbot. Guatemala City, 20 Calle 25-05 Zona 10 See how top brands use our intelligent bot platform to enhance their CX operations. To meet client demands for onshore support and Spanish-language requirements, TI refurbishes a 100,000 sq ft. facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. We work hard to ensure our team members remain engaged. TI continues to launch TELUS Days of Giving events globally, first in Manila and now in Central America, to live up to its parent company’s accolades as the “Most Philanthropic Company in the World” according to AFP.

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Choosing a partner to move forward with can be difficult. Discover TELUS International’s Learning Excellence Solutions and how we can empower your support teams to deliver exceptional customer service. Hands down, our culture is our competitive advantage. Transform your learning from a passive experience to an active engagement that includes a variety of training methodologies to maximize learner engagement, subject matter retention and training stickiness. Hear from Microsoft, Zappos, Airbnb, Dropbox and more.

Our TELUS Days of Giving and “we give where we live” philosophy expand to Europe with their first annual events.

Guatemala’s favorable economic and political climate along with its modern infrastructure and strong telecom services, have contributed to the country’s business stability and success. if (document.mmm_fo) document.write ("&mmm_fo=1"); Investing in Transactel. TELUS International Central America offers numerous sites throughout El Salvador and Guatemala focused on operational excellence and customer satisfaction. '':''); Our dedicated KB writers create content that focuses on call flow and the steps required for resolution, while our flexible KB configurations enable customization to align with your desired brand experience. The company’s solutions cover customer experience, content moderation, digital transformation, work-from-home, IT lifecycle, advisory and digital consulting, trust & safety, and back-office support. Giving back is an essential part of our corporate DNA and the foundation of our caring culture. Yatta promises to help users navigate the “complexities” of financial decision making.

Our emphasis on the learner has helped us achieve some of the highest engagement scores and lowest industry attrition rates - all benefiting how we represent and sustain your brand in our centers.

What 15 years of digitisation & modernisation have gotten us from the consumer's point of view? Update from @rubyhinchliffe Well versed in contact center and customer care learning and development best practices, our instructional design experts can help build and refine your training materials to fully benefit today’s tech-savvy students. Tous les avis mondiaux pour TELUS International.,