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“People have continued calling in, showing up to the course looking to catch a glimpse of the guys filming, booking times to stay in the summer and fall, and reaching out for all kinds of inquiries,” Pursell says. “It was World War III,” Jerry says. GOLF.com and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF, How this entrepreneur built a brand chronicling golf challenges with his friends, Why Augusta National will forever remind me of a bond that will never be broken, 2020 Houston Open live coverage: How to watch Round 1 on Thursday, The story behind the Masters’ first-ever color-TV broadcast, The unthinkable feat Jack Nicklaus believes Bryson DeChambeau could pull off at the 2020 Masters, 16 takeaways from Brooks Koepka's hysterical Instagram state of the union, WATCH: 5-year-old boy hits a fanny-tastic shot right at his mom, WATCH: If you can't stand the heat, stay out of this kitchen golf course, WATCH: Bryson DeChambeau's terrifying trick shot will make you cringe, British Open champion Francesco Molinari already has his retirement planned out, WATCH: Trick shot artist Wesley Bryan pulls off lefty chip shot in competition at Sony Open, WATCH: Man takes driver to the groin when trick shot goes horribly wrong, Wesley Bryan plays speed golf, finishes final round in just 89 minutes, WATCH: Jon Rahm shows off a 'squat flop shot' on the range. Garrett didn’t ask anything about golf, focusing on more important matters. The ensuing summer he didn’t play dozens of junior tournaments, as he always had, focusing instead on creating fun videos.

Eric Michael Savage / Nobody Loves Jet Lag. Now I’m the one coming to him for advice.”. parents were baffled.

It was one night in particular, at the PGA Show in Orlando in January 2015, when the magnitude of the moment hit George, who slumped on a couch and muttered, “I can’t believe this is real.”.
though he had his skeptics. Garrett was an accomplished junior golfer, a gifted scrambler who once won a tournament by shooting a closing 68 despite hitting only two fairways.

29 talking about this. If he messes up when he’s talking, he just laughs about it and moves on. (Each has his own thriving YouTube channel.) eight ads, ka-ching, ka-ching) is what they aren’t: no exotic GM Golf is active on Instagram but that is merely a brand builder Asked why he thinks the videos resonate, Garrett says, “All we’re trying to do followers. My mom was continuously saying to my dad, ‘How is this a Among those who have been monitoring Garrett’s rise are the Bryan Bros. With professional golf on hiatus Wesley and George have been holed up in South Carolina creating content that looks a lot like GM Golf. His Instagram audience began to build. remain authentic.”. There is no profanity. Well, he made that in a heartbeat. a chuckle. In January 2014, Wes and George Bryan were driving home to Columbia, S.C., from Orlando, where they had auditioned for The Big Break, when Wes happened upon a video on YouTube of a golfer throwing his ball in the air and smashing it before it touched the ground. Along the way, Garrett’s impact continues to grow. “We always thought of ourselves as much more than trick-shot artists but we got to that space first and it defined us pretty quickly.”, The Bryans’ weekly matches have become a hit in these golf-starved times and they’re now up to 47,000 YouTube subscribers. group of likable kids playing golf at a high level and having a good time.

Gilliland, who became Garrett’s agent earlier this year. When it reached 100 views, they decided to do another video. Now I’m just trying to be myself.”, George recently filmed a match against Garrett and Micah. They might have a traditional match or ornate game of H-O-R-S-E or play a round with only one club or all of their clubheads wrapped in 100 layers of duct tape. In one charming half-hour tale, Garrett went to a thrift store, bought a golf bag and set of irons for the grand total of $3.81 and then went out and played nine holes in four over par. “I had a ton of questions about social media and how they built their brand,” he says. I’ve always tried to be too perfect on-camera.
If he made that, I would be a believer. There are a lot of people out there who just love golf, and if the people on screen are having fun, the audience will find you.” Both Bryan brothers suddenly seem more relaxed on camera, which George ascribes to having studied Garrett: “He’s a fun, quirky individual. Garrett matriculated to Kansas Community College to play for the golf team but felt stifled; his content creation went fallow because so much time was spent on trivial things like academics and team practice. “I really questioned if people would watch half an hour of a golf match when there’s nothing at stake,” George says. I threw out the biggest number I could think of: $60,000. College can wait.’”. deal with Garrett even though he only shaves about once a month,” Jerry says with “My childhood dream was to be a YouTuber.” The financial success of Bryan Bros. allowed Wes and George to focus on their dreams of reaching the PGA Tour, and when George came to Kansas City for a Web.com event, Garrett sought him out. One thing led to another and Bryan Bros. is have fun, stay true to ourselves, make the kind of content we enjoy and Built our own green in our backyard. “YouTube is where the money is,” says “Racy content might get you views in the short-term but it costs you partnerships.”), What’s striking about the videos (which are embedded with seven or The production quality of the videos is simple but clean, with occasional surprising touches, but the key is Garrett himself: a good-looking kid with a sweet swing and slightly goofy presence who, crucially, never appears to be trying too hard. Off-camera, they talked a lot of shop. “I asked Garrett a bunch of questions about YouTube,” George says. real job?’”. The Bryans are playing weekly matches and filming instructional pieces, which they upload to YouTube, and otherwise retrenching.

Garrett Clark capturing footage on a recent shoot at Pursell Farms. Deals with Callaway, Lexus, Bose, GoPro and other big-time brands poured in.

“I knew there was some value embedded in what Garrett was doing but it also looked a lot like an 18-year-old kid sitting on the couch playing on a computer.” The argument stretched for days and finally Jerry said he would give his son his blessing only if Garrett could prove that making YouTube videos was a viable career.


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