mazhabi sikh surnames list
These Dera Ballan authorities are trying to brainwash the community that this is not the case, how sick are they. .

even general category has a lot of poor ppl who hav no means. You are disturting the truth by relying on your own prejudices and falsehood you have been fed by your parents and your jat friends. The urban Mazbhis have made social and economic progress over the years, and are very active in the Panjab Akali party (Sikh nationalist party).

It originates in the name of a clan within the Arora community. If we check population cessus before 1931 jatts have been mentioned as Sudras. Even mai bhi nai kisi ko jyada apni caste(rajput) ke baare mai taareef krta hun. Most ancient religion of India is Adi Dharam. Jatts talk about heritage because that is their way of saying that they don’t believe in caste but they believe in their heritage. As the 19th century drew to a close, untouchables such as the Mazhabis were still denied equal access to the gurdwara (places of worship) by their fellow Sikhs and during the early years of the 20th century members of the Arya Samaj tried to capitalise on this in their attempts to reconvert those groups to Hinduism.

He is deluded again about this false heritage.

Hi Kotosa/Satoko, what exactly you want to know? These women were meant to be sold in the slave markets of Dar al Islam areas of Central Asia. im jatt n do no respect chamars..but it is not true if we define ourself into caste rather than different last 50yrs every sechuled caste n other backward caste start using our Jatt surnames..which we didnt know this day until facebook more n more jats start getting educated ,we start knowing our history ,today most of jats know we have Scythian blood lineage n this already been proving in DNA testing..all DNA testing done on Jats hve found 98% of Jat males have highest no of Cascusinan n North east european blood which not find among any other castes of india.. we r not mention in any vedic history bcz we not living from time of vedic culture..Jats,Kamboj n Gujjars were last migrants on the land of indian sub contienent in region of North Sind n nosouth punjab ,who we r living only last 2500yrs..there was no chamars before birth of Guru Nanak in punjab ,wen Guru Nanak went to East india he brought 500 Chamar families with in him ,if u read Udasi of Guru Nanak u found clearly written in that.later 50000 slaves who were Chamars were brought into Punjab by british wen hunger n starvation hit india in 1870-90 n 30millon er castes hindu died that Jats surnames r 1000’s yrs older than migration of chamars into Sandhu Jatt surname is 1200yrs old so how can u people b one of us..u have austrico dravidian negriod blood we have Scythians ,our DNA r different than to yours ,u look different than to us by facial features,how can we r same..all brahmans r not Aryans ,50% Brahmans have dravidian blood.even Dr Ambedkar wrote Brahmans of Punjab have same blood as Chamars of Punjab.. this is really big issue which gonna burn down north west india into fire, we Jats r planning n wondering wat we have to do to stop u people by using our surnames.u will gonna see in next 10-15yrs it will b big issue.. are jatt kyu sade pde ho tum khattar sarkaar jindabaad jato ki fati padi hai kyu chamaro pe jor nikal reho apna. hum RAVIDASI hain thok ke kehte hain aur chuhe billion ki tarha nahi larte jab larte hain toh garzte hain, I feel proud because i m chamar nd i respect guru g, Bhai ji ‘pathania’ ko bhi add kar do we are.

This gotra is 600 years old jatt gotra.They are very kind and brave jatts.If anybody had doubt read the history book Vilayatpur ,In this book mention all the history of Punjab jatts. Shri Guru Ravidass Temple Sacramento. but later on came to know he was Dalit. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Page1330). What a joke. Read what the Guru Granth Sahib and the Gurus say on the subject. and i also luv chamars..instead of thinking that i m rajput. thankyou, lage rao cak de chamar bai bai de maddat karo, Chamar gandi ur asudh caste hai ur vo suchta se nahi rehti hai, Apni suddhta praman hai apke pas, per is traha ki neech hakat karke neechta ke praman diya hai apne. In March 1966, the Federation of Mazhabi Sikhs offered to support Arya Samaj and Jan Sangh in an agitation against the formation of the Jat Sikh-majority Punjabi Suba. Go to their websites and contact them. reservations on merit. This is the 21st century people, learn to unite and stop discriminating. Mein khud sharma brahmin kuri dee seal torhi a .hun oh sari umar chamar nu chete rakhu. Dr BR Ambedkar -Educate, Unite and Agitate. The opportunities are which means that vast men and women sometimes should get very {mixed up|mystified|unclear|, dhan dahan SATGURU RAVIDASS JI MAHARAJ JI. It’s a shame in your gurdwara they don’t teach you your history .

Bains I just want to end this by saying I love you all I hope one day guru nanak ji message becomes true for all of us and my highest respect to guru ravidass maharaj ji. each and every upper and lower cast should treat equally in every field. sir pls add SARANGAL,MEENIA OR{MAHINIA},ANGURALA,JANGRAL,JAREWAL, Is “Ramday” also a chamar surname.???? tell me please what are the different surnames of ramdasia caste. Their large numbers ensure that they now control the politics of Punjab and most Sikh institutions. Thesurnamehas its origin in the Sanskrit word “bhatta,” which means “lord.” It might even have a toponymic origin referring to individuals that originally belonged to the region called Bhattiana, situated across Punjab and Haryana.

If you have a list of names please feel free to submit it.

Take land, over 90% of the land in India is controlled by the thakurs, who are also in politics and business. i am a pure chammar of doaba punjab.i know that what is my religion . u may not have created this. Holy palace of Gotra bhatoa is situated at Pandoga ,Distt UNA in HP. . The 1/34th Sikh pioneers won the title of "Royal" during the Great war. These practices were of course anathema and scandalous to other Hindus and Sikhs.

The word Chamar is derived from Charmakar or leather tanner. This is the reason that even after new religions were adopted by some of them like Sikh , Muslim or Christians caste system was still practiced . Like bhardwaj, sandhu sidhu, bans etc mixed me lekin badpagga 1 sirname h jo ki sirf ravidasiyo ka hai jai gurdev. While Bhatias mostly did not even find a mention in recruitment manuals of Royal Indian Army, the Aroras were contemptuously dismissed with comments such as the following by the likes of Barstow : "The Arora, whether Sikh or Hindu, is generally unsuited for military service, and men of this class should never be enlisted except under special circumstances.". .

You abviously don’t know sikh history.

The surname has its origin in the name of a tribe from the Jatt community. Were they descended from the same stock as the Rajputs, they must have had the same set of section-names, and it is difficult to see why they should have abandoned these for less distinguished patronymics.

Reaction should be quick and Tit for Tat.

I’ve seen enough Jatt’s and enough Chamar’s. mar jao is gall nalu abbu badal liya j. Jai gurudev … I’m from ravidasia koam my surname bhoondpal it’s nd we are going our religion village himey distt.. banga bt I dnt get here my surname why.. nd our surname same jathere in kukar pind distt. Peshawer, Lahore and Amritsar are historical to the Mazhabis and also form the historical center of Sikhism. te nale hun asi apne aap nu kattar chamar dasde aa. Summan

I love someone but vo chamar hai. The British were greatly impressed by their superior physique and the martial and religious fervour imparted by Sikhism. 3.

Surnames represent you’re heritage and blood but you people acting like you’re from those families when you’re not. Instead the slave in India is proud to be a slaves and activley promotes himself as a chamar, ragharia, jatt etc, who were all sudras.

But i respect ravidasia community bcz these days it is progressive . I don’t believe that the ‘upper caste’ are to blame. 1. I agree with you 100% and there is nothing wrong with you following your family traditions, I think most people here do. Shri Guru Ravidass Maharaj Ki Jai! The ramifications of these Papal Bulls were felt until 1960s when many of the Americans Churches were still not fully desegregated and actively practiced discrimination against Christians of darker colour.


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