kerry stokes personal assistant
Kerry Stokes AC Chairman - Non-Executive Director. Mr Stokes was appointed to the Board on 25 September 2008, and became Chairman of Seven West Media Limited (formerly West Australian Newspaper Holdings Ltd) on 11 December 2008. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund. Mr Malone was appointed to the Board on 24 June 2015. Mr Ryan Stokes is Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Seven Group Holdings. Stokes is also well known for getting favours from politicians and government officials so for him getting inside information from the AFP wouldn’t be an issue. Chairman of Seven Media Group since December 2006. alleged war crimes committed by Ben Roberts-Smith,, the media have suggested is highly inappropriate, Westpac Bank fined $400 million for aiding and abetting paedophiles and another $900 million for money laundering. Mr Stokes was awarded Australia’s highest honour, the Companion in the General Division in the Order of Australia (AC) in 2008. He is also Chairman of Australian Capital Equity Pty Limited, which has substantial interests in media and entertainment, resources, energy, property, pastoral and industrial activities. Roberts Smith ran around Australia like a super hero after he was awarded the Victoria Cross [ Australia ], offering advice, opinion and guidance to all and sundry, from football teams to retired Senior Officers. Ms Dyson was appointed to the Board on 2 November 2017. Certainly the best piece you have done in many, many years! Mr Alexander is currently a director of listed company Crown Resorts Limited. Mick Keelty who was appointed by the government as Interim Inspector-General (IIG) for the Murray-Darling Basin later appointed Mr Jabbour to a government integrity role. Both Mick Keelty and Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan should face criminal charges and highly likely so should former deputy commissioner Ramzi Jabbour and if that was to happen Kerry Stokes at the very least would be a witness and possibly a suspect as Stokes has set up a legal and PR team to defend Ben Roberts-Smith. This ‘‘fog of war’’ rationalisation was famously refuted at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal’s judgment on the Nazi leadership in 1946; the Nuremberg Principles emphasised an individual combatant’s individual moral responsibility, specifically in relation to ‘‘killing of hostages’’ and ‘‘murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war’’.

There is no suggestion Mr Stokes endorsed the actions of Mr Keelty.” (Click here to read more). Since April 2017, Ms Chaplain has served as a member of the Australian Ballet board of directors. Director of Seven Group Holdings Limited since 24 November 2015. Director of JB Hi-Fi Limited since 28 April 2011. Mr Malone has been recognised with a raft of industry accolades, including 2012 Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, CEO of the Year in the Australian Telecom Awards and National Customer Service CEO of the Year in the CSIA’s Australian Service Excellence Awards. When Keelty made the public statement, he was throwing Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan under a bus and saying “if I go down so will you”. Before his appointment to APN Outdoor, Mr Warburton was the Chief Executive Officer of Supercars for five years. She has also advised the CSIRO, The Federal Innovation Council, and the business advisory boards of various Federal Trade and Investment Ministers and Australian Fashion Week. Mr Evans is the Executive Chairman of Evans Dixon Pty Ltd. Mr Evans established Evans and Partners Pty Ltd, the investment advisory company in June 2007. Member of the Audit & Risk Committee and member of the Remuneration & Nomination Committee. There sadly were some dills in the Veteran community who swallowed Smith’s propaganda and fakery, albeit to hang on his coat tails to big note themselves. Appointed a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday honours announced on 9 June 2008. SGH owns approximately 41 per cent of SWM.


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