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You need to find a few clues first. They will ask you to fetch two Bentos. Your second date with Amane should be when you should go to play darts. Snap some photos, job done. After some time passes speak to her again in Bar Tender then back again to Theater Square, then back to the bar. That wraps up our Judgment Side Case Guide. Talk to him and agree to spend 3000 yen to buy his Batting Gloves. Tail the couple, grab the shot and return. Finally, some of the Side Cases are scattered throughout the city itself. You need 30+ Reputation for this Side Case. (Friendship meter 33%), In order to trigger the continuation of Inose’s friendship progress, you have to start Yasuhiro Furuya's Friend Event first from the nearby Wette Kitchen branch get his friendship meter to 66%. After you get the Side Case head to your office and stand in the “wait” area. Go and Meet her at the usual spot in front of the Theater Square where she will ask you to sing with her. After you meet the client you will be tasked with solving a riddle. (Friendship meter 60%), Leave the area then return again after a short while to find the same youngsters hanging outside the ramen place. Dates can also go wrong if you decide on choosing the wrong answers or it the girl you are dating is not happy with your response. Doesn’t matter what option you choose, chase or not.

Location: Mantai Internet Cafe (Theater Square) Say that you looking forward to keeping seeing her.

The first time you get to hear about Nanami is when she texts you for the first time after the side case. Return to Tsukumo then to Poppo on Shichifuku Street. Location: Batting Center Regardless if you lose, you won’t lose any money and you’ll still completely befriend Mari. This bat enlarges the ball cursor, which covers almost an entire square of the grid, which makes it easier to hit the ball. Sana Mihama will text you once you complete her side mission. There’s a long tailing scene, a brief chase, a fight and arguably one of the greatest one liners I’ve seen in years. Talk to them to completely befriend both of them and receive a good cash incentive. Near end of Chapter 12. (Friendship meter 20%), Next, head back to your office and check out your fridge. Simply head to the sewers and talk to the man by the tent.

For your first date with Nanami, you should buy her some earrings as a gift before you go to date. The game makes this easy by giving you some hints as to what your best response should be and how your much affection is being raised for you.

Ask about any of her written work and how she got into music. I chose the following answers. The date will end by you responding to her saying that you are partners. Requires 35+ Reputation, must have completed Dangerous Hide-And-Seek. The correct one is “specials”. Location: Bar Tender, Chapter 10 As soon as you enter Tender, you’ll trigger Mari’s friend event. (Friendship meter 66%), 44: The Hermit of the Dragon’s Palace, Iyama, Judgment's Kyohei Haruma will be "adjusted" in the west, no delays expected, Judgment sales halted in Japan after Pierre Taki's cocaine arrest. Once you head to the beef zone, choose the option of saying that she’s your girlfriend. Check the huge crane. This is part of the story during Chapter 3, you can’t miss it. Everything adds up until you hit the 1+11=0 sum.

Post a comment below. Reputation 40+. Examine the guy’s face, shoulder, then his drink.

Start of Chapter 8, speak with Yosuke in Tenkaichi Alley. The date location is up to you, however, Nanami is into drones so you can have a drone race as a first pick. There’s a long tailing scene and a fight. (Friendship meter 100%). Once inside, advise the owner to make a fancy ramen of his own. Trigger his friend event by clearing all Home Run and Challengcourses.

Approach them to listen in to the conversation then enter the ramen place afterward. After the date, she will text you again and you can set up another date. Chase down the wig, again. During the first date, you can go to Shogi.

Now operating under the guise of Editor-in-Chief (purely because we felt the position was needed for public relations purposes), he's tasked with a lot of the kind of jobs that would put you to sleep at your desk. (Friendship meter 40%), Next, get damaged from a fight then return back to your office so you can check out your fridge again. Speak with the Fortune Teller and then tail the man. Count up is a good mode since you only need to aim to score higher than your opponent. Head to the location at the start of Chapter 7. Simply head to the objective, wait for the concert and then wear the costume. (Friendship meter 60%), Finally, leave Club Sega and go around the corner (where Ryan’s friend icon is displayed) to trigger a cutscene. You can do this right after meeting Tomioka outside of Smile Burger the first time.

Take a picture and then help Kim when Sakakiba comes in to start trouble.

The Flash tried to talk to her, but Mari believed he intended to arrest her and used super strength to push the speedster back. Head into Wette Kitchen and go upstairs. There are photography abilities that will make getting the perfect shot at the end easier.

the third date with Sana should be at the Batting Center.

(Friendship meter 100%), Location: Wette Kitchen (W Taihei Blvd) After speaking with the client, go back downstairs and speak with the guy that owns the kitten cafe, it’s on the next floor down. Return to the client, then back to the store. Leave the cafe and report your findings to Inose. When you get into Charles, find all the clues and the costume. Chapter 3, at the beginning.

Head to the Koi Bride shop and speak with the client. Nanami Matsuoka. Your relationship with Amane can take a lot of dates. First, go to Sushi Zanmai on Taihei Blvd and then Sushi Gin on W Showa St. You’ll get about another client, head there and speak with her to get The Missing Diamond Side Case. After you meet the mascot at Theater Square, wait some time, he will then appear on Park Boulevard. You then need to speak with Tsukumo to track the cell phone. This Judgment Side Case Guide will list all of the different Side Cases we’ve discovered in, Searching for Calico and other cats to complete Masakazu Nekomiya’s friend event? Location: Chapter 3, Senryo Ave, in the corner building in front of Modern Mahjong, Simply walk to the friend event icon to trigger this friend event and meet modern-day ninja for the first time. After you have all the clues, accuse Kaneda, the man with the cardigan and yellow sandals. Ask if she is having issues with her job and what is bothering her.

This time the boy is hiding in Hills Garden.

Available from Chapter 3 onward, if you have 25 reputation.

After you tail her, you need to put on a disguise. (Friendship meter 80%), After eating her third dish, Tomioka will send you a message after a while. (Friendship meter 50%). Enter Bar Tender and you'll find a woman talking to the barkeep. Post your comments below. Start of Chapter 4, part of the story.

Nanami will then respond herself, and you should ask for a date. Judgment (JUDGE EYES ... Yagami has started working as a private detective alongside his best friend; Masaharu Kaito, a former member of the Matsugane Family. It is run by Masuda. This time, Tomioka will prepare wasabi-flavored chicken karaage. Head to Ebisu Pawn then back to Sushi Gin then finally, head to Theater Square.

Take a picture and the date will end. Get the case from Genda Law Office then return to your office to speak with the client. Chapter 7, must have completed The Black Calamity. After clearing any 5 batting courses, talk to him again. Intervene. Easy mission. From there simply follow the cat into the tower, use the drone to get its’ attention once you complete the investigation scene. Head to Cafe Alps and speak with the client. That’s because it’s working on a 12 number system, a clock. Below we have detailed all the right choices you can make with each girlfriend in the game.

After clearing any two batting courses, you’ll find him in the long corridor inside the Batting Center. After befriending Ryan, you can return to Yosuke and refer him to be one of Madoka’s new “safe and respectful” customers.

When your affection level is at the highest, Sana will pour out her feelings for you.

Head there. After you get the Side Case head to Tenkaichi Street. This referral will also increase your friendship meter with Yosuke. Start of Chapter 8, Tahei Blvd. Now you have to find another rival store to work with them. After you get the case, head to Theater Square and pick up the phone before heading to Park Boulevard. Mention about how it all feels like a date and investigate her new patron. The upgrades slow down time and make it much easier. There;s a staircase near the Mahjong place, follow it right up to the roof. At the arcade, she will want to get dog plushies from the claw machine. Once the drone arrives, head to the roof of the Batting Cages. Minigames Darts. Chapter 7, must have completed Gone With The Gust. Head to Public Park Three and jump the fence. Extracts are powerful, potion-like items that provide various buffs and bonuses.

This guide is a work in progress. Nanami has been kidnapped. Complete all cases. Once done, he’ll offer new items in his shop including a skill book, master-class drone parts, Play Passes, and "cheat" items for specific mini-games. While using the Chatter search, you can check out the other keywords to narrow the search. Take a picture and then accept when she asks you to watch over a student.

When you need to escape the media, simply change your disguise outfit. The following dates with Sana would be any location of your choice, and with generally positive responses about music and relationships. 35+ Reputation. (Friendship meter 30%), Return to the area after a while and you’ll find a couple of guys talking in front of the shop.

You need to find the final bomb. Head to the objective marker, you’ll see a man hanging off the side of the building. This Judgment (Judge Eyes) Walkthrough will guide you through all Side Cases in the game.

Then head to Kamuro Theater and use the elevator to reach the roof.

Location: Batting Center

This Watch Dogs Legion – Decide Skye Larsens Fate – Kill Or Upload guide breaks down the two different choices you can have, explaining…, Certain missions require you to take a photograph of something important. Head to the office and put the panties on the roof. You can also check out your office fridge from time to time for some free food moving forward. Your reply to the text should be about you believing in her from the start. You need to speak with the client at night. There are four main methods of discovering Side Cases. He’s your first friend as part of the story.

Reputation level 45+.


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