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I don’t think Jerry Jr. has the ability to remove that…Without those central values, there would be no Liberty.”. The two have four children: Jonathan Jr., Jessica, Natalie, and Nicholas. Even after being married for 28 years, Jonathan Falwell and wife Shari Falwell have maintained a strong relationship as ever. He remembers taking three leaves of absence as an undergraduate and master’s student to serve as a U.S. Marine in Iraq.

His father is a well-known Christian, family values politician in Peru. In it, she defended her husband from alumni criticism by saying Falwell Sr. also stirred controversy to be counter-cultural and lead Christian changes in society. He said that Falwell Sr. felt that “Christian young people should have the choice of a big college experience.”, Elaina DeStefano, 31, remembers her first convocation (weekly meetings the student body attends) as a freshman at Liberty in 2007. The news also emerged as Politico published a story alleging that Becki Falwell had had a sexual encounter with a former Liberty University student, who was a band mate of her son. He said some other faith-based college or university might be willing to hire Falwell Jr. because of his track record at growing Liberty. It made me feel the school actually cared about me.”, Sherwood now lives in McKenney, Va., where he works in auditing. Meagan Clark is managing editor of Religion Unplugged and is on Twitter @MeaganKay. “He was aware from day one of our relationship, and he did in fact watch,” Granda said. The school fined each of the players $250.

An initial sexual encounter developed into a years-long relationship with the couple, Granda told Reuters, with he and Becki Falwell having sex “multiple times a year” while Jerry Falwell watched. The turning point for him was in 2015, when in the wake of the San Bernadino, Calif. shooting, Falwell urged the student body to get their concealed carry permits because firearms are allowed on campus. Falwell would later go into business with Granda, buying a Miami hostel. Falwell, one of the most influential evangelical figures in the US whose endorsement of Donald Trump in 2016 helped the president win the Republican primary, has had a remarkable fall from grace over the course of August. Jerry Falwell Jr’s departure from Liberty University this week comes as only a partial victory for alums who defend the school’s mission but say its leadership must allow independent investigators to reform the largest evangelical university in the U.S.

We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press. In 2016, Trey Falwell attributed a post on Facebook to his mother Becki. All rights reserved. “Christian education is above and beyond the shortfalls of those who have tried and failed to follow faithfully the footsteps of our Lord,” Rosas said. Save 71 is forming a petition and committee to advise the board on standards for choosing a new president, hoping to steer Liberty to focus on providing Christ-centered education. For many years, he lived near the campus and watched buildings rise all over campus, giving him the sense that Falwell Jr. was pursuing the singular goal of growth at all costs. A board member at Liberty is asked to “shepherd an institution, you’re supposed to defend your flock from wolves,” Wahl said. You also agree to our Terms of Service. The online enrollment growth fueled revenue that allowed Fallwell Jr. to add $500 million worth of Jeffersonian-style buildings in just four years and more than a billion dollars worth of future expansion on the drawing board. Rosas was known as a prankster while at Liberty. He is married to Shari Falwell. And he added that Liberty has a brand that now extends well beyond the Falwell family. But he told his audience, in … She said she became disillusioned between her initial excitement, then Falwell’s message of a “fun Liberty!” and later being written up for violating the student handbook “because my skirt was too short, or I didn’t sign out properly for leaving campus for the weekend or I didn’t make up my bed enough,” DeStefano said. Religion Unplugged sought comments from Falwell Jr. about his resignation but didn’t receive a reply. We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests. He’s a down-to-earth, cool, rebel kid who grew up in a pastors’ family,” DeStefano said. The president of Liberty University lives here. A strategic plan Falwell Sr. set in place around that time called for more money to super-charge enrollment and experiment with delivering classes online. Dan Sherwood, 37, said he and many others in the Liberty community were nervous about the direction of the school when Falwell Sr. died and worried it would become more secular. One girl cried at some point because she wanted to leave. “My father was talking about playing those schools in football,” Falwell Jr. told Religion Unplugged editor Paul Glader in a 2014 interview. Please enable cookies on your web browser in order to continue. “It made me feel great. “Instead, these members fell asleep and let the wolves take their sheep.”.

At first, Wahl liked Falwell Jr, known as the cool, crazy uncle on campus. Religion Unplugged56 BroadwayNew York, NY 10004, Religion Unplugged is a product of The Media ProjectEIN: 83-046145, Dr. Jenny Taylor, Nigeria, Global Terrorism Index, London, Ayo Adedoyin, ICON, Sahel, Libya, Islamism, Chatham House, Lake Chad basin, uranium, UK, Hamil R. Harris, Republican National Convention, RNC, Donald Trump, Senator Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Republican, Liberty University convocation Wednesday morning. The school’s “future is very bright and in capable hands of leaders who are committed to being good stewards of what the Lord has entrusted!” said acting board chairman Dr. Allen McFarland, in a statement released by Liberty on Tuesday after Falwell resigned under pressure and negotiated a reported $10.5 million severance package. Falwell denounced the group on TV interviews and on Facebook and then Liberty conducted its own poll of students, claiming the students overwhelmingly supported Trump.

The next step after Falwell’s resignation, says Liberty alumna Alexandra Green, is for “the board to admit they’re not the best at their job.” Green attended Liberty during its most tumultuous years from 2016 to 2020 as Falwell became one of the first evangelical leaders to publicly endorse Donald Trump for president. “But you felt a hedge of protection as long as you were in with the Falwells.”. Falwell is stepping down from his roles as president, chancellor and board member after a series of financial and sexual scandals emerged. (After this report, Politico reported allegations from a former student that Falwell’s wife Becki performed oral sex on him when he was 22. Granda, 29, said he was working the Fontainebleu hotel when he met Becki Falwell. Under Jerry Jr. it became a whole manifest destiny to make it as large as possible. Falwell Jr. took the mantle of Liberty University from his father and aimed to build it into an undisputed evangelical mega-university that would surpass the Southern Baptist-affiliated Baylor University in Texas and would rival the LDS Church-affiliated Brigham Young University in Utah and the Catholic-affiliated Notre Dame University in South Bend, Ind. It was less focused on academics and champions for Christ. “The fact is that LU’s founder was the most political and outspoken university Chancellor of his time… he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”. Not only was it wrong, Wahl said, it was jarring because so many students applauded and laughed. He also accused Granda of attempting to extract “substantial monies” and claimed, without offering evidence, that Granda “may have targeted other successful women”. Then Jonathan Falwell, pastor of the Liberty-affiliated Thomas Road Baptist Church, spoke. “And clearly Liberty is not in line with its leader in terms of the mission of this school, but also, no one is trying to hold him accountable.”. He did not mention his brother by name. In a statement to Politico Liberty University reiterated that it has “… policies against employees having sexual relationships with students, as well as having other inappropriate relationships outside of marriage, whether consensual or not”. Speaking to ABC’s Good Morning show Granda gave a detailed account of the relationship. Both of them serve for Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. Granda says at times when he had sexual encounters with Becki, Falwell liked to peek from the door, according to reporting by Reuters which also reviewed texts and email evidence of the allegation. Read: Jerry Falwell's Systematic Censorship At Liberty University Is Shocking — And Bound To Backfire. Liberty University, which was founded by Falwell’s televangelist father in 1971, is known for its strict rules over students’ relationships. Jonathan Falwell, Falwell Jr’s brother and senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va., preached about Christians facing opposition at the Liberty University convocation Wednesday morning.


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