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While digging through files, Giuliano found that prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi had met with Avitto before he gave his testimony and had struck a deal with Avitto to free him of his pending drug charges in return for favorable testimony in court.

Speaking to 20/20 recently, Giuca, 35 today, said, “I had nothing to do with the murder of Mark Fisher… I want my name cleared. [5][8][9] Also in attendance were Albert Cleary and Antonio Russo, neighborhood friends of Giuca. [35] Giuliano's crusade has earned her the nickname "Mother Justice". He later recanted, indicating that he had not seen Giuca for approximately a week after the murder and that he was pressured to implicate himself and Giuca. Russo was arrested on November 19, 2004, and Giuca was arrested on December 21, 2004.

Over a Skype call, Chun ordered a hearing "to determine whether or not the people either suppressed, or failed, or did not turn over the tape in question [62]”. At Giuca's trial, which began on Sept. 12, 2005, the prosecutor argued that Giuca was a neighborhood thug and head of the so-called "Ghetto Mafia," out to get street cred by having Fisher killed. [1][6][10], According to Giuca, he last saw Fisher sitting on Giuca's sofa draped in a blanket. [52], On June 28, 2018, in a letter to the Brooklyn district attorney, New York's highest court announced it would hear Giuca's case, with oral arguments scheduled for April 30, 2019.[53]. [20], Cleary, an original suspect now turned state's witness, testified that, hours after the body was discovered, Giuca said, "we may have had something to do with that."

Giuca filed an appeal to get the judge's decision overturned.

Irate over the verdict, Giuca's mother, Doreen Quinn Giuliano, immediately focused on the jurors who had quickly convicted her son.

John Giuca, now 34, remains in jail at New York's Rikers Island. On the stand, Avitto said that Giuca had told him that he had pistol-whipped Fisher before someone else then took the gun and shot him dead. She had originally testified that Giuca had told her that he had given Russo the gun to rob Mark Fisher. [27], After Giuca's sentencing, a group wearing T-shirts bearing the slogan "Free John Giuca" distributed pamphlets outside the courthouse. Anthony Russo's affidavit in which he confesses to shooting Mark Fisher. No. Others who had been questioned, including Albert Cleary, were cleared of suspicion. We all have said, or heard people say they would give their life for their child,…,,,

Today, he remains in Riker’s Island jail. Russo, then 17, was also under investigation, especially after some suspicious behavior. "You could have got excused. He hoped to become a police detective.

Allegations of prosecutorial misconduct by former District Attorney Charles Hynes have been raised in several cases similar to Giuca's. Mark Fisher, 19, was a sophomore at Fairfield University in Connecticut, where he was on the dean’s list and studying to become an accountant. "All I can say is that in any dealings that I had or the detectives had, I think we always found [Nicolazzi] to be of the utmost integrity," said Casazza, retired New York Police Department homicide squad lieutenant. What happened in the early morning hours as the party broke up is unclear, but somehow, Mark Fisher was found viciously beaten and shot five times in John Giuca's neighborhood. "And then he takes off for California a couple of days later. [9][35][40] Giuca's lawyers said that "Allo's failure to disclose his personal knowledge of Giuca disqualified him as a juror regardless of whether he acquired this knowledge before or during the trial, or both." [57], The state responded to the motion on November 26, indicating that the lead Prosecutor could not recall whether she had handed over the tape. He had been viciously beaten and shot five times. [55][56], On June 11, 2019 the New York Court of Appeals ruled that, even if prosecutors had failed to disclose material that may have helped Giuca's defense, the outcome of the trial likely would have been the same. John Avitto, who said he'd met Giuca while both were incarcerated at Rikers Island, also testified at the trial.

Giuliano then began to investigate those who had testified against her son, starting with John Avitto, Giuca's former cellmate who had testified under oath that Giuca had told him he had committed the murder. [10] On May 14, 2013, federal judge Frederic Block denied Giuca's federal habeas petition. According to witnesses, Fisher was intoxicated, didn't have a lot of money on him and had no way to get back to New Jersey, where he had been staying at a friend’s house that weekend, according to witnesses.


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