jim cornette on aew

Jim Cornette discussed the Stadium Stampede match from AEW Double or Nothing on Saturday night during a recent edition of Cornette’s Drive-Thru. "I'm not telling you I like it, I'm telling you that's what it is. Jim has a huge set of fans and they listen to his podcast quite regularly.

I’m disappointed in all of them, I don’t want to see them personally again because I’d have to tell them. Jim Cornette criticized AEW on several occasions. And it’s the last time I’ll be fucking watching this horseshit.

... the way Cornette sees it, stealing AEW … Below is a recent heated Twitter exchange between Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer and Old School Wrestling Legend Jim Cornette over AEW wrestler Kenny Omega: Dave I've been sick all week so fuck it. "You have to change and be willing to listen to another alternative. If you can’t bring it back, and you just gonna fucking piss on the fucking rotting corpse, let it go. I've been able to try to move on in that regard. Here are some of the highlights: “I will never watch this fucking shit again. JR said he wishes Cornette would stop bashing AEW and see that there's a new era in wrestling, and that this is what is getting over to the fans. He has come down on their booking, and their in-ring work as well. During Grilling JR, the WWE Hall Of Fame announcer spoke about his old co-worker who shares a first name with him. Here are some of the highlights: “I will never watch this fucking shit again. He said it was a joke, but it was also a sign that perhaps Jim Cornette does purely exist in a place where society has passed him by. I’m ashamed of everybody involved in it.

“I take some of that personally. He said that people like Cornette need to realize that this is a brand new era in the wrestling business, and he talked about how much he enjoys his job with AEW. Ross also mentioned his skeptical thinking when he first saw some of the smaller talent in AEW be positioned as top stars. He was ousted from a position as commentator for NWA Powerrr when he made an inappropriate remark with racial connotations. Ross responded with the following. Jim Ross joined AEW when they opened their doors, and he doesn’t regret that decision. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. It's a different world. All Rights Reserved. On a recent edition of Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Jim Cornette discussed the Stadium Stampede match from AEW Double or Nothing on Saturday night. "Old JR was wrong, and I don't mind saying it. You can't manage them exactly the same." It's the best job I've had. Leave it alone and let it go. We got a lot of smaller guys in AEW that can do that." "If he's going to lambaste somebody, I wish he would lambaste another company other than AEW as much as he does," Ross said. At age 22, Ross said Cornette was one of the best promos in the wrestling business and one of the most talented managers at the time. He said that some people in the business need to change or simply leave. Throughout the show, Ross mentioned how Cornette has been very critical of AEW on his podcast, the Jim Cornette Experience, citing some of the talent as being too small and not believable.


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