jamestown crash course
Complete the following while viewing. What was the most famous fraud of Colonial America?

What was the name of the Native American culture/people that the Wampanoag were a part of? 18 Terms    1. What subjects did the Carolina Constitution cover and who wrote it?

In the middle of the _____ ________________, France and England had competing claims for land in ___________ __________________. Chapters 17-32 are under 8th grade. file://rolandgrisefs.nhcs.local/teachers$/bradley.m, oore/Crash_Course_Video_Questions_for_Periods_, +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++. The shortage of labor meant that women would often work beside their husbands in the fields, but their primary sphere of responsibility was in the home. B. 7. This caused the French to abandon _______________________ and, by 1760, ___________ and _______________, the last two French strongholds in North America, had fallen. +5 POINTS Labeled    + 5 POINTS In this order.

She was hanged for infanticide (the killing of her baby) in 1664. Define pacifist, what group of settlers were pacifists? How many immigrants arrived in Massachusetts in 1630? 14 Why do the ship’s crew ‘dance’ Kunta and the other people? IV. •         The French set up _________ along to protect their _____ ________________ interests. FOR EACH 90 MINUTE EPISODE YOU WILL WRITE TWO FULL PAGES ON ANYTHING ABOUT SLAVERY, =================================================================. Chapters 1-16 are under 7th grade. 11. They had been brought there by the Virginia Company, a group of London businessmen who hoped to profit from their investments in the New World. Colonists had little experience of hunting or finding edible plants. Crash Course-Complete ALL of the worksheet.

%PDF-1.5 What was the Mayflower Compact AND why was it a big deal? What colony came to be the buffer between the English colonies and Spanish controlled Florida? THEREFORE—NOT USE IT THEMSELVES. •         The British were ______________ ____________________, traded unfairly, and continued to ______________ on Native American lands. •         Virginia Governor Dinwiddie dispatched a young ______________ ___________________ in ___________ to deliver a protest to the French. What was the name of the Indian who translated for Massasoit when he negotiated his treaty with Governor Carver? Washington was quickly ______________________ by superior _________ and _________ ___________________ numbers. •         The French held _______________ and __________ ______________ in the _________ _____________. Whatever romantic notions these women may have entertained about their new lives in America, they must have been greatly tested in the first weeks and months following their arrival. Why did the Native Americans and Europeans not live in harmony with one another as they had those first few decades of the 17th century? Study Guide Link:  AMERICAN JOURNEY IS AVAILABLE ONLINE. Iroquois Confederacy 12. militia, American History I STUDY GUIDE FOR ASSESSMENT. 3. What event in England reversed this combo-platter of colonies? Was colonial America a democratic society, why/why not? This can be turned in EARLY for 10 extra points the same day as the Chapter 3  Assessment #7, on  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 .The Note Check is DUE Friday, OCTOBER 25  . What did the English troops do to Philip’s body after they killed him? Most women resumed their domestic duties soon after giving birth. <> Oct 28th 2020 - 9am Hundreds of Trump supporters stuck in the cold for hours when buses can't reach Omaha rally.

In 1609, Smith was injured in a gunpowder explosion and returned to England. This incident was a prelude to the French and Indian War. THERE WILL BE ASSIGNMENTS TO GO WITH THIS. Here is a short bit of info given only as ONE example of an answer. Dodge Middle School students get a crash course on the value of math. 13. One servant in Maryland, Elizabeth Greene, aborted her child to avoid having her term extended, then claimed a miscarriage. In those early, desperate years, many died from sickness and starvation.

_____________________________ vs. ________________________________. Describe the difficulties encountered with the Jamestown settlement AND the solutions. What differences existed between Tidewater planters and backcountry farmers? 9. ALL OF THIS DID NOT HAPPEN TO ONE FAMILY … IT HAPPENED TO MANY FAMILIES. Many of them were married within weeks of their arrival. They also competed over trade issues with the ___________ _________________ in the disputed region. The climate was also a hardship. b. massachusetts was known as the pioneer for ___________. john winthrop (did these people know any other names besides john?).

•         Native Americans quickly grew ________________ with the ________________. Which colony was known as “the best poor man’s country”? •         The _____________ force was _______________ by the smaller French force and their Native American allies. Roots [1977] Part 1    10 points                                                                Complete the following while viewing.


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