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I imagine there are a number of other parts we will need that could be from a doner engine. Comments or questions? Jabiru Aircraft Sales.Contact US Sport Planes LLC . We have found that the Jabiru engine backing plate is bent at two of the engine mount points - though it seems OK where it attaches to the case. Jabiru 2200/3300/5100 Engines. Also, the weight and balance of the aircraft may be adversely affected by The case & internal parts are machined from solid steel bar or aluminum billet. Online Community of Zenith Builders and Flyers, EAA Chapter 245 is rebuilding a Jabiru 3300 engine core as part of a chapter project.

208-809-8566 • Nick/Arion would be an excellent shop to go-through your entire engine if indicated! jabiru 3300 engine section a- 5 -2 section a: cylinder head item part # iss description qty 1 4633074 2 tube push rod cover 12 2 pg10042n 'o'ring bs114v 24 3 452329n 1 washer 3.5 x 19 dia. I don't see the plate listed online, but a query might be in order if you have no luck elsewhere. Cylinders, pistons, rods, ext.

Telephone: packages, developed and supported by Jabiru USA, include everything you

Propeller Manuals. Posted October 11, 2020, 3300A Jabiru sn 1246 new in crate since 2008ish, $8,000.00 OBO The 3300 is a modular development of Jabiru's flat-four 2200 engine. When ordering spares, please use the spares order form available on our website.

bought this engine for a B model Sonex that I am going in a different direction with. Lightning Serial Number * … 3300 Roller cam parts.

2,000 hours. ENGINE DETAILS: JABIRU 3300. The J2200 is an 80HP aircraft engine manufactured by Jabiru in Australia. This kit contains the Jabiru oil filter PG10162N, the correct sump plug washer PE4A006N and the oil cooler donut sealing O ring PG0138N. No battery power required for operation. 5100 Engine parts. Pre-cut panel, power distribution panel, Approach Fast Stack harnesses, Dynon and Garmin avionics, and more. [8], A subsequent tear-down of one engine by CASA resulted in recommendations in June 2016 for further easing of the restrictions. Jabiru Upgrades 6 Products Found Sort. Should you have any questions or doubts about the contents of this manual, please contact Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd. Applicable to Jabiru 3300 Models from S/N 33A961 onwards (including Spare Parts.

Aircraft Technical Manuals. Opposite end was modified to match/balance. Should I contact the manufacturer for this question?

The complete Delayed warranty start available on request . Ditto Gary and Mike's comments, questions and suggestions! The above resources are provided

[4][5][6] Both the manufacturer and Recreational Aviation Australia opposed the restrictions as unnecessary and unwarranted.

Jabiru & CAMit 2200/3300 Rebuild / Overhaul Please phone for prices for Jabiru / CAMit Bulk Strip & Rebuild, Top End overhauls, Full engine Airmaster makes a specific model for … JABIRU 3300 AIRCRAFT ENGINE DOCUMENT No. NOTE: Click Here, Jim McCormick, (559) 431 Jabiru E-Ignition Kit 2200 / 3300. Add to Cart. for your Zenith: Custom instrument panels are now available directly from Zenith Aircraft Company exclusively for Zenith builders and owners.

Jabiru has sold approximately 2,000 aircraft and 6,000 engines throughout the world; 100 % of all kits bought have been completed; 120 KT cruising speeds; 100 % night rating capable; 1000ft p/min climb rate; 24-29 litres/hour; 800 nautical miles range I'd be very interested to learn if there was any further internal engine damage. Developed specifically for Zenith builders (by a builder) these videos on DVD are a great help in building your own kit plane by providing practical hands-on construction information. (We are building aZenith 750 Cruzer.). Predicted Pilot Operating Handbook.

It was co-founded in 1988 by Rodney Stiff and Phil Ainsworth. directly support engines installed in kit aircraft. jabiru 3300 engine section a- 5 -2 section a: cylinder head item part # iss description qty 1 4633074 2 tube push rod cover 12 2 pg10042n 'o'ring bs114v 24 3 452329n 1 washer 3.5 x 19 dia. It would cost nothing to try and if you succeed and verify that it is flat in all aspects, check for cracks. www.ussportplanes.com or 940-597-6860 2200 hydraulic lifter parts. Posted by John Montgomery on March 4, 2019 at 1:04pm in Jabiru Engine Forum; View Discussions; EAA Chapter 245 is rebuilding a Jabiru 3300 engine core as part of a chapter project. 630 240-9139 • Jabiru Aircraft began as a builder of small two-seater aircraft in Bundaberg, Australia. The oil sump is only cast part. looking sources for Jabiru 3300 parts. Exlusive online community for active builders and pilots of Zenith Aircraft kits (Chris Heintz / Zenair light airplane designs). Contact Arion Aircraft LLC. JABIRU PARTS • $1 • WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE • Jabiru. Telephone: 3606062811 • Distribution and Support: Jabiru Generation 4 2200 / 3300 Overhaul Assembly and Parts Book JEM0004-6 (Revision 6 May 2020) ... 2200 and 3300 Jabiru Scimitar Propeller Manual Issue 6, 16th August 2019. $549.00. (We did not notice the back plate until later.).

The plane mushed into the top of scrub cedars. Jabiru engines are designed to be manufactured in small batch quantities, so the firm uses CNC machines to mill major engine parts such as cylinder blocks and heads, rather than using cast items. [3] The 3300 is a modular development of Jabiru's flat-four 2200 engine. Rebel FWF - Jabiru 3300 Gen 2 - (380 Hours since new), Motor Mount for Rebel, Sensenich 68 x 38 Comp Prop and spinner, Very Nice cowl, in Annual. Removed from Lightning Jabiru Eng, Telephone: firewall-forward package is available directly 8052777707 •

suitable for some engines. lsievila@gmail.com, Telephone: Was this engine involved in some sort of incident/accident and subjected to high G-Loads or Impact?

Wiring Diagram All Models. It is a direct drive, flat four boxer layout.


Pics to come. Jabiru Alternator Conversion Kit for 3300 (Reduced. This is cheap insurance plus if you sell the parts you have paperwork from the shop. The engine was in a plane where the engine quit due to fuel starvation just off the runway. Please Note: A 4% surcharge will be added to Credit Card transactions. 3300 solid lifter parts. case & internal parts are machined from solid steel bar or aluminum billet. The Jabiru 3300; 120 hp (89 kW) six-cylinder horizontally opposed engine In November 2014 the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) required passengers to sign an acknowledgement of risk before flying, and restricted IFR-equipped aircraft to day VFR flight within gliding distance of a safe place to land.

Outside these hours, please send an email with your questions and details to spares@jabiru.net.au for airframe spares and enginespares@jabiru.net.au for engine spares. Jabiru Aircraft Sales.Contact US Sport Planes LLC . Posted October 26, 2020. 20 Haszard Rd, Massey. We supplied our first EFI system for a Jabiru 3300 back in 2004 and are now working on parts to fit SDS on the new Gen 4 Jabiru engines. The case & internal parts are machined from solid steel bar or aluminum billet. Wonder how much it would cost to have a new T-6 plate made at a good machine shop, vs purchasing one from Jabiru? Powered by, Badges  |  Nick Otterback would likely the be the most knowledgeable person at Arion Aircraft, the US distributor/repair center for Jabiru. Accessories below will only be sold once engine is sold as they can be packaged with it $549.00. Part numbers can be obtained from the parts manuals which are also available on our site. 005. I'll bet that even if it was successfully "flattened," it'll take some machining to get the resultant "waviness" out. provided for informational purposes only.

Jabiru Engines: Sales, Support and Service. Removed for Titan upgrade, great compressions, zero oil consumption. For more (We are building aZenith 750 Cruzer.) Used 20 hrs after modification with little change in performance. information about the Jabiru 3300 engine: Contact Zenith Jabiru Engine Parts. Cylinders, pistons, rods, ext. 1881 Airport Road, Mexico Memorial Airport The Jabiru 3300 is a lightweight four-stroke, horizontally opposed "flat-six" air-cooled aircraft engine produced by Jabiru Aircraft. 501-221-1492 • The plate looks pretty bad though. ENGINE DETAILS: JABIRU 3300. [7] The final rule adopted somewhat softened the restrictions, allowing the carriage of passengers and students, but requiring them to sign an acknowledgement of risk before flying and restricting equipped aircraft to day VFR flight and within gliding distance of a safe place to land. $20,000 (Why buy the kit when you can get this 'quick build' for less)

for informational purposes only.

Ltd. (Australia). NOT SUITABLE FOR THE 5100. find out more Jabiru. 24 4788004 1 washer 3.5 x 19 dia with flat 6 4 ph72c24 cap screw 1 1/2 x 5/16 unf 6 ph0820n cap screw 1 ¾ x 5/16 unf 18 ph0830n bolt 3 x 5/16 unf 6 Aircraft Technical Manuals. The engine has a published TBO of


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