is the crying child shadow freddy
I have to prove you wrong however you could be right on the crying child part but I have to prove you wrong on the nightmare part For one thing nightmare was the embodiment of death after the crying for one thing nightmare was the embodiment of death over the crying child he was kinda there to show the crying child that he was dead and he was fighting for whether he should Move on and go to heaven or stay on earth as a ghost. The Crying Child is most likely Shadow Freddy. He is promised to be put back together, and that the animatronics are still his friends. ", "You will not be spared, you will not be saved. Its eyes vary in size, as they're seen low within battle, yet high in the teasers and the Party Creation screen. He also has a yellow bowtie. He will shut the game off if the player observes him for too long (without a jumpscare), much similar to Golden Freddy's role in the first game or Nightmare's effect in the fourth.It appears to be in a slumped position, similar to that of Golden Freddy's.

at all, and would be entirely irrelevant, had he not gone on to possess something and play a further role in the story. Circus Baby killed her by crushing her, and now Circus Baby is possessed by Elizabeth's spirit and haunts people who are close to her. Hello theorists!

Also those last images of the bear plush that’s just regular Freddy Plush psychic friend Fred bear is yellow with purple hat and bowtie. I think UCN hints that Shadow Freddy is most likely the bite victim / the crying child. Shadow Freddy in FFPS seems to be an exact recolor of the Freddy from the Minigame. PFF is under control of the Puppet, communicating with him through it and later bringing him to the Fnaf  2 location for purposes of revenge against Purple Guy. Any normal, average person would. Eric D Ward (Ultimate Custom Night) With Cassidy forever but he still have feelings for Clara Afton. This is one of the reasons i think we play as the brother in FNaF4. Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. But we use it because its convenient. After his father seemingly dies, Michael learns about sister location where his sister disappeared. An opinion gives that his black appearance makes him a spirit. Let's get right into it.

Obviously, we can assume that the employee was later removed from the suit after their public death. FNaF 3 That is literally his code name. Sometime after Sister Location (Get it? I think his unique jumpscare lends credence to this.

In the fourth level, he begins duplicating, causing the game to glitch, until a wall of shadow variants block the child off completely. He is similar to Shadow Freddy and Nightmare Fredbear in several ways. Speculation. Because I Don't Think Shadow Freddy Existed At That.If You Think Shadow freddy is Chris Afton Please DO SOME RESEARCH i love fnaf but this web site is a scam because of the edit button bruh, FIRST,Please Think About It Chris Died IN a hospital,His Soul Couldn't Have yet Flew All The Way Into Shadow Freddy (If HE Even Existed Back Then) The Crying Child in the second trailer strangely had blue tears, a green body, and dark blue legs for a few frames. As if to say, "This is what you've done to me. And Shadow Freddy acts just like the crying kid would! And it is this very fact that makes it impossible for him to possess anything else.

Nice to see you after all this time, hope you have been well.

I hope we get an answer for BV soon.

I think UCN hints that Shadow Freddy is most likely the bite victim / the crying child. Night 6 is when the crying child dies. || Official Discord Server:, Press J to jump to the feed. Crying Child FNaF world Shadow Freddy bears comparisons to Nightmare in overall appearance and behavior, suggesting they may be one in the same.

Unlike Fredbear, his skin is translucent, exposing all of his animatronic parts including the endoskeleton. William killed 6 kids. I can’t believe you responded to a 6 year old post, and I can’t believe that I’m actually responding to your message. It appears in Parts/Service, sitting in the location Bonnie normally sits. This implies he is the Child Bitten by Fredbear. Textile Embed Today's Top Image Galleries . The Crying Child is most likely Shadow Freddy. FNAF The unofficial Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 1 Appearance 2 History 2.1 Pre-Night 1 2.2 Night 1 2.3 Night 2 2.4 Night 3 2.5 Night 4 2.6 Night 5 2.7 Night 6 3 Gallery 3.1 Images 4 Trivia 5 Navigation Bite Victim seems to be 8-12 years old, and has brown hair and a striped black and white shirt. The Crying Child has not changed much from their appearances throughout the Five Nights at Freddy's series, and some of the only differences are the Crying Child's more rounded shape, and it has decreased in size. If we take the Fnaf 3 secret minigames seriously, and I do, Shadow Bonnie acts consistent with his character as well. This is what i've become.". It also uses Golden Freddy's model. Title

We will see in this theory that not only does the crying kid fit this criteria, it is the only possible route of possession he has. "But Fredboink" you may be thinking at this point, "why should we assume that he possesses anyone?" FNaF 4 The only cheats that have Nightmare involved are the "All Nightmare" and "House Map" cheats.

Shadow Freddy appearing in parts and service. Yeah I've been well. In Five Nights At Freddy's 2, the player may rarely encounter what seems to be a shadow or a dark model of Golden Freddy. Before the Freddy Files came out people including MatPat believed that Shadow Freddy was controlled by Purple Guy. This, in turn, can confirm that Nightmare is a shadowy version or form of Nightmare Fredbear, just as how Shadow Freddy is the shadowy equivalent or form of Golden Freddy/Fredbear, thanks to their similar models and even posture. Jeremy (Bonnie) Fritz (Foxy) Gabriel (Freddy) Susie (Chica) Charlie (Puppet) Cassidy (Golden Freddy). The Afton Family. While the Freddy suit is recognized as purple due to its association with the purple figure, its purple coloration and the darker color of its hat and bowtie lends credit to the theory this particular animatronic is indeed Shadow Freddy. Can you imagine a robot dragging a dead kids body down the street to get them to FFP? Within the in-between night mini-games, Shadow Freddy is seen, and utters the phrase "follow me," to lure the animatronics to a secluded spot, so that William Afton may ambush and dismantle them. It appears in Parts/Service, sitting in the location Bonnie normally sits. MEMES, William Afton/Springtrap/Purple Guy/Scraptrap. He is similar to Nightmare in several ways leading to some theories of them being the same entity. In the first game, numerous newspaper clippings can occasionally be seen replacing the Rules for Safety sign, normally appearing in the East Hall Corner. I theorize that this foreshadows the creation of BOTH shadow animatronics at this location. Nightmare Shadow FreddyNightmare Shadow Fredbear Michael Afton is the oldest son of William Afton who was responsible for his brother being fatally wounded in the bite of 1987. It appears to be in a slumped position, similar to that of Golden Freddy's. The Shadow Freddy sprite from the FNaF 3 minigames. If we take the Fnaf 3 secret minigames seriously, and I do, Shadow Bonnie acts consistent with his character as well. Anyway, the Dream Theory would actually give sense to some things that did not make sense in the past, such as why the Phantoms can deactivate your systems just by jumpscaring you.

Character description: Nightmare is invisible to the cameras but his eyes can be seen outside the door, if you fail to close the door on him before you put up your camera you will be jumpscared, resulting in a game over screen. Shadow Freddy was already an established character by Fnaf 4. This is also supported in UCN, one of his quotes "The Shadow fears me", implying that he or Shadow Freddy is the Bite Victim. Elizabeth ended up resting her spirit in the fire that emerged from the Pizzeria Simulator location.

It looks like Nightmare just...stares into your soul. In the beginning minigame, Shadow Freddy first appears in the third level imitating the movements of the player and blocking them. He only moves on the final night (night 7) and arrives at 4:00 and moves from left hall, right hall, the closet and the bed.He is the final Main Antagonist of FNAF 4. One final FINAL point and also more speculation: I don't think it is a coincedence that we see both Shadow Freddy, and an exact replica of PFF, inside the Fnaf 2 location. spoiler. "I am here to claim what is left of you. Crying Child Origin Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Appearance A blocky version of a dead child. Like us on Facebook! After the Bite of 83, he was in a coma and while in the coma experiences nightmares. Chris is not CC's(Crying Childs) real name! Claim Authorship Edit History.

It is possible the result of an attack.


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