innova roc3 vs roc
The Lion is Innova’s new mid-range. I tried looking it up and the best I found from Innova was to the extent of "Our V branded discs are discs made with our brand new 'V' technology!". When I throw a Roc I'm normally throwing it softer aim of more control. Unfortunately it doesn't have the glide or the reliable fade of the dx/kc pro rocs. Wish OTB would find some more of that plastic so I could buy a few more! Seems to 'dump' a little harder instead of glide left - when comparing to a regular roc. Before I added this one to the bag the only “stable” to “overstable” mid I had was a Champ Roc3 171g. I'd say more toward 5|4|0|1. Both discs are pretty high speed stable. © INFINITE DISCS 2012-2018. Champion Rocs are more overstable compared to Champion Roc3s. I like it for tight short tunnel shots, because it flies super straight.

They season faster than Mcpro/KC. Innova claims that this is the ideal midrange for windy conditions and forehand throws. FLIGHT PATH. Md3 Vs. Roc3. Unfortunately you can't find those very easily so I bag roc3s instead. I love them all but I personally throw roc3s I like that they are faster and I can always layup pretty well with a roc3. The DX I have is well seasoned but if I don't get my angles right or don't quite get a hold of it, it will resist turning over right despite its wear. Fast shipping as always, Michael G. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Whatcha interested in? (verified owner) – November 5, 2020. I've noticed that the Star Rancho Roc is listed at the Innova online pro shop as an out of production model (but available at the F2 store). Darryn Not that it dumps like a justice, just the the roc3 fade is more abrupt in comparison. The VRoc is a slightly more under stable disc than the basic roc, but this is the one i lease recommend (just an opinion). Overall, I prefer the Roc3 The Roc3 is a five speed disc with about the same characteristics. bastard.) Let me know if you are interested. (verified owner) – July 24, 2020.

The Ontario roc is allegedly a little domier and harder to find outside of special usdgc releases. The roc3 has a slightly harder fade at the end. Innova disc with a 3 at the end means a flat top version. It has almost no fade on it at all.

They are the same diameter, the only difference is the dome. Dustin (verified owner) – July 16, 2020. Aka, more speed.

The one I have isn't particularly overstable, but it does fade more reliably than the dx. 2. In my experience what I think it might be is that for most shots with Roc3 I'm throwing them much harder with much more spin.

The Innova RocX3 is the most overstable version of the popular Roc midrange. The Roc is simply the best, most versatile mid-range disc ever made. Roc3 – The Roc3 is a variation of the flagship Roc mold. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. These Roc3s also tend to be Flatter than their original counterpart. There have been many different types of Rocs throughout the years, but this was a great addition. It flies flat and straight and always fades left. Idk why people seem to think a roc3 fades harder than a traditional roc. All that said, the straightness and glide of the DX/KCP's make them longer for me than the faster R3's which have less glide. This seems odd to me. This disc can take and hold the angle of release, even into a headwind. Shout-out to Samuel Aldrich! The VRoc is a slightly more under stable disc than the basic roc, but this is the one i lease recommend (just an opinion).

The roc is a super stable four speed disc, and when it breaks in well i find it rarely ever fades out. I am willing to trade that disc. It still seems like about 75% of the ones I've seen/own are domey.

Champion Rocs are more overstable compared to Champion Roc3s. MORE INFO.

(verified owner) – October 21, 2020. Agree that the champion rocs (not r3's..) are the most stable, but these are really hard/expensive to find/bag (rare outside of USDGC discs, which are all limited runs. KCP's have less HSS turn (none) and more LSS fade. If it's spinning faster before it hits the ground it won't fade as hard. I bought this because the only mid in my bag had been a Mako3 (which I LOVE for straight shots and anny lines especially in the woods), and I wanted something that flew with a bit more stability. So for the original Roc (not the Roc3 or X3 or vroc, just the original one), can someone explain to me the difference between the different molds? In terms of shape, I don't see much of a diference in mine. My 180g DX Roc was an awesome disc, and you could shape any line that you wanted it, but it did get flippy once it beat in. I throw a lot of DX and KCP Rocs (including a flat top) as well as Roc3's. Dx roc3s are alot like a flat top roc. The Roc3 is a five speed disc with about the same characteristics. McPros have a mild dome and typically fade a little more than a regular rancho roc. Pricing; Retail: $16.99: Our Price: $13.95: You Save: $3.04: Select Your Disc . This new Roc 3 claims to be perfect for everything, from controlled approaches to midrange drives. It's not a dump but it does fade pretty hard. The Roc3 has become a staple in the bag of 4x world champion Paul McBeth and it was his first signature disc. Detail. This was actually exchanged out for a different disc per request! (verified owner) – October 28, 2020, Matthew Overall, I prefer the Roc3. The 3 at the end of the Roc signifies that it is a bit faster than the traditional Roc, also indicated by the 5 speed versus the 4. If you are looking for something similar I would highly recommend it. STATS. They had all the years Kenny won the world championship printed on them. KC is stiff but not as slick as mcpro. (verified owner) – July 6, 2020. I have two Rocs …

Are they retooling the mold again? Double stamps/F2's exist, and are cheaper, but are still hard to come by). If it turns over, it just doesn't want to fight back which make it a huge liability in the wind. Champion R3's start out pretty stable and will beat in to pretty straight with SOME fade, I've found the glow and MFC's to be a tick more stable than the normal champ runs. Another reason is Roc's are more stable out of the box, so by beating them in, you can cover a slightly wider range than Buzzz's (you can beat a Roc until it's flippy, it's tough to find a Buzzz as stable as a champ Roc3). This all has to do with innova growing and changing addresses from san marino to Ontario (CA) and to it's current place of rancho cucamonga. I haven't thrown a San Marino only a Star Rancho but its definitely more overstable than a Roc3 even in champion. level 2 Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years ago. You can check the bottom of the disc to see which one it is. Roc3 – The Roc3 is a variation of the flagship Roc mold. I use a combination of rocs and roc3s right now. I took the Roc3 out of my bag eventually. They hold straight with some decent fade at the end new. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you want more stability get a kc pro roc, wasp, or something else. My experience (I bag a Star Roc3 and a DX Roc)! They will season slower and IMO it is the best roc for cycling. The RocX3 is pretty similar to the Roc3 but is a tad bit more overstable. as far as I can tell is in the glide and low speed stability.The DX is glidier and seems to hover gently left at the end if thrown flat. comparable to the buzz in the straightness of it but I love that soft fade at the end.

The Roc ages gradually and predictably. I can really torque down on this disc and it does not turn over. It can be used for driving, upshots, straight shots, hyzer shots or anhyzers. Is the mold just more os than rancho? It provides accuracy at any range.

I realized I actually prefer the domey-ness of the traditional Roc shape. Diameter: 21.7 cm Rim Width: 1.2 cm Available Plastics: Star: 165-180g ; GStar: 170-180g; Champion: 165-180g; Metal Flake: 175-180g; DX: 165-180g; Best Choice for: Control shots, 'Go To' Mid-Range, Mid-Range drives Date of Approval: 01/01/87. Champs have a good deal of stability and will hold that for the longest. Straight with a baby fade. If I threw premium mids I'd join the buzzz family. Compared with other Roc versions, the X3 is a low profile and hefty rim that provide it with extra stability. It's a disappointment IMO. When I would throw it with a good amount of power ,flat or with hyzer, it would turn over or finish with little to no fade. So they have the same flight path the roc3 is just faster?

Personally I do not carry anything but baseline mids except for a meathook. I absolutely love this disc. I think what your asking is the difference between an Ontario roc, a san marino roc and a rancho roc. The RocX3 is pretty similar to the Roc3 but is a tad bit more overstable. The Roc3 is 1/3 of an inch taller than the Roc. Currently, the easiest to procure & most OS is the star rancho roc.

Im trying a bunch of new mids and was just wanted some insight as to how they feel and perform. They are both flat and straight, similar stability. BUY NOW. I originally picked up a 180g McPro Roc3 to have something more overstable, but then lost the dx roc and started using Roc3 for everything. I recommend the DX, this disc is weird In the way that as it breaks in it doesn’t really lose its flight characteristics.

I've had both. I remember when the KC Rocs were the biggest collector disc. This disc fills the slot perfectly– I can give it lines similar to my Teebird, just 50-100′ shorter and without worrying about much skip. I know the obvious differences like the "3" top and the speed difference.

Flat top KC is very straight and is has a very similar flight to a new dx roc3. I just prefer to have one mold in my bag to keep my release consistent, and for the above reasons, I vote Roc(3). Advanced Disc Search, Buy Anonymous I mainly throw dx/kc pro rocs, and I bought a 180g champ roc3 to see what the hype was about. Compared with other Roc versions, the X3 is a low profile and hefty rim that provide it with extra stability. I have probably 3 champs and 11 or 12 McPros, and they are all a bit different, Hey, any chance that you know what their 'V' technology stands for?

What a great post! Find the disc you are looking for from our live inventory of 49,550discs! In my opinion mcpro flies the closest to the flat top rocs, but the feel just isn't quite the same. I think I got a dud, because my MFC Thunderbird is definitely more overstable than my others. In a headwind, it will flip up to dead straight with minimal fade on the finish. Power throwers love the consistency and control. Anonymous

Star (non rancho) I've found to be less stable than champion. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't really OS the way limited edition champ rocs are, but it flies like a new dx roc.

Just got my first one of these in Tour Glow plastic. This overstable midrange disc is a touch faster than the ever popular Roc. It should be the case. Md3 Vs. Roc3. Current mid lineup for me - which I feel really good about now - from most US to most OS:Worn DX RocFairly new Flat top KCP RocFresh KCP RocMFC Roc3. I also wonder about this. It's the straightest disc I have ever thrown and it will hold just about any line you put it on. Not sure what that equates to in terms of diameter but it's noticeable. I ordered the Star Roc3 177g and I got exactly what I wanted.


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