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– Steve Goodman, "City of New Orleans", 1970, The IC was one of the oldest Class I railroads in the United States., Another interesting topic would be the lost truss bridges over the Illinois River. Winner will be selected at random on 12/01/2020. The completed line to Staunton was finished on October 31, 1905 but regular service was delayed until February 16, 1906 as a few construction issues were ironed out. Genoa City: Notable for not being in Illinois, Photo: Dale Gerhard:,, "Looks like a bunch of worms to me" - Internet commenter, 50 States, 17 Countries, Over 80,000 Miles, and. To uncover abandoned lines, Grigg consults a visual atlas of historic aerial images that spans decades, draws from railfan brain trusts, and tracks down leads that surface in Facebook groups. It was formed on December 22, 1904 and would finish the line into Granite City along the east bank of the Mississippi River (directly across from downtown St. Louis). None survive. In 1867 the Illinois Central extended its track into Iowa, and during the 1870s and 1880s, the IC acquired and expanded railroads in the southern United States.

In 1988 the railroad's then-parent company IC Industries spun off its remaining rail assets and changed its name to the Whitman Corporation. As passenger traffic declined, freight tonnage grew in importance, eventually totaling several million dollars annually. Some are mere dashes, others wriggle like worms, some dip or wind, a few meander almost all the way across a state. Several more months later, my love of Google Maps had me looking at random towns in the United Kingdom, when I came upon a "Railway St" with no railway next to it. Bosse, Henry Peter, 1844-1903. Its earliest heritage was a small switching line of the same name which carried no interurban ties until its acquisition by the Illinois Traction. The Illinois Central was chartered by the Illinois General Assembly on February 10, 1851. **  The Class B electrics carried four, 200 horsepower motors from General Electric offering 800 horsepower. We believe that supporting local attractions is important now more than ever and we hope our articles inspire your future adventures! Amtrak, at the state of Illinois' request, did a feasibility study to reinstate the Black Hawk route to Rockford and Dubuque.

In 1906 the Natchez and Eastern Railway was formed to build a rail line from Natchez to Brookhaven.

Guide to Tracy W. Simpson, Electrification Project : The Illinois Central Railroad Company Suburban Service at Chicago, Ill. 1909, University of Chicago Special Collections Research Center,, Predecessors of the Canadian National Railway, Former Class I railroads in the United States, Railroads in the Chicago Switching District, Companies operating former Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad lines, Companies operating former Chicago and North Western Transportation Company lines, Companies operating former Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad lines, Companies operating former Illinois Central Railroad lines, Non-operating common carrier freight railroads in the United States, Articles with dead external links from April 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from February 2013, All articles needing additional references, Articles lacking reliable references from December 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, William B. Johnson, 1967–1969 (chairman of IC Industries to 1987), A yard office and unique coal-fueling tower remain at the Illinois Central yards in, IC 8408 GP10 locomotive/IC 9426 caboose static display Homewood, IL, An Illinois Central caboose and banana car are preserved at the Casey Jones Railroad Museum in, An Illinois Central caboose is privately owned and preserved in. On May 1, 1971 Amtrak took over intercity rail service. Finally, there was the small, steam-powered Illinois Terminal Railroad. [21] Company president, Absolom M. West succeeded in repairing the damage and returning it to operating condition soon after the end of the War. While the Kinzie St Bridge is an icon, not every abandoned bridge can hold that status. Alas, in 2013 the site closed by thankfully Don Strack rescued the data and transferred it over to his. The PL&ST was incorporated on April 18, 1907, opening on New Year's Day, 1908. I've enjoyed your site and your hard work. Once again, a series of subsidiaries accomplished the task. "Iowa Central Railroad Bridge at Keithsburg, Il. The company was incorporated by the Illinois General Assembly on January 16, 1836. “I’ve many times felt that there are often worlds hidden within plain sight to most people,” he says. It later became part of the GM&O, and the Illinois Central later still after their merger. Aside from its heavy carload freight business and numerous interchange connections the modern Illinois Terminal varied only slightly from what you might expect of a typical interurban. While Illinois did not have a statewide map of rail abandonment, Iowa did. lines have been abandoned some continue to see use under N&W In 1998 a gentleman by the name of Andre Kristopans put together a web page highlighting virtually every unit every out-shopped by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division. Edward Vernon, The Decline in Railroad Construction, Editorial. On December 31, 1925, IC/Y&MV/G&SI operated 6,562 route-miles on 11,030 miles of track; A&V and VS&P added 330 route-miles and 491 track-miles. I. A scant handful of state transportation departments, including Iowa’s, maintain lists, too. Railroads are abandoned for all sorts of reasons, Grigg says. A popular pastime for many is studying and/or exploring abandoned rights-of-way. While completion of this structure largely signaled the consummation of IT's modern network, a bit more expansion did occur during the 1920's through 1930. Two final important projects remained; linking the Champaign - Danville section and direct service into St. Louis. In Chicago its tracks were laid along the shore of Lake Michigan and on an offshore causeway downtown, but land-filling and natural deposition have moved the present-day shore to the east. Here, the story is of the significant challenges interurban railways faced in the early 20th century. His recreation of the 16-mile New Castle and Frenchtown Line crosses state lines and modern highways, marches through suburban housing developments, and passes near a cineplex, a Walmart, and a paintball field. If you are researching active or abandoned corridors you might want to check out the United States Geological Survey's (USGS) Historical Topographic Map Explorer. Douglas owned land near the terminal in Chicago. I learned last month that we lost another truss just last year at Merdosia.

In 1909 this line was absorbed by the Mississippi Central.

(Source: Google Maps). Like Atlas Obscura and get our latest and greatest stories in your Facebook feed. These corporate subsidiaries included the following: Springfield & North Eastern Traction (formed on April 28, 1906 from the Springfield & North Eastern Railroad's reorganization) completed the Springfield - Lincoln segment, launching regular service on December 15, 1906; Chicago, Bloomington & Decatur was created on August 19, 1905 to finish the Decatur-Bloomington line, which took about a year and fully opened on August 1, 1906; Peoria, Bloomington & Champaign Traction established on April 1905 was assigned the Bloomington - Peoria leg running via Mackinaw, opening on April 21, 1907; and finally the Peoria, Lincoln & Springfield Traction (PL&ST) which built the Lincoln - Mackinaw connector to provide through service from Peoria to East St. Louis via Springfield. Despite this setback, McKinley did achieve further expansion above Springfield and Decatur. As all of this was ongoing, McKinley drew up plans to reach the country's second-busiest gateway, St. Louis. To alleviate this issue a series of belt lines were constructed fairly early on to bypass Springfield, Decatur, and Edwardsville. Abandoned Rails of Illinois IL. In 1967 the property of the Mississippi Central was sold to the Illinois Central Railroad.

The FRA Trespassers Casualty Map is an interactive map that displays all railroad trespasser-related injuries and fatalities dating back to June 2011. A blog for remembering abandoned railroad lines, historic highways, ghost towns and forgotten places. “Once a mine was no longer profitable, neither was the railroad.”. Say, don't you know me? The IT was spun off as independent in 1907 and largely remained so for the next two decades, aside from a slight name change in 1922 as the Illinois Terminal Company. Illinois is at the center of the nation’s rail network. It too is abandoned, and it too had, But this bridge was built in 1904 for the. If Iowa looked like that, surely most other states do as well? “One thing I’ve learned is that the rail network is an organic entity,” Grigg says. By May of 1907 its line reached the east bank of the river at Venice. This site has affiliate agreements with certain websites. The Illinois Central Railroad (reporting mark IC), sometimes called the Main Line of Mid-America, was a railroad in the central United States, with its primary routes connecting Chicago, Illinois, with New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama. Another lost Chicago Burlington & Quincy bridge existed in Peru, IL. Today, Then, in 1928 the Illinois Terminal Company was acquired by IP&L with IT subsequently leasing all rail holdings. A branch line went from Centralia (named for the railroad), to the rapidly growing city of Chicago. The heft of the U.S. rail network peaked by 1916, according to the Association of American Railroads, and has shrunk steadily ever since.

The immediate history of the Illinois Terminal begins at this time. The Mississippi Central was the scene of several military actions from 1862–1863 and was severely damaged during the fighting. Check out the dynamic map below or click here to view it in full Google Maps mode.

Finally, many of IT's The totals above do not include the Waterloo RR, Batesville Southwestern, Peabody Short Line or CofG and its subsidiaries.


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