how did henry b plant treat his workers
As he linked and laid more than 1,196 miles of tracks across the state, he standardized his network with standard gauge track, increasing ease and efficiency of train travel. Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.

These significant contributions to the development of Florida and Tampa Bay are why Success magazine dubbed Henry Plant “the King of Florida” in 1898. A whole State blossoms at the touch of his magic wand.". The subsequent growth in wealth and population of Florida and other states tributary to the Plant System made its founder one of the richest and most powerful men in the South. Connect with us on the following social media platforms.

Henry began his professional life at the age of 18 working as a captain’s boy for the New Haven Steamboat Company that ran between New York and New Haven.

211. He built luxury hotels along his train route, stimulating tourism.

Find Us. He reconstructed and extended several small railroads so as to provide continuous service across the state, and by providing better connections with through lines to the North he gave Florida orange growers quicker and cheaper access to Northern markets. His family eventually sold off his holdings in Florida,” Shifke says. The amount was almost twice the rate other car factories paid their workers. It was purchased by the city of Tampa 1905. Other benefits vary by member level! [2] Subsequently, he either built or purchased the Hotel Punta Gorda (1887), Inn at Port Tampa (1888), Hotel Kissimmee (1890), Seminole Hotel (1891), The Ocala House (1883), and the Fort Myers Hotel (1898). "Henry P. Plant: Florida’s West Coast Entrepreneur," Journal of Management History, 17(3): 254-269. Plant’s international transportation empire was taking shape.

When Henry B. Plant Museum. Henry Bradley Plant (October 27, 1819 – June 23, 1899), was a businessman, entrepreneur, investor involved with many transportation interests and projects, mostly railroads, in the southeastern United States. Georgians in profile: 261-276. Today, much of the Amtrak and CSX rail lines that run through Tampa are formerly Plant System rail beds. After marrying Ellen Blackstone in 1843, Plant decided to stay ashore and took a position with Beecher and Company, an express company located in New Haven which was taken over by the Adams Express Company. To schedule a small group tour of the Historic Rossetter House Museum and Gardens, please email site-manager @, or call 321-254-9855. The next year, after it became necessary for his wife to again travel south for her health, he requested and obtained the responsibility for all Adams Express Company's interests in the territory south of the Potomac and Ohio rivers. Jesup, and W.T. When Henry B. His grandmother, Betsy Plant, who hoped to make a clergyman of him, offered him an education at Yale College, but, impatient to begin an active career, he got a job as captain's boy, deck hand, and man-of-all-work on a steamboat, The New York, plying between New Haven and New York City. From 1853 until 1860 he was general superintendent of the southern division of the Adams Express Co., and in 1867 became president of the Texas Express Co. Henry J. Heinz was shocked by this case, so he immediately started to improve working conditions on his factories. Henry Plant and Henry Flagler were friendly competitors who sometimes worked together. After the war, Plant returned to the South in February, 1865 to reclaim his business interests, primarily the Southern Express. Plant was transferred from steamboats to railroads. Not only are the minarets of the Tampa Bay Hotel the premier architectural icon of the city, the City of Tampa seal bears a rendition of Plant’s steamship the Mascotte. How Did John D. Rockefeller Treat His Workers?

Today, the Tampa Bay Hotel, which houses the Henry Plant Museum, and the Hotel Belleview near Clearwater still stand. Before his death in 1899, Plant helped to develop Florida with railways, steamships, and luxury hotels. A huge covered porch extends across the front of the former Tampa Bay Hotel. After some discussion with French authorities, an unusual resolution was reached as he was issued a French passport declaring him a U.S. citizen residing in Georgia which allowed him to travel extensively across Europe and later re-enter the United States when he returned to New York by way of Canada. In 1853 his wife, Ellen Elizabeth (Blackstone) Plant was ordered South for her health. “They were equally as important,” says Sally Shifke, Museum Relations Coordinator for the Henry B. Select an amount and donate with our shopping cart or contact us direct. Plant Park, Tampa’s first public park, continues to offer a relaxing refuge along the Hillsborough River. “I think the reason that Henry Plant doesn’t get quite as much recognition as Henry Flagler is that Henry Flagler’s personal money was in Palm Beach.”. Florida Memory. Thanks to the Plant System, Florida’s young tourism industry also boomed as the untamed wilderness became more accessible to travelers seeking the healing properties of the temperate climate, refuge from harsh northern winters, and a romp in the exotic landscape. The couple had two children, but only Morton Freeman Plant survived to adulthood.

Turkel, S. (2000). Plant Museum members are admitted at no charge. He was born in October, 1819, at Branford, Connecticut, and entered the railroad service in 1844, serving as express messenger on the Hartford and New Haven Railroad until 1853, during which time he had entire charge of the express business of that road. Streets in Tampa and Port Tampa bear the names of Plant family members and Plant System officers. Plant Museum; the other is The Belleview Inn (opened in 1896 under the name The Hotel Belleview), which sits on a bluff in Belleair overlooking what is now Clearwater Bay and has been painstakingly restored over the past few years into the luxury Florida Gulf luxury inn you see today.

Morton Plant Hospital, the first hospital in northern Pinellas County, was named for Plant’s son. Henry Plant built or bought eight hotels, including several in Tampa, Florida and the new town of Port Tampa, which he built at the end of his rail line. Martin, S.W. Meanwhile in Tampa, Plant extended the rail line from the city to Port Tampa, dug out the channel, extended the dock, and built up the port to accommodate steamships and their high volume of traffic. On the other hand, Henry Plant came to the west coast of Florida, but he always remained in New York and Connecticut. By 1889, the deepwater terminal secured Port Tampa’s position as a major transportation hub in the Western Hemisphere. H. B. Henry B. Plant born in Branford, CT to Betsey (Bradley) and Anderson Plant, a farmer. “Plant’s railroads went up and down the southeastern United States,” says Shifke. New York: Putnam.

Plant secured the U.S. mail contract for the West Indies route between Port Tampa, Key West, and Havana. “It was one of the first buildings to be electrified in the state of Florida,” Shifke says. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press. To schedule an appointment to access the Library of Florida History, please email archivist @, or call 321-690-1971 ext. “It was a sleepy little town going nowhere. Plant was impressed with the possibilities of the future development of Florida. Plant Museum.

Glover, F. H. "Henry B. The first hotel that he built was the Inn of Port Tampa which was only 40 rooms, and then he went on to build this colossal palace with over 511 rooms, the Tampa Bay Hotel.”. The lobby of the Tampa Bay Hotel, circa 1898.


The Plant system of railroads helped to create modern Florida. Plant’s network of railroads and steamships enticed many industries to Tampa, most notably Vicente Martinez Ybor’s cigar industry. Before his death in 1899, Plant helped to develop Florida with railways, steamships, and luxury hotels. A whole State blossoms at the touch of his magic wand." Florida Historical Society. The Florida Historical Quarterly has gone Digital!

Henry Bradley Plant (October 27, 1819 – June 23, 1899), founder of the Plant System of railroads and steamship lines, was born into a modest farming family in Branford, Connecticut. “He actually had to build a power plant on the grounds.”. In the face of great difficulties, he successfully organized and extended express service across this region, where transportation facilities, although rapidly growing, were still deficient and uncoordinated. Henry B. Cocoa, FL: Florida Historical Society. Henry Plant: Pioneer empire builder. He went south in 1853 and established express lines on various southern railways, and in 1861 organized the Southern Express Co., and became its president.

Plant also operated a steamship line. In 1933, the University of Tampa took control of the building, and since that time a wing of the former hotel has been operated as the Henry B. With the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Tampa Bay Hotel closed. To schedule a small group tour of the Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science, please email holly.baker @, or call 321-632-1830. He married Ellen Elizabeth Blackstone in 1842., Florida Frontiers “Revisiting the Irma Canoe", Florida Frontiers “Paintings of Nostalgic Florida: The Original Highwaymen Artists”, Florida Frontiers “Two Temporary Exhibits at the Brevard Museum”, Florida Frontiers “Commemorating Florida’s Black History”, Florida Frontiers “Pioneer Day Cemetery Tours”, Florida Frontiers “Citizen Activism Works”, Florida Frontiers “The 2018 Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts and Humanities”, Florida Frontiers “The Future of History”, —   We are on Facebook, YouTube, Public Radio Stations and Florida Events   —.


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