hornady 75 gr bthp for deer
The lot of T1 projectiles used for this article have a nominal … As for cannelure effecting reliability, when you feed bullets into a military semi-auto at near max OAL and high velocity, keeping the bullet from getting pushed back in the case will definitely enhance your end user experience. Those are all I use. I've been shooting the 77gr Noslers out of a RRNM AR15 and a DPMS, same setup for a couple of years now.

Have had fairly good results from PMC Stuff over the years. I recently purchased a Remington AR 15 with the 18 inch barrel in .223. thank's my problem , is it's all i can find around here. I was off topic there with my post because I'm after coyotes not deer. These rifles can really shoot well, so I can highly recommend them. Burn rates change? Easily sub MOA with groups often getting sub 1/2 MOA. I killed 3 pigs with them last weekend, worked just fine. My AR-15 with a Krieger 24" barrel shoots consistent .6 MOA with 75 gr Hornady match HPBTs over 23.3 gr. You must log in or register to reply here. - Abraham Lincoln. thats what i wanted to know fellas and my 1/9 remington 5r stabalizes them great out to 300! Though the old 64 grain power point really has never been a bad fall back to or the 63 grain sierra semi point if you reload. 70 gr Barnes TSX will shoot well and, IME, out penetrate anything in .224. I've had pretty good results with these being pushed by TAC. My stash of 77gr & Data 74 powder is almost gone, so I bought a few boxes of 100 Hornady 75gr hpbt to test. Heart/lung shots have never lost me a pound of meat. I believe DSS uses the brass case version also. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited.

Didn't penetrate making only a large surface wound. thank's my problem , is it's all i can find around here. The Noslers, with all things the same, are rolling true, with maybe 2% showing a barely perceivable wobble. It's a great deer bullet.

IMO the best 75gr 22cal bullet for hunting deer or perhaps any 22cal bullet for deer is the Swift Sirocco. This was the test of the new VEX-SS rifle with the old rifles load as a starting point (upper corner, left corner). I have had a hard time getting it to shoot well with anything. Thanks for the tips but got some good reading on this fellas article. One of them has just called me to inform me that he found the bullet in his share of the hog. That's good news about the M&P, as I have yet to even come close to the accuracy I get with the 77gr out of rifle length, with a carbine, at any distance. My daughter used the BVAC 75 gr BTHP's on her first deer. bit on the frangible side IMHO. Might buy afew preloaded boxes so I can benchmark my reloads by. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Use 69 data but 540 rocks. OR best yet a swift or TSX or partition worst case. Seems as if its not what it used to be but I have enough left to not sweat it for some years to come I think.... any info on the new540? And there is a difference of if they work on game or not. Anybody got in experience with them on game! Not sure if BVAC uses the same bullet that Hornady uses. Just as a quick update, last night I shot a running hog with my Ar using the Swift Scirroco II bullet. peabody. Velocity from a 20" barreled bolt gun is 2709. I shot less than 50 of them 5 years ago, before the AMP jacket, and wasn't impressed then either. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Hornady 75gr Superformance BTHP (.223) vs. Whitetail Deer? I have a 16" middy Voodoo barrel on my AR with a 1:7 twist. I'd use the 5.56 version. The load is highly accurate; but I have not shot a deer yet this season, so no results. Register Log In Home Forums AR and Tactical Rifles hornady 75 gr, match BTHP for deer ? peabody. My goal is to terminate a lot of coyotes this winter. Posts: 53,521. My question to you AR 15 fellas is, why wouldn't you shoot the 90 grain Sierra bullets since they have a BC of .500 which is better for longer range? whats you guys thinks of this round for deer ? YMMV. Losing an animal sucks. I spent some time looking for load info in the National Match reloading forum, but don't recall a single post where someone used these bullets. Does anyone else think that it's a good idea? I've heard varying reports on 540 lately?? Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. OP. How is the stopping power, and do you have any gripes?

Try a 65 sierra BT GK with about 26.5 of vv540 cci 450. In Canada it is illegal to hunt any game animal with a .223 but for varmints it's OK. JUst wondering since I haven't purchased the bullets yet and have about 500 to load here. 223 with correct bullets and shot placement, and the ability to pass up bad shots, is as deadly as any other round on deer, even big deer.

Using once fired, annealed, sized & trimmed Win brass, 40% of my finished rounds are showing significant tip wobble when I roll them across a smooth surface. According to Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets by Bryan Litz, the Hornady 75 grain BTHP has an average G1 ballistic coefficient of 0.356 and an average G7 ballistic coefficient of 0.183.


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