homemade mackerel gurdy

The line goes through the mackerel stripper, the fish are unhooked and fall directly into your container.

I am building one for myself this weekend. With the Salmon I also air dry it with a fan for two days to form A skin before smoking.

I'm glad that you managed to improvise without the juniper berries and still enjoy the end result. You are speaking my language, I love mackerel in all forms, (except sushi) but smoked mackerel is on another level.

Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 14, 2012: Your step by step photos are great! Firstly, this is a rustic (old-fashioned, if you like) recipe and concept.

The reason for this was simple: the bones help the fillets retain their shape during smoking, ensuring they are better presented at the time of service. Every day last week you could look over the side of my boat and see the doggies stacked up under the boat like jets in a holding pattern over JFK airport. thats a hot smoke . Tips for Filleting Mackerel for Smoking.

They may well affect the smoking of the chips and ultimately your mackerel. Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on September 29, 2012: Hi, Allie. I made two gurdies this year, and both worked extremely well. Mackerel Fish Stripper to order this complete system go to www.Fishinggearshop.co.uk Cheapest in the UK £445

One thing I absolutely would not do is try to skin mackerel before it is smoked. Enough cold water to easily cover the fillets in a large bowl or pot. The mackerel stripper removes fish automatically from the fishing line, without having to stop your fishing reel. Add the salt gradually.

Looking for one of the hand cranked mackerel jigging rigs. It will go into my list of favourite recipes. I must admit I'm not so keen on mackerel as sushi either but love it just about any other way. The result was simply amazing and I agree that mackerel smoked this way can give salmon a run for its money.

It will not affect the actual cooking and smoking of the mackerel but if you do remove the bones in advance, be extra gentle and careful lifting the cooked fillets off the rack of the smoker. Want one that doesn't require the outrigger, rather the plastic strip that cranks onto the reel to keep the hooks separated. Hope you get a chance to try smoking for yourself and that you're as pleased with the results as I was. Basically what I am going to build will be very very close to what you see in the video that was posted earlier.

If you are in the same position, split them into size batches to ensure even smoking/cooking. Wash any remaining blood and guts from the fillets and submerge them in your prepared brine for thirty minutes. They lift easily out of the smoked fillets, hot or cold. Jwalka51,Do you have a picture....sounds very interesting. Lobstermen & Commercial Fishermen's Forum.

Rinsed mackerel fillets are patted dry in a clean tea towel, Mackerel fillets are laid carefully on rack for smoking, Smoked mackerel with oven baked baby potatoes, simple salad and dill soured cream. My old man is looking for one now. While the King of Fish (salmon) retails at a price more than many can afford, mackerel is one of the cheapest fish on the market and just about as underrated as fish gets.

and time ? You do not need an overwhelming array of flavours to accompany it as they may actually overwhelm it.

You can then let the line go back into the water and start the process again – quick, simple and easy!

This works well.

Any local leads would be appreciated. It is essential to brine the mackerel fillets before they are smoked.

I have a home made smoker made from an old fitted oven, in a shed outside. A better means is to use one of the several clever little hand-held line stripping devices that are available.

Please note: Everything VAT FREE on our website! Thanks for visiting. He loves coming up with tasty ways of cooking his fresh catch when he gets home.

Unfortunately, the fillets were so good, they are all gone :) Hope you get a chance to try mackerel cooked this way.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. They are gonna be more like the ones that were posted in the video earlier. Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on November 24, 2016: You're very welcome and thanks for visiting and commenting. I am coming for dinner.

has anyone built a working unit yet? Second, the amount of solution required and the salinity will vary depending upon the quantity of mackerel, the water quality and the salt type used. I bet if you put some 6/0 Limerick hooks on that thing and baited them with something tough like conch, you could do some serious damage in short order. John. The solution has to be at least as salty as the sea. Please do remember, however, to follow the precise instructions relating to your smoker, be safe at all times and never take unnecessary risks.

It certainly sounds like you're serious about you're smoking.

Would this work for mackerel? Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

I have heard canada and that they are expensive, but could never get exact contact info. Good luck and please let me know how you get on. Squid Unit Fishing System (Jigging Machine).

The gunwale clamps on our mackerel stripper are adjustable to fit any size boat, big or small!

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You know you have enough salt included when the potato floats in the brine. As for the other aspects of your salmon smoking technique, I think two days of air drying would likely be overkill for these little fillets but as I'm sure you well know, developing smoking techniques is largely an experimental process and it is certainly worth giving it a go.

Hey John - can I stop over and check it out? As a guide, these fillets took twenty minutes from being added to the smoker to being cooked to perfection. It is nigh on impossible to provide a specific recipe for this, for several reasons. While it is of course essential to remove the mackerel fillets from the main skeleton of the fish before they are smoked by this method, the decision on this occasion was made to stop at that stage and not fillet them completely by removing the smaller bones. Don't add wet fillets to your smoker.

Or better yet, can anyone tell me where i can buy these orange/red rollers? As for removing the bones? Many thanks!

The mackerel fillets are soaked in the brining solution for twenty to thirty minutes. That sounds like and is quite an audacious claim, but hopefully, if you can get some fresh mackerel and give this technique a go, you will soon agree. carol stanley from Arizona on September 14, 2012: This looks wonderful.

I don't honestly know of any private individuals who do cold smoking at home due to these obvious practical difficulties.

Prepared and brined mackerel fillets being added to the hot smoker. These whiz spent line off reels but they spew it just as messily all over the place, despite best efforts to direct the discard into a suitable receptacle. Yes, home smoked mackerel is a very different proposition from the supermarket stuff and it is really easy. Mackerel fillets are washed and split in to batches depending upon size, This simple smoker has smoked many a prime whole fillet of fresh Scottish salmon. Gordon Hamilton (author) from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom on June 23, 2017: These little smokers are not temperature controllable, I'm afraid. I'll bet it tastes much better when you do it yourself. You don't need a top of the range smoker. Best of luck with your ongoing fish smoking experiments. Mackerel Stripper (Gurdy) from Fishing Gear Shop.

I love smoked mackerel but have always bought it ready prepared from the supermarket. However, I wouldn't mind having one made out of aluminum or stainless.

In this instance, it was served with a simple green leaf salad, baby new potatoes that were skewered and oven baked for twenty minutes or so and a simple soured cream and fresh dill dip.

I agree with Carol that I would come over for dinner to eat these fish.

Any news on building a mackeral gurdy or where to buy the plastic/stainless rollers for the rail? alliemacb from Scotland on September 29, 2012: Fabulous hub, Gordon. Thanks! The mackerel stripper removes fish automatically from the fishing line, without having to stop your fishing reel. This factor is purely down to personal choice and the bones can of course be removed prior to smoking if you wish.


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