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Gundala, from writer-director Joko Anwar, is kicking off Indonesia’s planned "Bumilangit Cinematic Universe." Panicked, the people demand the legislative to release an untested antidote formulated by a pharmaceutical company to the public. Other actors and actresses involved in the film include Ami Priyono, August Melasz, Pitrajaya Burnama, H.I.M. Everybody working in genre movies these days wants their own long-running franchise. BumiLangit Studios as the owner of Gundala Intellectual Property has been developing the idea of making Gundala movie since 2014. The remastering version is targeting the original Gundala comics’ fans back in 1970s–1980s and collector of Indonesian old school comics, while the adaptation version is targeting Indonesian millennials who were not aware of Gundala character before. Gundala. Donny Alamsyah and Tanta Ginting portrays Fadli Aziz and Ito Marbun respectively, two of the leading thugs. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. The legislature passes the bill on the antidote, but Bahri is then shocked to discover that Pengkor has set them up. As Pengkor is about to strike Sancaka from behind, Bahri arrives and fatally shoots Pengkor. Superhero origin story. Buy MP3 from; Buy the album from iTunes; Track Listing. Regal Principal photography began in Purwakarta on September 1, 2018, with Ical Tanjung serving as director of photography. He winds up homeless on the streets of Jakarta where attempts to defend people weaker than himself nearly get him beaten to death. The first installment in the intended series, Gundala, lays out the company’s intentions: it’s a crowd-pleasing action film, full of martial-arts battles and special effects, and it’s packed with bizarre storylines that run right up to the edge of comedy. Awang would grow up to become the superhero Godam, to be portrayed by Chicco Jericho in future movies. It’s certainly stylish. The eighth of those films, Patriots, is planned as an Avengers-style crossover, bringing the heroes together. Coming Soon. Pengkor plots to poison the nation's rice supply with a drug that targets the unborn children of pregnant women, affecting their ability to differentiate good and bad. The actor who was appointed as Ir. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. His idealistic father had a saying: “If we see injustice and do nothing, then we’re no longer human.” But as Sancaka grows up, he embraces a new mantra: “Mind your own business.”. Aqi Singgih as Ganda Hamdan: Pengkor and Ghazul's subordinate in the legislature. |, April 14, 2020 |, September 17, 2019 The film could use a little more of that style of humor. Sancaka or Gundala is Teddy Purba who was famous as one of the Indonesian action stars at that time. In 1981, the popularity of the Gundala comics in Indonesia reached the big screen. Rio Dewanto and Marissa Anita portray Sancaka's father and mother respectively. It was acquired by Premiere Entertainment Group, who began shopping the film to domestic and international buyers at the AFM on November 9, 2019. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. He learns martial arts and self-defense from another young street-dweller, but he also learns a few indelible moral lessons. Meanwhile, the circulation of narcotics by a group of organizations led by Ghazul began to run rampant. Various Artists; Purchase Soundtrack. Sancaka's heroics and Sulaiman's death alerts Pengkor, who unleashes his orphan sleeper agents in many positions across the nation, including the hysterical Desti Nikita, the supermodel Mutiara Jenar, the doctor Cantika, the strongman Tanto Ginanjar, the powerful hypnotist Kamal, and the traditional dancer Swara Batin. The battle reaches the rooftop of the factory, where Pengkor seizes Pak Agung, Wulan, and Teddy with the intent of killing them in front of Sancaka, who is hypnotized by Kamal. It’s primarily a martial-arts action-adventure. She inspires Sancaka to take up the responsibility as a superhuman and a hero. Warner Music.

From beginning to end, Gundala delivers fast and furious action and rarely stops to take its foot off the gas. The character remained nameless for most of the film, only revealing his name to Ki Wilawuk at the end of the movie. Lukman Sardi as Ridwan Bahri: A politician allied to Sancaka and the leader of Rumah Perdamaian. (As a prepubescent boy, Sancaka fights gangs of kids armed with sticks. can't deny Anwar's talent for creating decent superhero spectacle on the kind of money that would barely cover the catering in a Marvel movie. After using his powers against some of the thugs, Sancaka is asked by Wulan to help her defend the market. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. He says Bumilangit Studios has the rights to more than 1,100 Indonesian comics characters who are going to be used to build a vast interconnected universe. | Rotten (1). Pengkor arranges for the poisoning to be video-recorded and released through the media. In one subplot that’s barely connected to the main story, one of Pengkor’s allies sets out to resurrect an ancient evil who’s familiar with Gundala and who references the “great war” that’s coming. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. and Koloni publisher will publish two types of Gundala comics, remastering version of Gundala classic comics (published in July 2019) and Gundala comics adaptation from the story conveyed in the film (published in August 2019). Indonesian comedian Aming portrays Sam Buadi, another of Pengkor's assassins, a carver. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages. Fariz Fadjar as Young Awang: Sancaka's fellow street kid who taught him how to fight.

He usually spent 1–2 months on a scriptwriting process, but eventually spent 7 months for this project. While slick and well choreographed Indonesian martial arts sequences sure do help... the rest of the film feels very familiar to anyone who's seen even a handful of superhero movies. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy Even though the setting was changed from the setting on the comics, the film remained faithful to storytelling based on comics written by Hasmi. Joko Anwar admitted that the scriptwriting process of Gundala film was the hardest work during his career. Variety's Richard Kuipers wrote that the film is "an action-packed and emotionally satisfying adaptation of the treasured Indonesian comicbook created by Harya "Hasmi" Suraminata." Koloni, along with Gramedia and BumiLangit, will also hold several roadshows around Indonesia. Bahri asks Sancaka to stop the distribution, but Pengkor and his assassins attack Sancaka in the factory before he manages to do so.


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