graco 390 motor smoking

Good thing the dump valve is working. Graco airless sprayers come in a range of sizes from small electric models to large gas-powered machines designed for very high production and spraying heavy materials such as block fill and epoxy. Graco 390 sprayer motor straining. Seriously cannot believe that is a solution listed on graco's website, lol. I don't think anyone really reads theists sometimes. Graco 390 vs 395 Comparisons On Different Measures.

Check motor armature for shorts using armature tester (growler) or perform motor test. This is whether I'm cleaning with water or using paint. Thanks guys. or your local Graco distributor to obtain a manual in your language. The pump won't come on if turned all the way down. Remove motor and have motor shop resurface commutator if possible. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, - For portable spray applications of architectural paints and coatings -, 3300 psi (22.7MPa, 227bar) Maximum Working Pressure, Read all warnings and instructions. View and Download Graco 390 390 operation manual online.

JavaScript is disabled. The smell is so strong it feels like it could kill you. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, Equipamentos de Pintura a Alta Pressão Eléctricos, - For portable spray applications of architectural paints and coatings-, - Pour l'application de peintures et revêtements architecturaux avec un appareil mobile -, - Para aplicaciones de pulverización portátiles de pinturas y revestimientos con fines arquitectónicos -, - Per applicazioni a spruzzatura portatili delle vernici e dei rivestimenti architettonici -, - Para aplicações à pistola em pinturas e demãos arquitectónicas -, - Voor draagbare spuittoepassingen van muurverf en coatings -, Model Number: 253958, 262019, 254968, 254969, 254998, 253961, Maximum Working Pressure / Pression de service maximum / Presión máxima de trabajo / Pressione massima d'esercizio / Pressão, Máxima de Trabalho / Maximum werkdruk: 3300 psi (227 bar, 22,7 MPa), Graco Inc. P.O. Either way, when runs for about 5 minutes and warms up, it starts smoke decently good from both sides since it has true duals. I changed the prime valve out and repacked the pump. Time to clearly elaborate theses both paint spray machines and reason for ranking one of them at the top. The motor never stops, but it sounds like it's going to burn up. Airless Sprayer. ain't the guy saying he has pressure. And once it hits a circuit board my diagnostic ability stops. And if the pressure built up too much, would it release through the prime tube? You might need a new prime valve also, if it is leaking out the prime tube when switched to spray. Even with the pressure turned all the way down, it pumps up like crazy. It has either the 360 or 390 but haven't had time to check it yet. It builds a lot of pressure. every pump I ever used the pressure nob if turned all the way down is for practical purpose also a 'off' nob.


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