godkiller armor vs thor

I've literally never spoken to you before this, so I'm not sure how you came to this conclusion. Are you stalking me? It would've been a great moment, though the one we got was also great. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

I literally posted scans of Carol lifting a Celestial, She-Hulk biting through a Celestial before merging with Robbie, and Thor blocking Celestial attacks before merging with Robbie in my earlier post, and if you don't have the mental capacity to comprehend a simple picture, there's really no point of me wasting my time continuously stomping you. Another thing to note is that when the armor is greater than (or equal to) the attack damage (e.g. "given than Carol Danvers was able to lift the Celestials", Except she never did. Galactus could even get an introduction that way. RELATED: Empyre: What To Remember Before Marvel's Next Crossover. It's pushing it, sure, but I thought it was reasonable. Iron Man also gets feats from other armors he has created (which shouldn’t need to be said since this armor scales above all the others and he can literally design it on the fly in seconds to get whatever capabilities he needs). Phoenix Buster fall under the same case as the Iron-Destroyer, the Thorbuster and the Godkiller Mk 2: Just one time armor. He never wore that armor in the film, though, which was a real shame for a number of reasons. The Bleeding Edge armor was Tony's new suit in Avengers: Infinity War. Rune King Thor blinks him out of existence... GodKiller MK2 was able to lift a dark celestial and take it to space. When confronted with cosmic gods, Stark did what he does best and crafted a suit of armor: the Godkiller Armor.

@x_zayd_x: how will that save him from being erased from existence? If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend.

@noone1996: Why don’t you think the Godkiller and eScape armors are powerful? Goku vs Jin what level could Jin fight and it be good. Kratos literally couln't hurt him. Ultimo, the real ultimo, was destroyed by lava in an Iron man 2020 story featuring war machine and in a crossover overseen and driven by dan slott lol. Stark was begging the heroes to stall Thanos long enough that he could dig the armor out from under the rubble and get it running so the Avengers could get the upper hand. I said GodKiller MK2 was able to lift a dark celestial and take it to space. The eScape armor has the power of an entire universe, and the Model 63 has energy readings higher than the likes of Thanos. No, I'm not. And Thor and She Hulk even after getting powered up didn't do shit at all so they were also useless if that's the logic, and it was decided to give all their powers to Ghost Rider. Savage Avengers: Doctor Strange's BRUTAL Plan May Have Dark Consequences. It can absorb and reflect back any form of energy, doubling its potency in the process. (most likely not) Perhaps the resurgence of the suit would bring the Celestials back and build toward a second Celestial War. So to answer the question: yes he could. She-Hulk and Captain Marvel are attacking the celestials which are already heavily weakened, that shouldn't even be used as an argument.

Characters such as Spongebob, Jack Samurai, Ariel (yes Ariel), Mr. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Do you have the scan? Ultimo was destroyed by lava in a completely different story by a completely different writer. It's too much. Even the actual Greek Pantheon would straight up butcher Kratos, and I'm pretty sure the Norse gods are a bit more powerful as far as.combat is concerned. 12 wins (48%) Even if she did, their "power" wouldn't come off of them like a DBZ scanner or something. KEEP READING: Superman Just Powered Up With A Dragon Ball Training Arc.

One of the biggest characters in the movie was Tony Stark.

@steelman2020: Okay yeah that does seem like legit scaling. Iron Man was the only one there without some magical power up, he was using God Killer mark 2. Long story short, Extremis was used to save his life and he used it to build a suit that was tied to his body. He then blew up the warehouse where he created the suit and every design of it. One of the reasons speculation on the Godkiller armor started was because of some fan art that was released for the suit.


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