gexa energy payment extension
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Since your family may be spending more time at home right now, you can keep up-to-date with your electricity usage by creating an online account.

Service Address – The address where electric service is provided. What information will I need to provide after I call? Retailers, LLC P.O. Request A Quote.

Budget Billing is designed to make your bill more predictable, so you can more easily budget for your energy costs year round. The deposit requirement must be satisfied prior to starting services with Gexa Energy.

Choose a plan that is designed for your home’s usage—whether you use a little or a lot, or a plan that lets you earn airline miles for the energy you use.

To report a power outage or an electrical emergency, please contact your local Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) company.

Plus, get a $100 Visa ® Reward Card! /FitWindow true On the sample bill shown here, the calculation would be: $86.96 + $9.95 + $35.89 = $132.80 / 825 = $0.1609, rounded up to 16.1 cents per kWh), NOTE: If the Energy Charge per kWh increased or decreased during the last billing cycle, a statement will appear after Average Price: “The rate has changed per the EFL and Terms of Service.” If the rate plan on the account carries a variable rate, you will also see a statement in this section reading: “For the current price of your variable product visit”.

>> If the credit exceeds the total of the customer’s final bill, a refund check for the difference will be issued.

This portion of the statement contains a list of charges for the current billing period from Gexa Energy.

Update your account profile; Add Companies to your profile; Share company access to different contacts Energy solutions for businesses of all sizes. To apply, call Texas Life Line at 866-454-8387, and press 1 after choosing which language you prefer.

GEXA ENERGY, LP, RESIDENTIAL TERMS OF SERVICE Texas License # 10027 ... to rescind does not extend to service requests for establishing electric service at a new location (also known as a “move in”). <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 16 0 R 17 0 R 18 0 R 19 0 R 20 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Gexa residential customers who have been added to the state’s unemployment and low income list as a result of COVID-19 and cannot pay their electricity bill may be eligible for up to 6 months of disconnection protection through the COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program. Contributions are tax-deductible.

If you do not have an online MyGexa account, sign up now!

(It has no impact on the price the customer pays for energy.) To find your TDU’s phone number, click here. For one-time bill payment options, click here.

This portion repeats the billing date, account number, and payment due date and includes the customer’s mailing address, the amount due, the payment remittance mailing address, and contact phone numbers for payment with a credit card. Note: If you do not remember your username or password, and you have not accessed your account since the launch of our redesigned website on March 29th, you will need to register for online account access.

If you do not have an online MyGexa account, sign up now!

Estimated – This figure is a reading estimated by the TDU (not read from the meter). Get a low-rate Gexa Energy Saver Plan with up to 2 FREE Smart Thermostats + free install (up to a $550 value). Gexa Energy provides energy solutions designed for the unique goals of large businesses.

Such price changes are regulated and approved by the PUCT and are beyond the control of Gexa Energy. Online Information Statements – To help customers better understand their bills, special online resources and services have been provided on the Gexa Energy website at for a glossary of billing terms used on the statement and to (MyGexa) for a detailed view of charges on the statement and other account information. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Shop Plans for Your Home.

Payment Received – The payments Gexa Energy has received up to the statement date. For some meters, such as those used by large buildings, the actual amount of energy used is too large to be displayed, so the meter displays a fraction of the actual use. /Filter [ /FlateDecode ] Richardson, TX 75081 Grantee of the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation when you submit a certification letter from the Texas Council of Family Violence.


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ESI ID – This unique number within the Texas electricity market identifies the point where the customer’s Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) transmits electricity to the location. Esta información está disponible en Español. As always, you can check your account and pay your bill anytime through MyGexa.


On Residential bills, all TDU charges are combined into a single line item; on Commercial bills, these fees are itemized as separate charges.

Balance Forward – The amount owed from the prior billing statement (if none is owed, this will appear as “$0.00”) Gexa Energy and TDU Charges - Totals of the amounts in the Gexa Energy Current Charges and TDU Current Charges sections. Moving or switching your home electricity service? stream

The Account Number is the same number, with “-3” added to the end to indicate that this bill is for a single Service Address/account. For overnight payments Cirro Energy U.S. Customers who meet the agency criteria can receive assistance to help pay their electricity bills during difficult times. Existing customers can simply sign in to your MyGexa account here. PLEASE NOTE: We are retiring Channel Portal in phases, and starting on July 23rd, you will no longer have the ability to create or renew opportunities via the portal. Mail your payment to one of the following addresses: For payments Cirro Energy U.S. To pay your monthly bill online, simply sign-in to your online MyGexa account. Email Address.

Let Gexa Energy develop a customized solution for your business.

Or, once the customer’s account has closed, Gexa Energy will apply the deposit plus interest as a credit to their final bill. Lock in a low electricity rate for up to two years. It may also be helpful to have the following: 1) First and Last Name of person associated with the account, 2) Service address with city and zip code, 3) Last four social of the person associated with the account, 4) Telephone number associated with the account. We’re proud to be part of the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy.

>> complete a Victim of Family Violence Form,, To pay by phone call, call us at (713) 961-9399 or Toll-Free (866) 961-9399, To pay at a local MoneyGram, find a location.

If the credit exceeds the total of the customer’s final bill, a refund check for the difference will be issued.

/PageLayout /SinglePage Include your enrollment confirmation email or letter with the documentation. Account Number, Service Number – The Service Number is a unique number assigned to a specific Service Address. For “tiered” Energy Charge plans, a line item and calculation will appear for each tier.

Let us show you how. Register Are you ready to make managing your account even easier?

You can send the required documentation to Solix by: 1. ��ĺ��S痧'�/1���������:����ú�0�,8��4�_��҉���� �C�}0X���qL� ���}75��P@o*��9oJ�x���%d*�ӑ#�d�L�W��L�/�~}~=�o��^-�"�?8��M�( Now you have even more controlof your account right at your fingertips.

Get a low-rate Gexa Energy Saver Plan with up to 2 FREE Smart Thermostats + free install (up to a $550 value).

(To see a detailed view of all the individual charges that make up this line item for the account, customers may visit the Financial History page on the MyGexa Online Customer Service website at Meter Number – The number identifying the electricity meter, Service Dates – The range of dates for which the meter was read (or for which the reading was corrected). This is especially common on statements that include canceled and re-billed charges. Simply Low 12 — Available on the Official Gexa Website. Update your account profile; Add Companies to your profile; Share company access to different contacts

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/Pages 2 0 R STATE OF TEXAS COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program FAQs.

The City purchases electricity from GEXA Energy. Offering – Identifies the account’s rate plan, chosen by the customer when he/she signed up for service, Contract Start and End Dates – If the customer is on a fixed-rate plan, the actual dates when the contract started and ends appear here. Choose the Gexa plan that’s just right for you. Here are some of the most important features that can be found on your Gexa Energy billing statement. %���� %���� What information will I be asked to provide on the call? Learn More. Find out the earliest date your services can start. Login Now to Manage Your Account 24/7. endobj %PDF-1.5 The following are considered a “certifying entity”: Office of Texas District Attorney, County Attorney, the Attorney General.

Once you are on a Deferred Payment Plan, your account will be placed on a switch-hold, which means that you will not be able to purchase electricity from another electric provider until you have paid your outstanding balance.


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