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Get Your Custom Essay on Food Desert – Analysis Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper While traditional grocers struggle to gain market share by minor improvements in their existing formats and offerings, Walmart has identified significant new opportunities through these studies. Distribution Process of AFBL.

To enhance diet discipline, physical training should be incorporated to aid develop proper consumption programs and strict observation of the feeding habits. Managing stress Obesity has become one of the major factors leading to depression and stress in the United States and other Nations in the World. Web. Consumption of massive amounts of proteins and oils hurts the skin. Beyond the supermarket solution: Linking food deserts, neighborhood context, and everyday mobility. Many supermarkets have been forced to shift their operations into suburbs which are not easily accessible and safe to shop in with children (LeClair, 2014). 2. Food deserts are localized areas wherein the residents have a limited physical access to fresh fruit, vegetables, and other sources of healthy and affordable nutrition that contributes towards a balanced diet (Beaulac, Kristjansson and Cummins 1). General Objective: To prevent obesity, individuals are encouraged to avoid consuming foods with high-fat content and to involve themselves in physical exercises to help bring down the calorie levels (Suarez, 2015). Essay On Food Deserts. People under the age of thirty-five years who are considered to be more energetic and productive in the society are now being diagnosed with ailments such as diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. The time taken to travel from the place of residence to the grocery is also taken into consideration. Beaulac, Julie, Elizabeth Kristjansson, and Steven Cummins. Free Essay: It is hard to believe that in 2016 there are people living in America that still don’t have access to fresh food. Note: this Through these, quality and affordable foodstuff will be provided to the city residents. (2016). N.p., 2014. Excess energy production: Fast foods contain large amounts of calories which are needed by the body for energy production.

Many individuals in the food desert regions on the diagnosis of blood sugar ailments and obesity end up dying prematurely due to strokes and heart attacks (Shannon, 2014). Residents of the surrounding areas will have ample nutritional food provisions plus it will strengthen the people’s relationship and bonding. It’s necessary in the dev’t and enforcement in standard of identity, purity and feel of processed food products. The community can also come together and purchase a community vehicle to serve all the community routes on a daily basis. Available from:, "Essay On Food Deserts."

A study of Edmonton, Canada.

Changes in economies brought on by industrialization and the loss of jobs outside of city centers may well contribute. Access To Affordable And Nutritious Food: Measuring And Understanding Food Deserts And Their Consequences. Fast foods are cheaper than the healthy nutritional fruits and vegetables (Hager, 2017). The price of orange at a grocery store might be a dollar. Overall, the phrase food desert has been used to define an area where the individuals have much less access to healthy food choices, therefore the residents are forced to live off unhealthy food. Most of the people are located so far away from the grocery and accessing nutritional foodstuff becomes a major hindrance. Many individuals prefer to consume foodstuff that is readily available and close to their area of residence. Travelling for important resources can thus be eased in food desert regions. Required fields are marked *, Dharmasena, S., Bessler, D. A., & Todd, J. Food deserts are initiated by several factors observed in regions with a high percentage of low-income earners and individuals who do not own cars. The vendors can access those areas that lack green food stores.

It can provide capital assistance and licenses to grocery stores to expand their operations into the city centers for easier accessibility (Hu, 2015).

Most people residing in the food desert areas are low-income earners, and they prefer to go for cheap, unhealthy foodstuff from the fast food stores. Because of this many simply are not able to make their... ...program is mandatory requirement for the students who are graduating from the Faculty of Business & Economics under the program Bachelor of Business Administration of Daffodil International University.

Self-help schemes encourage residents to take charge of their advancement through the provision of building materials, NGO’s and individuals can provide training in construction and various other aspects of developmental planning.

In regions considered to be food deserts, people take more time to travel to and from the food store to get nutritional affordable and accessible food. In 1950 there were 86 cities in the world with a population of more than one million; by 2006 there were 400, and by 2015 there will be at least 550 (Davis). (2015). 1. 'Introduction: Food Deserts | Whyhunger'. Food deserts not only affect individual persons but also have an impact on the entire community.

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