floppy bunny ears template
If you wish to share this pattern, link to the pattern page only. }; document.write(''); 14 Esl Vocabulary Printables Wallpaper D…, 20 Esl Printables Worksheets Image Downl…. I used size 7 mm (US 10.5) needles to knit with, even though the yarn label suggests a size 6mm (US 10) needle. I’d love to see your work! Click to share on facebook opens in new window click to share on telegram opens in new window. K7, cast off the rem sts until you have 7 sts left to knit on the left needle, K those 7 sts (You should have 14 sts left with a gap in between). Pom Pom Maker – Clover Large – 2-1/2 inches. (13 sts), Rep the last two rows once more.

Filed Under: Easter, Free Knitting Patterns, Kids Knitting Patterns Tagged With: bunny pattern, Easter Bunny, Easter bunny pattern, easter rabbit, floppy ear bunny, knitted bunny. Free printable bunny ears template bunny ears pdf. But if you use a lighter weight yarn than suggested the bunny will be smaller than the size given. Enjoy two free printable bunny ear templates one set of straight bunny ears and one set of floppy bunny ears ready for you to print color and enjoy. K1, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K1, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K1.

Two easter bunnies kissing. 'key' : '5d4fbbeb80d0242fa25a4c0221cfaa18', Printable bunny ears pattern share. A great size for a little one to take with them wherever they go, this big-eared floppy bunny will make a super cool best friend. K1, K2tog – rep to the end of the row, K2. The bunny knits up quickly in boucle yarn and the simple design makes for a relaxing and enjoyable knit. (11 sts), Work 3 rows, inc (m1p) 1 st at each end of next row. The patterns and photographs of items on this site are the property of Handy Little Me. This big bunny has been knit with La Mia mohair boucle yarn in grey and cream. Using mainly knit and purl stitches, it will also introduce you to decreasing and shaping.

Row 4 – KFB, K to last st and KFB (6 sts), Row 6 – KFB, K to last st and KFB (8 sts), Cont to work in garter stitch (knit every row) for another 35 rows. (13 sts) (Starting with a P row and ending on a P row). Do NOT use the copyrighted photos for your product listing. I added a bunch of shear pink glitter to the inside of the ears for an extra little punch. This is a fun and easy craft for young children. Enjoy two free printable bunny ear templates one set of straight bunny ears and one set of floppy bunny ears ready for you to print color and enjoy. (15 sts). Stitch the head into place – thread the needle through the body/neck first, then stitch through the head, keep doing this until the head is secure. Cut a length of yarn around 8′′ and thread through the rem sts, stitch the leg seam and leave an opening at the bottom of the foot for stuffing. Top 10 all paper crafts animals index easter index dltks crafts for kids bunny rabbit ears.

Pretty Bunny With Floppy Ears Free crochet pattern.


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