deception can be used in research when quizlet
To begin with, trying to invite conflict between unknowing groups of people is of questionable ethics. Use the Gibson visual cliff study to illustrate why psychologists sometimes use nonhuman species as research subjects. Deception is used when the researcher and the IRB agree that there is no other way to do the study. Research has consistently shown that people's ability to detect lies is no more accurate than chance, or flipping a coin. Speaking of harm, what is the impact of deception? Although the experiment exhibited the power of inter-group social dynamics, its manipulation of children lent ammunition to critics of the use of deception. Ethics is one of the most crucial areas of research, with deception and research increasingly becoming a crucial area of discussion between psychologists, philosophers and ethical groups. The ethical guidelines surrounding its use are relatively strict and have been effective in reducing risk to participants. Try testing yourself before you read the chapter to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, then test yourself again once you’ve read the chapter to see how well you’ve understood.Tip: Click on each link to expand and view the content. If a study was designed to provoke negative behaviors, participants should be told that most people react the way they reacted and that their behavior was a normal response.

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