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The test questions and rationale on the MEDED e-learning online course were the most helpful. I chose to do everything for a good mix. and is an educational website that has courses that help you prepare for different aspects of nursing, such as your CEN. That’s up to 3 hours of one-on-one, personalized help absolutely free for 7 full days! I still rate this as more helpful than the ENA CEN Review Manual because the information was short, concise, and not confusing. All of his lectures are on his youtube channel here as well as tips and tricks. It is also highly recommended that you take TNCC prior to embarking on the CEN exam as well as taking Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) if you haven’t already. When I tested for the first time I had been an ER nurse for a year. I took the CEN exam twice and I’m going to give you some tips on what worked for me and some things that have worked for other people I know who took the exam and passed. Create a website or blog at WordPress.com.

The test is 180 minutes long from start to finish. No BS, not more generic, cookie-cutter test prep tips.

There is tons of information there that would take us forever to cover here so trust me and just do it! The Board of Certified Emergency Nursing (BCEN), Sheehy’s Manuel of Emergency Care, 7th Edition, ENA CEN Review Manual, Plus 2 Online Exams, 5th Edition, How to find a Preceptor for Nurse Practitioner Clinical, Why Nurses are Sick of Maureen Walsh and People Like Her, Ambiguous Grief: Grieving Someone Who is Alive. FREE Bonus Gift – 7 Days of CEN help included if you act right now! The cost was $169 and you get access for an entire year.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They're 'mind-numbing' boring to read, frustrating to use and way more complex than necessary. Cut your CEN study time by at least 17% with a 'quick' and dirty' preparation strategy. Each course includes a book with fill in the blank  material accompanying the lectures as well as a practice test.

), Crank-up your ability to apply your knowledge to REAL test questions…. Please try again. Huge 500 page CEN books are packed with filler material and fluff (that's not on the exam)….

You actually retain the test info much longer in your brain (until your exam day). Read every question carefully and don’t let the wording trip you up. After years in school, tuition costs and time invested in your career, you can not afford to fail. Mark Boswell has free review videos on YouTube. For the last week, I practiced flashcards, took practice exams from ENA CEN Review Manual and read Trivium CEN Review book. You get INSTANT online access to the quickest and simplest way to succeed on the CEN exam. Now check your email to download your 12-week CEN study plan. Awesome! So how did I go from freaking out to feeling prepared? Huge 500 page CEN books are packed with filler material and fluff (that's not on the exam)… …Studying the WRONG content is a serious risk to your career. I got a huge discount at the time of the ENA National Conference for my CEN exam just for being a member ($195!). So now that you’ve studied, freaked out if you’re like me, and done whatever you could do to get ready for the exam, it’s time. See this effortless test taking trick that helps you 'eye-ball' the correct multiple choice answer 83-97% of the time. All of the book content is also available online in test formats, with the ability to mark questions for review just like the actual exam. Stop 'flying blind' in your CEN test prep. I recommend that you allot plenty of time to study. Below are some of the books/review programs/miscellaneous that my colleagues and I have used and found helpful: This book has SO. Whatever your reasoning may be, you have some work ahead on the road to becoming a CEN. 'Untold' criteria decision makers use every time…, The 'little thing' you need to put on your application so they can say, “. The cost is $370 for non-ENA members and $230 for ENA members. I studied for 3 months, specifically 12 weeks. I listened to these, as well as Mark Boswell’s videos, in the car, while cooking, during a shower, basically any downtime I had and found them to be super educational but not overly complicated. You don't have to delay your career and lose thousands of dollars in income (you need).

They don't have a full-time, dedicated staff to write their CEN practice tests and study guides (for this test or any other they sell). I will say that his notes are very good and cover what are in his course, however, some of the notes are bullet points that he goes into detail in the actual course.

Ever since I passed the CEN, I have been getting asked what I did to study for the CEN. The Board of Certified Emergency Nursing (BCEN) is the organization who develops the certification exams or ER, trauma, and flight /transport nurses. There are currently over 34,000 CENs! For those who are deciding to take the CEN exam in order to reach a goal or prepare for time in the ED before actually working there, I would reconsider. The format of questions where exactly like the format on his online course. and was taught by Jeff Solheim, MSN, RN, CEN, CFRN, FAEN, TCRN.

I work in a high-traffic high-acuity ED and at 1 year of experience there, I thought I had seen a lot. The Trivium CEN Review book was more helpful because it had information for you to review and at the end of the book a 165 question test to take. Advice, Humor, and Experiences from a Nurse Practitioner, Posted on December 22, 2018December 22, 2018. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by To me the difference is that the notes are more a memorizing tool and the course is a learning tool. I wouldn’t recommend you ignore this. After my failed attempt, I realized all the things that I had not seen much of. The first time I wrote notes on the powerpoints, the second time I wrote notes on the handouts and the third time, I stopped the module intermittently while creating flashcards. My first recommendation would be to go here for the full exam content outline. Breathe, take your time, and think things through. I still rate this as more helpful than the ENA CEN Review Manual because the information was short, concise, and not confusing. Studying goes very far, but experience is essential to being successful during this exam as well as applying the knowledge into your own practice. I have it broken up into a 12-week plan of which topic to cover per week. There are various benefits of an ENA membership and I highly recommend it.

It is recommended by BCEN that test-takers have at least 2 years of experience in the area they will be sitting for. This edition just came out in September 2018 and it has 5 tests worth of questions and rationales in the book, as well as 2 full timed exams available online. The only thing that sucks is that it is designed for you to take it as though you were taking the test, so you can’t see your results and rationales until you complete all 150 questions from each exam. So you’re an ER nurse and you have been considering taking the Certified Emergency Nurse exam to become a board certified badass!

With that being said, I had seen some traumatic injuries and a few trauma codes, but nothing to really hit it all home for me.

They offer five exams that tailor to whatever emergency specialty you are the most skilled at. Taking the exam questions was really good practice, however, many of the rationales were not so great and I found myself more confused than before. The CEN exam consists of 175 multiple-choice questions. – Use this as an insurance policy if everything goes wrong on your exam date. You must answer 106 correctly to pass the exam. Next, I would consider how you learn best.

Each module has powerpoints and handouts to accompany the videos.

Discover a fast, easy, step-by-step 'success system' 4,317 test takers used to achieve a, "Learn-The-Test NOT Waste Limited Prep Time". I would rather learn than memorize personally so it just depends on what works for you! Your CEN practice tests are hyper-focused. Are you a lecture person? The next day writing the CEN book. Good luck on your exam!!!! I found it helpful to write down the stuff I knew was strictly from memorization, like the 12-lead info and ABG numbers, on the white board that’s provided as soon as the exam began for my reference throughout. Here you can find some other videos I found really helpful while studying. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Along with their emergency videos, they have a ton of others that I have found helpful during my FNP program. The course I took was called CEN Exam Review and was taught by Jeff Solheim, MSN, RN, CEN, CFRN, FAEN, TCRN.

These ‘Exam-Like’ CEN practice tests (and FULL answer explanations) actually. You see, CEN book publishers at Barnes and Noble and Amazon also sell thousands of other titles from SAT prep to cookbooks and romance novels. Seriously. At the last minute I purchased the 150 question practice exam from BCEN, which was helpful. Get on the BCEN website I linked above and just really look it over good. It is not indicated during the test which items are scored versus unscored. CEN™ is a registered trademark of the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing ("BCEN®"), who does not endorse, nor is affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of this web site. The videos are of Jeff Solheim going through the power points and explaining what you need to know. I really feel that the ENA CEN Review Manual was only partially helpful. So called “New Editions” only consist of printing a new copyright date on the old book! It’s all the, You IMMEDIATELY raise your confidence, ability to take your exam… and of course test score. Out of the 175 questions on the exam, only 150 of the questions are counted towards your final score. Those CEN study guides don't give you any focus. Let me be very clear, this course was the single most helpful study tool I used. There is a small discount if you have to retake the exam, but let’s skip that because we know you will pass the first time! To start, they didn’t have any review material, it was just 5 exams with 150 questions each and their rationales. There were many questions that were similar to actual exam questions and things that I otherwise may have had no clue about (hydrofluoric acid causes calcium depletion, what?). He knows his stuff. Let me know below! It just paralyzes and demoralizes effective test preparation…, They have 'over-simplistic' CEN practice test questions and “oh so easy” study material that mislead you into a 'false sense of security.'. I get asked this a lot, so I am going to share the study list that I used. Okay, with all that being said, you have registered and now have to study!

Great article- sharing!

The main tool I used can be found at https://www.mededseminars.net/ and is an educational website that has courses that help you prepare for different aspects of nursing, such as your CEN.

I had also not taken the Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC). Mark Boswell is an MSN, FNP-BC, CEN, CFRN, CTRN, CPEN, TCRN, SCRN, NREMT-P, EMT-T, W-EMT. The class I went attended was two full days and included lectures on all of the major areas outlined on the BCEN exam outline.


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