catahoula parish clerk of court

The name “Catahoula” is believed to be derived from the Choctaw Indian word “Okkattahoula,” which means “beautiful clear water. Is Photo Services Available? The following Judges preside over the Catahoula Parish 7th Judicial District Court: Catahoula Parish Courthouse You have reached the Clerk Connect Portal. To learn more, click the following link: Do not sell my info, Free Records Search and Public Records Directory, Linkpendium Catahoula Parish Genealogy Records. Copyright 2018 Catahoula Economic and Industrial Development District.

© 1996 – 2018 PeopleConnect, Inc. All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy The Louisiana trial court system consists of District Courts, Family Court of East Baton Rouge, Juvenile Courts, Parish Courts, City Courts, New Orleans Municipal Court, New Orleans Traffic Court, Justice of the Peace Courts, and Mayor's Courts.For more information on which types of cases each court oversees, compare Louisiana courts.

How to Get a Passport Name Change on U.S. Passport? IT IS A PRIVATELY OPERATED WEBSITE FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Harrisonburg Processing Time The Catahoula Parish Clerk Of Court is located in Catahoula, Louisiana. (318) 744-5497 Situated in the heart of Louisiana, LaSalle Parish has a population of 14,974 and growing and covers an area of 662 square miles. Justices of the Peace have judicial authority of a district, can perform marriage ceremonies, have jurisdiction in civil matters when the amount is in dispute does not exceed $5,000. The Catahoula Parish Clerk of Court's financial statements provide detailed information about the most significant funds. Welcome to the LaSalle Parish Clerk of Court Website LaSalle Parish was created in 1910 from the western section of Catahoula Parish. Expedited Services Available: Yes 3 to 6 Weeks Processing Time. Handicap Accessible: Yes, the Catahoula Parish Clerk Of Court is handicap accessible. Harrisonburg, LA 71340 This is a privately owned website and not a government agency. | Admin | Privacy Policy, Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness.

Update Catahoula Parish Clerk Of Court Acceptance Agent Here. learn about us! Political Organization Child Passport – How to Get a Passport for a Child? The court also has jurisdiction over criminal cases against children under the age of seventeen. Privacy. If you would like to use this page as a resource for your county, city, state, library, or other page, please link to us! This is due to the fact that the Catahoula Parish Clerk Of Court sends out the application for Harrisonburg citizens to be processed by the National Passport Center in Philadelphia for expedited services and to New Hampshire for routine service. Passport Services Available: If you would like to obtain a hard copy of a birth, death, marriage, divorce, or other vital record, you can do so by searching for and requesting a vital certificate.

Same Day Passport Services: No the Catahoula Parish Clerk Of Court do not process same day passport applications. Constables are elected to service six year terms. A copy of the report has been submitted to the entity and other appropriate public officials. We are home to great communities such as our seat Harrisonburg, Sicily Island, Jonesville Enterprise and Larto. DS-82 Application for Passport Renewal Form, DS-3053 Statement of Consent or Special Circumstance for Minor Passport, DS 64 Lost or Stolen Passport Replacement Application Form, DS-5504 Application Form for Name Change and Data Corrections, DS-2029: Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad for a U.S. Citizen, DS-5525: Statement of Exigent/Special family circumstances, Passport Information for U.S. Passport Applicant. Contact the Catahoula Parish Office of the Clerk of Court if you would like to find vital records, such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, and real estate records. Constables carry out the orders of the Justice of the Peace Court which includes, serving citations, evictions enforcement and garnishments enforcement. CATAHOULA PARISH CLERK OF COURT Component Unit Finnncial Statements JUNK 30, 2010 Under provisions of state Jaw, this report is a public document. Harrisonburg, Louisiana Catahoula Parish Clerk of Court performs the functions of more than one office. Please visit GoodHire for all your employment screening needs. Catahoula Parish Vital certificates are hard copy documents, the same as those used by the United States government. Clerk Connect Civil, Criminal, Land Records Inquiry. 342 likes. Most Judicial District Court cases are heard by juries. LA - Catahoula Parish - Recorded Documents, Mortgage, Conveyances. We are a privately owned organization that simplifies government-related passport information across all states. How to Apply for a Correction or Change on U.S. Passport? The Catahoula Parish Clerk of Court may establish other funds to help it control and manage money for particular purposes or to show that it is meeting legal responsibilities for using grants and other money. California Privacy Notice: If you are a California resident, you have the right to know what personal information we collect, the purposes for which we use it, and your options to opt out of its sale. 301 Bushley Street FTC Disclosure: We may be compensated if you make a purchase via a link on this site. Phone: 318-336-5526.

Catahoula Parish was formed 1808, and named after Catahoula Lake. No, The Catahoula Parish Clerk Of Court does not have the ability to take passport photos, but you would be able to get a passport photo by visiting any photo studio in Catahoula. They do not have jurisdiction when a real estate title is involved, when the defendant is the state or other political subdivision, successions or probate matters. There are a total of 1 acceptance agents in in Catahoula that process passport applications. Location & Timezone: This Catahoula Parish Clerk Of Court is located in Harrisonburg, and are in the CST Time Zone. We suggest confirming with the Catahoula Parish Clerk Of Court by calling at (318) 744-5497 for updated information. Land deeds are filed in the Recording Department of the Clerk of Court. Due to circumstances from the hurricane our office will be closing at 12:00 p.m. today, August 31, 2020 & … There are a total of 1 acceptance agents in in Catahoula that process passport applications.

The Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness is a multi-functional agency whose primary duty is to prepare, respond and recover from several types of natural, man-made and technological disasters that may occur in Catahoula Parish.


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